By Dawn Yzaguirre


Catherine and Vincent are married and living below with Jacob. Catherine happily discovers that she is pregnant once again. Then Lisa returns to the tunnels. She is determined to steal Vincent from Catherine. Vincent fearing for his family's safety sends Catherine and Jacob above to stay in her old apartment. Then Lisa kidnaps Catherine. Will Vincent be able to safe his beloved wife and their unborn child? Or will he lose them forever?


Catherine awoke to the sound of the pipes. They were busy passing messages to others below in the tunnels. Catherine turned over expecting to find Vincent beside her but she found herself alone. She rose and put on her tunnel dress. Then she looked around for her shoes. As she was searching for the elusive footwear she heard a chuckle in the entrance of the chamber. She stood up and caught her first sight of her beloved husband. "Good morning my darling." She told him as she smiled brightly at him. He entered the chamber and walked toward her. "Good morning to you my Catherine." He told her as he enfolded her in his strong arms. Catherine laid her cheek against his broad chest and listened to the pounding of his heart. She smiled as she felt his love for her through the bond.


"So do I get a good morning kiss?" Catherine asked as she backed up slightly and looked up at Vincent. He smiled down at his precious wife and nodded. Then he bent his head and captured her lips in a very warm kiss. Catherine wrapped her arms around his neck to hold him in place. They stayed there until a sound in the entrance of the chamber interrupted them. Catherine and Vincent turned to see Jacob standing there smiling at them. "Morning mommy and daddy." Jacob said brightly. Catherine stepped out of Vincent's embrace and held out her arms to her beloved son. He giggled and raced into her arms. "Good morning baby." Catherine told him as she held him tightly.


Then Jacob turned his head toward his father. "Daddy are you okay?" Jacob asked. Vincent smiled and took his son from Catherine. "Yes my son I just wanted to watch you with your mother." Vincent told him. "But why daddy?" Jacob asked somewhat confused. "I love you both so much that seeing you together makes me very happy." Vincent told him. Jacob giggled again then he held out his one free arm to his mother. The three of them embraced and held one another tightly.


"Now Jacob it is time for your breakfast." Catherine told him when she moved out of the hug. Jacob squirmed until his father placed him on the chamber floor. "Okay mommy I will go to the kitchen." He told them as he raced from the chamber. Catherine and Vincent once again hugged one another and laughed lovingly at their son. "He certainly has your energy." Vincent told Catherine. She chuckled then shook her head. "Maybe at one time but now I feel as if I am getting older." This comment concerned Vincent. "Catherine are you feeling alright maybe Father should examine you." Catherine smiled and shook her head. "No Vincent I am just tired after all we have been staying up rather late." She told him huskily. Vincent understood her meaning and smiled at her. "Yes I suppose that we have." He admitted. "But promise me that if you do not feel better in a few days that you will let Father look at you." Catherine smiled and nodded. "Of course I will I promise." Then Vincent slid one arm around her waist and they walked out of the chamber to look for Jacob.


A few weeks later Catherine was sitting in their chamber reading. She was so engrossed in her book that she did not hear Mary enter the chamber. "Catherine can I come in?" Mary asked. Catherine looked up and smiled. Then she started too stand up. Suddenly she felt very dizzy and lightheaded. She was grabbing for the arm of the chair when everything when totally black. "Catherine!" Mary screamed as she ran to her. She bent down and took her pulse. She found it and assessed that Catherine had apparently fainted.


Suddenly Father burst into the chamber. "Mary what in the world happened to Catherine?" Father asked. Mary turned to look at him. "She fainted." Mary told him. Father hobbled over to his beloved daughter-in-law and crouched down beside her. "Mary would you please place a message on the pipes for Vincent to return home immediately?" Father requested. "We need to move her to the hospital chamber." He continued. As Mary was about to leave to attend to her errand Vincent, Devin and Diana ran into the chamber. "Catherine what is wrong?" Vincent cried as he ran to her. He saw that she was finally coming around. "Vincent I thought that you and Devin were working below." She told him. "We were then I felt you lose consciousness." He told her.


Father placed a hand on Catherine's forehead. "Cathy we are moving you to the hospital chamber." Father told her. Catherine shook her head and attempted to sit up. Then she noticed that she was rather dizzy. She lay back down on the chamber floor. "My head is spinning." She told them. Vincent looked at Father. "Vincent please bring her along." Vincent nodded. Then he bent forward and scooped Catherine into his arms.


As they were leaving the chamber Jacob ran up to them. "Daddy what is wrong with mommy?" Jacob asked as he began to cry. Devin moved toward his nephew and picked him up. "Your mommy is not feeling very well right now but your daddy and grandfather are taking her to the hospital chamber." Devin told the child. "Can I go too?" Jacob asked through his tears. "Of course we will all go so that we can make sure that your mommy is alright." Diana told him. Since Diana and Devin had married Diana and Catherine had become the best of friends. They all walked toward the hospital chamber.


When they arrived at the hospital chamber father and Peter were busy examining Catherine. "Honey how are you feeling now?" Peter asked. "I am feeling better." She told him. Vincent was standing beside the cot holding her hand. She looked up and saw the fear in his eyes. "Vincent I will be alright." She told him. Vincent nodded because he could not talk due to the fear in his heart.


An hour later Peter returned with the results of the blood tests that he had run on Catherine. He entered the hospital chamber smiling very slyly. "Well Father it looks as if she is going to be fine." Peter announced. Catherine looked up from the bed where she was talking to Jacob. "Peter what made me faint?" she asked. Peter moved over to the bed and sat down beside her. "Well honey sometimes when a woman is in your condition they feel faint at times." He told her.


Everyone looked at Peter very confused. "What exactly is my condition?" Catherine asked. Peter put a hand on her shoulder and smiled at her. "Well honey it looks as if you and Vincent are going to give this little boy a brother or sister in about seven months." Peter told her. Catherine could not say anything for the longest time. Then she looked up at Vincent. He was smiling brightly and proudly. "Vincent isn't it wonderful?" Catherine cried as she held up her arms to him. Vincent knelt down beside the bed and embraced her very gently. "Yes my Catherine it is truly wonderful." Jacob looked at his parents and smiled proudly. "Mommy can I help take care of the baby?" he asked. Catherine moved out of Vincent's embrace and looked at her son. She laughed happily then hugged him. "Of course I will need your help." She told him.


