Stolen Memories

By Dawn Yzaguirre

SND - PG to Adult in some chapters - Vincent is living with his and Catherine's son Jacob. It's been 13 years since Catherine 'died'. Then one day Jacob tells them about a woman he met while in the park with the other kids. They are understandably disturbed that he's been talking to a stranger. But he then tells them about her having amnesia. He asks if she can become a helper. Vincent and Father agree to let Peter and Joe meet her and check her out then they will decide if she can be a helper. When they meet her they are shocked that it is Catherine. They then tell Father and Vincent. And they all agree that she should be reintroduced to the tunnels as soon as possible.

Chapter 01 - Chapter 02 - Chapter 03

Chapter 04 - Chapter 05 - Chapter 06 (Rated Adult)

Chapter 7 - Chapter 8