As the months passed Catherine was becoming larger due to her pregnancy. She was truly happy and content. Vincent was very attentive to her and sometimes he seemed to be too attentive. Catherine had to fight the urge to ask him to leave her alone. She understood that he was nervous about her and the baby. He had not gone through this when she was carrying Jacob.


Catherine sat in their chamber reading to Jacob one afternoon. Vincent and Devin had gone below on a work crew. "Cathy can I come in?" Diana asked from the entrance of the chamber. Catherine looked up and smiled. "Of course Diana come in." Catherine stood and placed a quilt on Jacob who was sleeping peacefully. Then she moved over to the bigger bed to talk to Diana. "So how are you doing?" Diana asked. Catherine smiled and rubbed her still small but round stomach. "We are just fine." Catherine told her. "Father and Peter say that the pregnancy is developing normally. Diana smiled. "How is Vincent doing?" She asked. Catherine looked up and sighed while smiling. "I know he is worried about us." Catherine told her. "I just wish sometimes that he would take it easy." She commented. Diana smiled and chuckled. "Cathy take it easy on him this is all so new to him." Diana told her. Catherine laughed and nodded. "Really I think that he is quite adorable sometimes even though I would never tell him." Diana rose from the bed. "I have to go now because I promised to help Mary with the smaller children." Diana told her then she left the chamber.


Catherine lay down on the bed and relaxed. Soon she was sleeping happily and peacefully. This is how Vincent found her when he returned. He smiled when he saw her sleeping. He silently moved toward the bureau to retrieve clean clothes. Then he left the chamber to bathe and clean up. While he was gone Catherine awoke. She rose from the bed and walked toward the alcove where Jacob's bed was. She noticed that he was gone. Mary must have come for him. Catherine thought to herself. She was so lost in her thoughts that she did not hear Vincent return.


As Vincent entered the chamber he placed his dirty clothes in the basket and walked up behind her. He wrapped his arms around her as much as he could. "Hello my love." He whispered softly. Catherine smiled and leaned back against his chest. "How long have you been home?" she asked. "We returned about a half an hour ago." He told her. Catherine then turned in his embrace to face him. "You should have woke me when you came in the first time." She told him. Vincent kissed her on the forehead. "You looked so comfortable and happy that I did not have the heart to wake you." He told her. "Well now that I am awake do I get a kiss?" she asked.


With those words, Vincent bent forward and kissed her gently. Catherine wrapped her arms around his neck. They stayed this way until dinner was announced on the pipes. Vincent broke the kiss and smiled down at her. "Shall we go find Jacob for dinner?" he asked. Catherine smiled and nodded. Then they left the chamber.


When they arrived at the dining chamber they found Jacob sitting with Devin and Diana. He was laughing at something that Devin was telling him. Catherine and Vincent got their food and made their way toward the group. "Can we join you?" Vincent asked. Devin and Diana turned and smiled at them. "Of course we were hoping that you would." Diana commented. Jacob looked up at them and smiled. "Mommy will you sit beside me?" he asked. Catherine smiled lovingly at her son. "Of course I will." Vincent helped her sit then he sat down on the other side of her. "Mommy how are you feeling?" Jacob asked. Since finding out about his new baby brother or sister he had been very concerned for his mother. "Baby I am just fine." She told him as she hugged him. Catherine could not get over how blessed she was too have this wonderful child in her life.


As they parted Jacob saw that his mother was crying. "Mommy what is wrong?" he asked suddenly frightened. Vincent rose from his seat and walked behind her. He put his arms around her until she was once again calm. "Jacob your mom is fine she just loves you so much that it makes her cry sometimes." Vincent told his son. "Catherine why don't we return to our chamber?" he asked her. Catherine looked up at him and smiled. "Diana will you keep Jacob for the night?" Vincent asked. Diana and Devin both smiled. "Of course we will." Devin told them. Then Catherine and Vincent kissed and embraced Jacob as they rose and left the dining chamber.


When they entered the chamber Vincent noticed that Catherine was extremely quiet. He placed the tapestry over the chamber entrance then walked over and sat down beside her on the bed. "Tell me what is wrong." He told her. Catherine did not answer at first. Then Vincent took one of her hands in his and brought it to his lips for a soft kiss. She felt shame for what she was thinking and feeling.


"Vincent I do not know how you can stand seeing me this way." She told him finally. Her comment left him speechless. He placed a hand under her chin and brought her face up to his. "Catherine I love you more than anything in my life. You are the most beautiful woman in the world to me. And the fact that you are carrying our second child makes you even more beautiful." He told her. She looked up at him and started to cry once again. "Catherine please tell me what is really the matter." Vincent pleaded. When Catherine was calm once again she began to speak. "I miss being able to love you the way we used to." She sobbed. Vincent embraced her and held her. "Catherine I also miss making love to you but we cannot do anything that will endanger you or our child." He told her. "I know that I just worry that you will grow to resent me." She told him. Vincent pulled back and looked down at her. "Catherine I could never resent you." He told her. "I love you so much." He reassured her. Then he bent forward and kissed her.

They spent the rest of the evening in one another's arms. "I love you so much." Catherine told Vincent as she drifted off to sleep in his arms. "And I love you." He told her as he kissed the top of her head. They slept happily that night in one another's arms.


As the weeks went on Catherine and Vincent spent much of their time together. They also spent most of their time with Jacob. They wanted to assure him that even though there was a new baby on the way that he would always be loved and wanted by his parents.


Then one day Devin and Diana entered Vincent and Catherine's chamber. They found the young family sitting and reading. "Hey you three can we come in?" Devin called out. Vincent and Catherine put their books away and stood up. Jacob was sitting on the bed. "Of course come in." Vincent told them. Devin and Diana walked into the chamber and sat down at Vincent's writing table. "We have something that we would like to talk to you about." Diana told them. Vincent and Catherine looked at one another then nodded. "We are planning to take some of the children on a day trip to the mountains day after tomorrow and we were wondering if we could take Jacob with us."


When they were done with their proposal Vincent turned to Catherine. "What do you think Catherine?" he asked. Catherine thought for a moment. Then she looked back at the excited face of her son. "May I go Mommy please?" Jacob pleaded. Catherine walked over to her son and sat down beside him. She hugged him tightly. Then she looked at Devin and Diana. "Of course you can take Jacob with you." She told them. "It will be wonderful for him." She continued. Jacob squealed with happiness. Then he hugged his mother tightly. "Thank you mommy!" he exclaimed. When he let go of her he jumped off the bed and ran to his father. Vincent scooped him up into a great bear hug. "Thank you Daddy!"


Diana and Devin rose and turned to leave the chamber. "We will come for Jacob tomorrow morning around 11a.m." Devin told them. Catherine and Vincent smiled and nodded. With that Devin and Diana left the chamber. Then Catherine turned and addressed Jacob. "Well baby we better get you ready for bed you have a big day tomorrow." Jacob smiled brightly. "Catherine I will go give Jacob his bath." Vincent told her.


Since she had become pregnant Vincent had taken over many of her duties. Catherine smiled and nodded. "Mommy since Luke is going with us may I go spend the night with him?" Jacob asked. Catherine smiled at her son. "While you are gone I will go and ask Olivia and Kanin if it is alright." Vincent looked at her with concern on his face. "Do not worry love they are in Father's chamber." She told him. Vincent nodded then he gathered Jacob in his arms and also took his bath items then he left they left the chamber.


When Catherine was alone she picked up a shawl and placed it around her shoulders. Then she left the chamber to go to Father's chamber. When she arrived she found Father talking to Kanin and Olivia. "Catherine is everything alright?" Father asked as he rose to assist her down the steps. "Of course Father I wanted to speak to Kanin and Olivia." She told him. "Jacob is going on the trip with Devin and Diana and the other children tomorrow." Catherine told them. "Oh he will love that." Father commented. Catherine smiled and nodded. "Yes he is very excited. He also told us that Luke was going." Catherine said addressing Kanin and Olivia. Kanin smiled at Olivia then began to speak. "Yes he is very excited about it also." Catherine smiled. "Well Jacob asked if it would be alright if he spent the night with Luke tonight."


Sometimes when Catherine and Vincent wanted to be alone they left Jacob with Kanin and Olivia. "Of course he can we love having Jacob spend the night with Luke." Olivia told Catherine. "Vincent is getting him ready for bed now." Catherine told them. "How about we come for him in about thirty minutes?" Kanin asked. "That will be just fine." Catherine told them. "Now I must return to my two men." She told them happily. Then she turned and left the chamber.


When Catherine returned to their chamber she found Vincent wrestling with Jacob. They were both laughing very happily. "Hey what is going on here?" Catherine asked as she began to laugh. "Your son is trying to tickle me." Vincent told her through his own laughter. "It looks as if he is succeeding." She told him. Then Catherine moved toward them. "Jacob, I talked to Kanin and Olivia and they said that you are welcome to spend the night with Luke." Catherine told her son as she picked him up. "Now we have to pack your bag for your trip tomorrow." She continued. Then they packed the bags.


As they finished Kanin and Olivia arrived for Jacob. "Hey little man are you ready to go?" Kanin asked. Jacob smiled and started to run out of the chamber. "Hey before you leave give your mother and father a hug." Olivia told him. Jacob turned and ran to Vincent. "Night daddy I will see you when we get home." Jacob told him. Vincent kissed his cheek then handed him to Catherine. "Good night baby be good and have a good time." She told him. Jacob kissed her on the cheek. Then Catherine put him on the floor and he ran to Olivia. She scooped him up and they the three of them left the chamber.


Once they were gone Catherine put her arm around Vincent's waist. "Do not worry about him he will be with Devin and Diana." She told him. Vincent nodded. "I know it is just that if he gets in trouble I cannot go to him." Vincent told her. Catherine turned and faced her beloved husband. "Vincent we have to let him experience new things." She told him. Vincent nodded in agreement. "Yes you are right." He told her. "Have I told you in the last few moments how much I love you?" he asked as he embraced her gently. Catherine smiled slyly. "I do not think so." She told him. Vincent leaned forward and kissed her. "Well my Catherine I love you so much." Catherine smiled and kissed him again. "Will you read to me?" she asked. Vincent smiled down at her. "Do you even have to ask?" he responded. He took her by the hand and led her to the bed. She made herself comfortable and he picked up a book and began to read.


A while later Vincent stopped reading for a moment. He looked down beside him and noticed that Catherine was happily sleeping beside him. He placed the book on the table beside the bed. Then he stood up and walked to the bureau. He retrieved a towel and left the chamber to take his bath. He was gone for only a few minutes. When he returned he noticed that Catherine had not moved. He removed his clothes and slipped in beside her. He pulled her against him and draped his arm over her growing belly. Good night my beloved Catherine. He thought as he drifted off to sleep.


When they awoke in the morning they heard the intruder alarm in the park entrance sounding. Vincent quickly rose and dressed. Then he kissed Catherine. "Please be careful love." Catherine pleaded. "I will do not worry about me." Then he turned and ran from the chamber. Catherine rose and dressed. Then she left the chamber to go to Father's chamber to wait for Vincent to return.


When Vincent reached the park entrance he was shocked to see Lisa there. "Hello Vincent." She told him. "Hello Lisa how are you?" Vincent asked. "I am doing alright." She told him. "I came for a visit." She continued. Vincent was unsure of how Father and Catherine would respond to Lisa's presence. He turned and led her below.


When they reached Father's chamber Vincent entered before her. "Father I have returned." Vincent told his parent. Then he noticed Catherine. He walked over to her and embraced her. "Hello Father I have come home for a while." Lisa quipped as she entered the chamber. Vincent felt Catherine's body go stiff in his arms. He knew that she was not happy to see Lisa.


Lisa looked toward Vincent and saw Catherine. "Catherine is that you?" Lisa asked stunned. "Yes Lisa it is." Catherine told her. "I heard that you were dead." Lisa told her. Vincent quickly interrupted this line of conversation. "Catherine you should go rest." He told her. Then he turned to Father. "We will see you later." He told his parent. "Vincent will you be returning so that we can talk?" Lisa asked. Vincent shook his head. "No Lisa we will see you later at lunch." Then he turned with his arm around Catherine and they left the chamber.


When Vincent and Catherine reached their chamber they entered silently. Vincent noticed that Catherine had not said anything since they left Father's chamber. Catherine walked into the chamber and sat down on the bed. Vincent looked at her for a moment then he put a lantern in the corridor and let the tapestry fall across the entrance of the chamber. He walked quickly across the chamber and sat down beside his beloved wife. Vincent reached forward and took Catherine's hand in his.


"Catherine please talk to me I feel so many confused feelings in you." He pleaded. She looked at her lap for a moment then she looked up at Vincent. "Vincent it scares me that she has come back here." She told him. "I do not trust her." She continued. Vincent understood Catherine's feelings. "Sweetheart you are the love of my life and nothing or no one will ever come between us." He told her. "I am married to you because you are the woman that I want." He continued. "We have our son and in a few months we will have this child." He told her as he gently touched her stomach.


Later that afternoon the pipes sounded for lunch. "Catherine would you like to have lunch here so that you do not have to see Lisa?" Vincent asked as he sat up on the bed where they had been lying. Catherine looked up at him and smiled. "No darling she is not going to keep me from having my meals with our family." Then Vincent reached out a hand to her. "Then come we will have our lunch with Father and Mary." He told her as she stood up. Then they left the chamber.


When they arrived in the dining chamber both Vincent and Catherine noticed that Lisa was sitting with Father and Mary. Father looked up at them as they entered the room. Lisa looked up also and gasped when she saw the new signs of Catherine's pregnancy. Vincent and Catherine got their food. Then Vincent leaned forward to whisper into her ear. "Love we can sit somewhere else Father and Mary will understand." He told her. Catherine touched his cheek lovingly. "No Vincent they are my in-laws and I want to eat with them because I love them." Vincent smiled lovingly at her then he led her toward the table.


"Well you two we were not sure whether you would be joining us or eating in your chamber." Father told them. "Father it would have been rude of us to stay in our chamber when Lisa has come home for a visit." Catherine commented. She had decided to try and be as nice to Lisa as she could for Vincent. "Lisa how long will you be staying?" Catherine asked. Lisa looked up at her puzzled. "I am not sure how long I will be here." She commented. "Catherine I thought you lived above." Lisa commented. Catherine smiled brightly. "No Lisa I have lived here for the last year." Catherine told her. "Well forgive my ignorance but why are you living here?" Lisa asked.


Vincent decided to answer the question himself. He wanted Lisa to hear from him about the change in their relationship. "Lisa, Catherine is my wife." He told her. Lisa stared at him for a moment. "You are married?" she asked. Catherine reached over and took Vincent's hand. "Yes Lisa when we were reunited neither one of us could stand the thought of my living anywhere but here with Vincent."


Lisa decided to ask the next question on her mind. "Catherine I noticed a few moments ago that you are pregnant." Lisa commented. Catherine nodded happily. "Yes I am two months pregnant." She told Lisa. "Well forgive me but who is the father of your child?" Lisa asked. This question angered Vincent. "Lisa, Catherine is my wife so naturally the baby is mine as is our son Jacob!" He told her somewhat harshly. Catherine squeezed his hand in an effort to calm him down. "You have another child?" Lisa asked. Catherine smiled proudly. "Yes he is four years old." She told her. "You will meet him tomorrow when he returns with Devin and his wife Diana. Lisa smiled shyly. "I look forward to that you said that Devin was coming here." She commented. Lisa never truly liked Devin because he always seemed to want to stay around Vincent. "Yes Lisa, Devin moved back home last year then he met and married his wonderful wife." Father told her proudly. He was truly happy that his biological son was home once again.


Lisa was determined to keep asking her questions. "Catherine I know that you were kidnapped why would you move down here and risk everyone's safety if you are still being hunted by these people?" Lisa asked. Catherine was very shaken by the bluntness of this question. Vincent, Father and Mary all saw her reaction. Vincent decided that he had heard enough. "Lisa the people that took Catherine from me believe that she is dead!" He told her adamantly.


When he had finished speaking Vincent rose from his seat. He turned toward Catherine and reached for her hand. She stood up beside him. "My love why don't we go back to our chamber?" He asked her lovingly. Catherine smiled and nodded. As they turned to leave the dining chamber Vincent spoke to Father. "We wish not to be disturbed for the rest of the day unless it is necessary." Father understood and nodded. "Of course my children go and enjoy yourselves." He told them. Then Vincent and Catherine left the chamber.


When they were gone Father looked at Lisa very angrily. "How dare you upset my son and daughter-in-law!" He spat angrily. "Father, I was only wondering why she was living here." Lisa told him trying to act innocent. "Well from now on until you leave please stay away from Vincent and his family." With that Lisa rose and walked out of the dining chamber. As she left she thought to herself. Father I will have Vincent back. Then she walked back to her guest chamber.


Meanwhile Vincent and Catherine entered their chamber. He led her to the ornate chair beside the bed. She was still quite shaken and upset by Lisa's questions. Since her return the kidnapping had not been discussed very much. Vincent was very protective of Catherine and Jacob.


Once Vincent had placed the tapestry down he returned and knelt down beside her. "Vincent I am sorry that I reacted that way." Catherine told him. Vincent leaned forward and gently stroked her face. "Catherine my love you have nothing to be sorry about." He told her. "You have every right to be upset." He told her. "Lisa had no right to bring that up." He continued. Catherine looked into his beautiful blue eyes and noticed that his rage was building. She gently touched his back and began to circle her hand trying to calm him. They spent the rest of the day enjoying one another's company.


Later that evening as they were sitting in the chamber reading Devin and Diana walked into the chamber. "Mommy I am home!" Jacob announced happily as he ran into the chamber. Catherine and Vincent both rose to greet them. Jacob ran to his mother. She sat back down and hugged him tightly. "Oh baby I missed you!" she told him as her tears began to fall. Jacob heard her voice break. He leaned back and looked at her. "Mommy what is wrong?" he asked. Catherine dried her tears as Vincent knelt down beside them. "Son your mommy just missed you so much that she is very happy." He told the boy. Jacob once again hugged his mother. "I love you both." He told his parents. "And we love you." Vincent told him.


When they were done with the hugs Vincent and Catherine rose to address Devin and Diana. "Hello you two how was the trip?" Vincent asked. "It was great!" Diana told her. "We all had a great time." Diana told them. As they were talking Catherine felt a tug on her dress. She looked down at Jacob. "Mommy may I go see Grampy and Grammy?" he asked. Catherine smiled and nodded. "Yes of course they missed you very much." Then Jacob ran from the chamber.


Once he was gone the four adults sat down to talk. "I think you should know Devin that Lisa is here." Vincent told his older brother. Devin got a very angry look on his face. "What is she doing here?" he asked. Vincent shook his head. "I do not know but I want her to stay away from my family." Vincent told them. Devin looked at Diana confused. "What has happened?" Diana asked.


Then Catherine began to relay the conversation that had occurred at lunch. When she was done Devin was even angrier. "Cathy I am sorry she did that to you." He told his sister-in-law. Catherine smiled. "I am fine now." She told him. "But I do not want her near Jacob." Catherine stated. She looked over at Vincent who was nodding in agreement. "Neither do I she has changed so much that I do not know her anymore." He said. "I am sorry love." Catherine told him. Vincent put his arm around her. "Catherine it is your fault that she has become so shallow." He told her.


Diana and Devin saw that Vincent and Catherine needed to be alone. "Hey why don't we keep Jacob tonight?" Diana offered. Catherine looked at her good friend and smiled. "Thank you both that would be wonderful." Then Devin and Diana left the chamber to go get him. Vincent and Catherine spent the rest of the evening together. They read to one another and talked. Then they fell asleep in one another's arms.


A few days later Catherine was in their chamber playing with Jacob. She looked up when she heard a noise in the entryway of the chamber. Lisa was standing there watching her. Catherine stood up and addressed her. "What is it Lisa?" She asked. Then Catherine turned to address Jacob. "Darling will you please go to your father he is with your grandfather." Catherine told the boy. Jacob looked up at her. "Are you sure mommy?" he asked. Catherine smiled down at him. "Yes honey I have to talk to Lisa." Then he rose and kissed his mother and ran from the chamber. "Catherine can we talk woman to woman?" Lisa asked as she sat down at Vincent's writing desk.


Catherine was confused by this apparent change in Lisa. "Of course we can talk." Catherine responded. Lisa thought for a moment then began to speak. "Catherine I am sorry about this but I want Vincent." Lisa told her. Catherine was stunned. "Lisa I am his wife and nothing will change that." Catherine told her. Lisa rose from her chair and stood in front of her. "Vincent and I have a history that I want to renew." Lisa commented. Catherine was now angry. "Lisa the only past that you have with Vincent caused him great pain and suffering for many years!" She spat angrily. Lisa did not respond to the comment at first. She turned toward the chamber entrance. "Catherine I will be with Vincent once again so it would be very wise of you to take your son and leave before someone gets hurt." With those words she left the chamber. After she was gone Catherine sat down on the bed and began to cry.


Outside the chamber from his hiding place Jacob saw his mother crying. He had hidden so that Lisa would not find him. He wanted to see what Lisa would say to his mother. Jacob knew that his mother needed his father he turned and ran toward his grandfather's chamber. He was very frightened and he hoped that his Father would calm his mother down. He hated to see her sad.


When Jacob arrived at his Grandfather's chamber he entered to find his father speaking to Father, Devin and Diana. They were so enthralled in conversation that they did not notice him enter the chamber. "I do not trust Lisa." Father told them angrily. "She has been very cruel to Catherine since she has returned." Vincent rose and began to pace. He could not understand what had happened to Lisa to change her so much. "Father I want her kept away from my family." Vincent told his Father. Father was about to respond when Devin and Diana both noticed that Jacob was standing in the entrance of the chamber. He looked very upset and frightened. "Jacob, honey what is wrong?" Diana asked as she rose and approached her nephew. Jacob was so upset that he did not respond at first.


Diana rose and walked a bit closer to him then she opened her arms. Jacob took one step forward and fell into her arms sobbing. He buried his face into her neck. "Lisa wanted to talk to my mommy." He cried as he held onto Diana. Everyone looked at the child with great concern he was obviously very traumatized.


Vincent approached them and took his son from Diana. He sat down and placed the crying child on his lap. "What did Lisa want to talk to your mother about?" Vincent asked. He could sense that Jacob had been listening to the conversation. "Jacob did you listen to the conversation?" Father asked. Jacob looked up at his grandfather guiltily. He knew that he was not supposed to eavesdrop on other people's conversations. "Jacob you can tell us you will not get into trouble this time." He told the child. "Daddy she was so mean to mommy." Jacob told him. "What did she say to your mother?" Devin asked.


Jacob calmed down more and began to speak. "Lisa told her that daddy loved her and belonged only with her and that mommy and I should leave the tunnels." Vincent was very angry. He looked over at Diana and addressed her. "Diana will you please take care of Jacob while I go tend to Catherine?" Then he handed Jacob to her. "Vincent we will come with you." Father told him. Vincent looked at his father and shook his head. "No thank you Father we need to be alone right now." Then Vincent left the chamber.


When Vincent arrived at their chamber he found Catherine sitting on the bed still crying. He quickly entered the chamber and made his way to the bed. "Catherine, my love it is alright." Vincent told her gently as he embraced her. She clung to him tightly. "Please Vincent don't ever let anyone come between us." She cried. Vincent tightened his grip on his beloved wife. "Catherine there could never be anyone else in my life but you and our children." He crooned. "I love you with ever fiber of my being." He continued. When Catherine had calmed down she moved back slightly to look into Vincent's face. "How did you know about what happened?" she asked. Vincent smiled very proudly. "Jacob overheard what happened and ran to find me." Vincent told her. Catherine smiled proudly. "Our son is a very amazing little boy." Catherine told him. Vincent smiled down at his loving wife and smiled. "Yes he is and I expect that his brother or sister will be also." He told her as he gently rubbed the small bump that signified their second child. They spent the rest of the day talking. Then they spent the evening with Jacob.


A few weeks later Diana was with Devin in their chamber. She rose from the chair she was sitting in and prepared to leave. "Sweetie where are you going?" Devin asked his wife. Diana looked over at him. "I am going to speak to Lisa." She told him. Devin rose from the bed and walked over to her. "Sweetheart it will do no good." He told her. Diana placed a hand on his cheek. "Devin, Cathy is not only my sister-in-law she is also my best friend." Diana told him. "I have to do something to help her." Diana continued. Devin kissed her and nodded. "I understand please just be very careful." Then Diana left the chamber.


When she reached the chamber she noticed that Lisa was quietly reading. "Lisa can I speak to you?" Diana asked from the entrance of the chamber. Lisa rose and smiled at her. "Of course Diana please come in." Diana entered and took a seat. "Lisa I came here to talk to you about Vincent and Catherine." Diana told her. Lisa sat down on the bed. "Diana I hope you understand that it is nothing personal against Catherine." Diana rose and began to pace. "How can you say that?" She asked Lisa angrily. "I love Vincent and Catherine very much and I will not let you hurt them!" Diana shouted. Lisa was angry now. She rose from the bed. "Diana I really do not think that this is any of your or Devin's business!" Lisa yelled. "I would suggest that you both stay out of my way." She continued. "I will not tolerate any interference from either of you." Lisa concluded. "Lisa we will not stay out of it because this is our family." Diana told her. Then Diana turned and left the chamber.


When she returned to their chamber Diana was still very angry. "That woman is impossible!" she yelled. Devin approached her and embraced her. "I told you that it would not work." He told her. "Devin she told me that you and I better stay out of this situation." This made Devin very angry. "That is it I want you to pack your bags we are leaving until she is gone!" he spat. "Devin this is our home." Diana told him sadly. "Sweetie we will return but I have to get out of here before I do something that I may regret." Diana nodded and they began to pack.


When they were done packing Devin took Diana by the hand and led her from the chamber. They walked toward Father's study. When they entered they found Father talking to Mary. "Devin I was not aware that you and Diana were going back to work." Father commented seeing their bags. Devin looked at his father sadly. "Dad we are not going on an assignment." He told the tunnel elder. Father looked at Mary confused. "Then where are you going?" Mary asked. Diana came up to her and placed an arm around her shoulder. "Mary we are leaving." Diana told her as she began to cry once again. Mary embraced her as she also began to cry. "Devin are you certain that this is what you want to do?" Father asked sadly. Devin approached his father and put his arm around him. "No Dad but I cannot stay here any longer with Lisa here." Devin told him.


While they were talking Vincent and Catherine entered the chamber. They noticed the sadness of everyone present. "What is going on?" Catherine asked. Diana turned toward her dear friend and approached her. "Cathy we are leaving the tunnels." Diana told her. Catherine and Vincent could not believe their ears. "Please do not leave!" Catherine begged as she also began to cry. She embraced Diana tighter. "We do not want to leave but with Lisa here we feel that it is for the best." Diana explained. Vincent had moved away from Catherine and approached his brother. "Devin please do not leave we need you." Vincent begged. Devin could hear the heartbreak in Vincent's voice. He embraced Vincent and held him tightly. "We do not want to leave but we cannot stay." Devin sobbed. "Please promise me that you will come back soon I cannot go another twenty years without you." Vincent told him. Devin released him and smiled. "Little brother we plan to be back in time to see this new baby come into the world." Devin told him.


Then Devin picked up their bags. "We better go now." He announced. Then he and Diana left the chamber and the tunnels. Vincent hung his head and cried as they left the chamber. Catherine came up beside him and held him. "Love they will come home soon." She soothed. But she knew that Vincent's heart was breaking. And she was very angry with Lisa for causing him this pain.


A month after Devin and Diana had left the tunnels Vincent was walking toward his chamber. He stopped short when he heard Lisa talking to Jacob. "Do you like living here in the tunnels?" She asked the child. "Yes it is great." He told her. "Well Jacob I am afraid that you're going to have to be a big boy now." She told him. Jacob looked up at her confused. "You see sweetie your mommy will be leaving the tunnels very soon and she has asked me to be your new mommy because she will not be coming back." Lisa told him. "No you are lying my mommy would never leave my daddy or me because she loves us!" he screamed as his tears began to fall.


Vincent heard this and became very angry. He quickly entered the chamber. "Lisa that is quite enough!" he spat angrily. "I will not have you saying anymore to my son!" Jacob rose from his seat on the floor and ran to his father. "Daddy tell her that mommy would never leave us again!" Jacob begged as he cried. Vincent picked his son up and held him tightly. "Shh Jacob it is alright." He crooned lovingly. "Your mommy is not going anywhere." He continued. "Lisa please leave now!" Vincent demanded. "You have upset my son enough." He continued. Lisa nodded then moved toward the entrance. "Alright I will leave but Vincent what I told Jacob is true." With those words Jacob began to cry harder. "No! my mommy loves us." He sobbed. Vincent looked at Lisa bitterly. "Leave us now!" he ordered. Lisa smiled and left the chamber.


As she left the chamber she met a very upset and frightened Catherine and Father. "What have you done to my little boy?" Catherine demanded. Father placed a hand on Catherine's shoulder. "Catherine dear everything will be alright." He assured her. "I only told him the truth." Lisa told them as she walked on. Catherine looked back at her and just stared. "I do not like that woman." She told Father. Father nodded in agreement. "Yes I know but now we must go in and see to Jacob." Catherine nodded and walked on toward the chamber.


When they entered the chamber they found Vincent rocking their crying son. "Vincent what has she done?" Catherine cried when she saw Jacob crying. Jacob lifted his head from Vincent's shoulder at the sound of his mother's voice. He jumped down from his father's lap and ran to her. "Mommy please do not leave us again!" Jacob begged. Catherine was horrified. She sat down in a chair and brought Jacob into her lap. "Oh my baby I am not ever leaving you or your daddy." Catherine cried. Vincent rose and came to his beloved family. He held them both as they cried.


When they were calm once again Vincent turned and addressed Father. "Father I need to speak to Catherine alone would you take Jacob to your chamber for a few minutes?" He asked. Father nodded his head. "Of course I will." He answered. "Jacob we will come to get you for dinner in a few minutes." Vincent told him. Jacob nodded sadly. Then he hugged his mother. "I love you mommy." Jacob told Catherine. "And I love you my baby." She told him. Jacob climbed down and took his grandfather's hand. Then they left the chamber.


Once Vincent and Catherine were alone she once again began to cry. Vincent took her into his arms. "It's alright my love we will come through this." He told her. "Vincent what are we going to do?" Catherine sobbed. Vincent tightened his embrace around her. "Catherine I want you to take Jacob and go stay above at the apartment." He told her. Catherine sat up out of his embrace. "No Vincent we need to be here with you." She told him. "Catherine it is getting far too dangerous for you to remain here." He told her. "Besides we must also think about our unborn child." He told her touching her round belly. "I fear that the stress of all this may not be good for either of you."


Catherine wanted to protest but she knew that he was right. "Alright we will go stay above." Then Catherine once again began to cry. "What is it my love?" Vincent asked. "Oh Vincent I hope all this is over before it is time for this child to be born." She cried. "I do not think I could stand having this child without you also." Vincent held her. "It will end very soon I promise you." They held one another and cried.


Later when they entered Father's chamber Vincent and Catherine explained to Father and little Jacob why they would be leaving the tunnels. "No mommy we have to stay with daddy!" Jacob cried. Catherine held her beloved son. "Baby we will be back very soon your daddy just wants to make sure that you, the new baby, and I are safe." Jacob looked up at her. "Mommy you promise that we will come home?" he asked. Vincent took the boy from his mother. "Nothing will keep you from coming home because you belong here with me and our family." He told the boy. Jacob was still upset and he began to cry once again.


The next morning Catherine and Jacob accompanied by a very sad Father and Vincent made their way toward the tunnel entrance in the park. Catherine held Jacob's hand very tightly. She turned and looked into her husband's eyes. She picked up Jacob and walked into his arms. "We love you." She told Vincent. "As I love you both." He told them. "Daddy are we coming home soon?" Jacob asked his father sadly. Vincent took his son into his arms. "Yes my son you will be home very soon." Vincent assured him.


Vincent placed his son back down on the sand of the tunnel. Jacob turned and moved into his grandfather's arms. "Jacob take care of your mother like a big boy." Father told his beloved Grandson. Then Father embraced Catherine. "Please take care of yourself and my unborn grandchild." He begged. Catherine smiled at him. "Of course I will. I will be seeing Peter while I am above." She told him.


Catherine backed out of his embrace and took Jacob by the hand. As they walked out of the drainage tunnel she looked back at Vincent. "I love you my beloved." She told him. "I love you my Catherine." Vincent told her as his tears began to fall. Then Catherine and Jacob were gone. Vincent turned into Father's arms and cried. "They will return soon." Father told him. "I hope so Father because without them I am lost." Vincent sobbed.


Later that evening in the apartment above Catherine was reading to Jacob. When she noticed that he was asleep she quietly walked into the living room closing the bedroom door behind her. She was about to sit down when someone knocked on the door. Catherine was somewhat shocked she had not let anyone but Peter knows that she was above. Since Jenny had married and moved away she was not there anymore.


She approached the door and looked through the peephole. She almost squealed with delight when she saw Devin and Diana on the other side of the door. She hastily unlocked the door. "Oh I am so glad to see the two of you!" she cried as she embraced them. "I am so relieved that you are both here." She told them as they sat down. "When you called Peter he told us that you were above." Diana told her. "Cathy what happened?" Devin asked. "Well Devin it appears that Lisa was planning on trying to make me leave the tunnels and she would then take my place with Vincent and Jacob." Catherine told them.


This made Devin very angry. "Does that woman's gall know no bounds?" he asked angrily. "Vincent felt that we would be safer here." Catherine commented. "Well now you will be even safer because we are staying with you." Diana told her. Catherine smiled brightly. "Oh that is wonderful." She told them. "Mommy who are you talking to?" Jacob called out. Catherine smiled at Devin and Diana.


The three of them rose and walked into the bedroom. "Honey look who is here to stay with us." Catherine told her son. Jacob looked up and saw his aunt and uncle. "Uncle Devin!" Jacob squealed as he ran to him. "Hello there little guy." Devin told him as he hugged him. "Hi sweetheart." Diana told him when she hugged him. "Now young man it is very late and you should be asleep." Catherine told him. Jacob began to whine. "But mom I am not tired." Catherine would hear none of it. "Jacob it is time to go back to bed you can talk to Uncle Devin and Aunt Diana tomorrow." Jacob knew he was defeated so he climbed back in bed and once again fell asleep.


As the weeks went by Catherine tried to keep herself busy. She missed Vincent and everyone in the tunnels terribly. Vincent had not been able to come to see them since they came above. This also made Catherine very sad. The only communication that she had with Vincent had been in a note that was delivered by Jamie.


On that wonderful afternoon Catherine had gone to see Peter. "So how is the little mother today?" Peter asked. Catherine smiled meekly and chuckled. "Well I guess I am as good as I can be." She told him. This comment made Peter very concerned. Catherine saw this and placed a hand on his arm. "No Peter nothing has happened with the baby." She told him. Peter let out a sigh of relief. "Well how about we get on with the sonogram shall we?" He asked. Catherine smiled and rose. When she was ready Peter placed the microphone on her stomach and began to move it around. Catherine lay there waiting for him to say something. "Peter is something wrong?" Catherine asked. Peter did not answer her at first. "PETER!" Catherine exclaimed. He looked up at her and smiled. "Oh honey I am sorry I just get very tuned out when doing one of these tests." He told her. "Now what were you saying?" he asked. Catherine took a deep breath. "I asked if anything was wrong." She commented.


Peter smiled and placed a hand on her shoulder. "No sweetheart the baby is just fine." He assured her. When he was almost done with the test Peter smiled at Catherine. "Would you like to know if it is a boy or girl?" he asked. Catherine smiled brightly. "Peter I am only four months along you can tell that?" she asked. Peter nodded. "Oh yes I could have told you in your third month." Catherine was amazed.


When she was pregnant before with Jacob Gabriel's doctor never explained anything to her. She thought for a moment then smiled. "Peter I would love to know the baby's sex." She told him. Peter nodded and smiled. "Well you can tell that son and husband of yours to get ready to welcome your daughter into the family." Catherine was so happy she began to cry. "Oh Peter that is marvelous I think that Vincent secretly dreams that we will have a daughter." Catherine commented as she rose from the table.


Once she was dressed once again she rejoined Peter in his office. "Now here are some prenatal vitamins that I want you to take." He told her. Catherine looked at the pills then back up at him. "Do not worry they are perfectly safe." He told her. "I consulted with Father about you taking them." He told her. "He agreed that it would be alright." Catherine smiled and placed the pills in her bag.


She then rose from the chair. "Well I better be going Diana is in the lobby with Jacob." Catherine told him. "We promised to take him to the park." She continued. Peter smiled and rose. "Will you be going below while you are there?" he asked. Catherine looked down and shook her head. "No Vincent asked that I not come below unless it is necessary." She told him. Peter sat on the corner of his desk. "Cathy I know that you miss him." He told her. Catherine looked up and nodded. "Yes I never knew just how much until now." She told him sadly. "Honey you will be home with him very soon." Peter told her. "I hope so I desperately want our daughter to be born with her father and grandfather." Peter nodded in agreement.


Later when Catherine, Jacob, Devin and Diana returned to the apartment later that evening they were exiting the elevator when they saw Jamie waiting for them in front of the apartment. "Jamie it is wonderful to see you." Catherine told her as she embraced the girl. Then Diana and Devin each embraced her. "We miss you all very much." Jamie told them.


Suddenly Catherine got very concerned about Vincent. "Jamie is something wrong with Vincent?" Catherine asked suddenly frightened. Diana moved beside Catherine and put her arm around her shoulders. "No Cathy he is fine he just misses you very much." Jamie told her. Catherine smiled with relief at Jamie then at Diana. "I was sent here with a note from him." Jamie told Catherine as she reached into her pocket. Jamie handed the note to Catherine and smiled. "I must be getting back now before Lisa's men come looking for me." Jamie told them. The three adults were all shocked. "Jamie come in for just a few minutes." Catherine told her. Jamie could see the look in her friend's eyes. "Alright I will but only for about fifteen minutes." She told them.


Once they were all inside Catherine turned to Jacob. "Sweetheart would you please go and play while we talk?" Catherine asked. Jacob nodded then he ran into the bedroom. "Now Jamie who are these men?" Devin asked. Jamie looked at him. "I am not sure but they are very tough." She told him. "They are constantly watching all of us." She continued. "And they are also monitoring all the messages on the pipes." She concluded. "Jamie have they seen Vincent?" Catherine asked. "No, Lisa has not allowed them to see him." Jamie told her. "Father is very frightened though." Jamie told her.


She then looked at the mantle clock. "I have to get back." She told them. "Jamie if you want you can stay with us." Catherine offered. Jamie smiled at her friend and shook her head. "No I told Father that I would help keep these men away from the children." She told them. "They have not even allowed us to evacuate the infants." Catherine smiled and hugged Jamie. "I understand but if it gets to bad come back here." Jamie smiled and nodded. Then she left the apartment.


After she was gone Catherine turned to Devin and Diana. "I don't like this one bit." She told them. "I was worried when Lisa was there alone but now that she has brought in strangers I am terrified." Catherine told them. Diana rose and walked over to her. "Cathy please sit down and try to calm down your worrying is not good for either you or the baby." She told her. Catherine rubbed her belly and smiled. "Yes I do not want our daughter to feel any of my worries." She told them. Devin and Diana smiled brightly. "You are having a girl?" Devin asked. Catherine looked up and smiled. "Yes we are having a daughter and I cannot wait to tell her father." Then Diana rose. "Cathy we will go into the bedroom and check on Jacob so that you can read the note from Vincent. Then they walked into the bedroom and closed the door.


When she was alone, Catherine took the note from her pocket and held it for the longest time. She stroked it gently and sniffed it taking in Vincent's scent. She loved the smell of candle wax that was her Vincent. Oh how I miss you my darling. She thought to herself. Then she opened the note and began to read.


My beloved Catherine and Jacob,

I love you both and miss you terribly. I find that my heart is breaking because you are not here with me. I ache to hold you both in my arms. The only thing that keeps me going is the thought of the wonderful day when you will come home to me. I will try my best to come see you soon. Catherine please take care of yourself and Jacob. And make sure that Peter keeps an eye on our unborn child. I love you both!



While this was happening in the tunnels Vincent was talking to Father when Jamie returned. "Oh Jamie I am so glad that you are back." Father told her. "We were getting worried." Vincent told her. "I know and I am sorry I just wanted to stay a few minutes and talk to Catherine, Devin and Diana." Vincent's head shot up at the mention of his brother's name. "Jamie you saw Devin and Diana?" Father asked. Jamie smiled and nodded. "Yes they are staying with Cathy and Jacob." She told them. Father and Vincent looked at one another and smiled. "I am so glad now I know that Catherine and Jacob are fine." Vincent told them. Then Jamie left the chamber. "Father I wish this were all over." Vincent told him sadly. Father rose from his chair and came around to his son. "I know Vincent I miss them also." Then he hugged Vincent.


In Vincent's chamber Lisa was talking to her henchmen. She had tried to get Vincent to share his bed with her. And when he refused she moved into the chamber anyway. Vincent was very angry about this action so he moved out into one of the guest chambers. "Now Rico you and Tony keep your eyes open for anyone doing anything out of the ordinary." She instructed. "Lisa what about people leaving?" Rico asked. "It is alright as long as they come back in a reasonable amount of time depending on the errand." She told them. "The only person that you are to stay away from is Vincent." She told them. Rico and Tony looked at one another. "Why is that Lisa?" Tony asked. "Because he can come and go as he pleases." She told them. "I do not want him to resent me for keeping him here so that he will come to me willingly." The men looked at her and nodded. "Now I wish to be alone." The men rose and left the chamber.


Back above in the apartment Catherine had just put Jacob down for his nap. She had been considering something since she had read Vincent's note. Then she made her decision. "Diana would you and Devin look after Jacob while I run an errand?" Catherine asked as she put on her coat. Diana and Devin nodded as she left the apartment. Catherine had decided to go below and have it out once and for all with Lisa about her family.


Once Catherine reached the tunnels entrance in the park she opened the secret door. She looked around for any of Lisa's men. Then she entered the tunnels. She began to walk toward the home tunnels. When she reached the bend that led to her and Vincent's chamber Catherine looked first to see if anyone was in the tunnel. Then She slowly made her way toward the chamber. When she reached the threshold of the chamber she was horrified to see Lisa sleeping in the bed that she shared with Vincent. Catherine was determined to find out what was going on. She decided to go find Father. She turned and walked quietly away from the chamber.


As she came near Father's study she heard his voice. Her heart leapt when she also heard the velvet sounds of her dear Vincent's voice. "Vincent I cannot believe that Lisa asked you to share your bed with her." Father fumed. He was very angry. "I know Father but now she knows that I will never share my bed with anyone but Catherine." Vincent told him. "I am so glad that Catherine was not here to hear the request." Father told him. Vincent nodded in total agreement.


Just as Vincent was about to speak again he sensed someone in the tunnel entrance. He and Father both turned and looked at the entrance. There they saw a very upset Catherine walking into the chamber. Vincent's heart somersaulted when he saw her. He ran up the stairs to enfold her in his arms. "Catherine what are you doing here?" He asked her very upset. "I requested that you not come below." He told her. Catherine looked up at him and nodded. "I know but I wanted to have it out with Lisa." She told him as a tear ran down her face. Vincent tightened his grip around her. "Oh love I am so sorry you saw Lisa in our chamber." He told her. Catherine moved back in his embrace and shook her head. "No Vincent that is not our chamber any longer we will find a new chamber." She told him. Vincent smiled down at her and hugged her as close as he dared.


When they broke apart Catherine saw Father. She walked over to him and embraced him. "Father it is wonderful to see you." She told him. Father held her gently. "Catherine dear you look wonderful." He told her happily. "How have you been feeling?" he asked. Catherine smiled lovingly at him. "We are both doing fine." She told him. "Peter has been watching me closely." Father smiled and nodded. "Catherine I will walk you back to the park entrance I do not want you here any longer than necessary." Vincent told her. Catherine hugged Father once again and kissed him on the cheek. "Goodbye for now Father." She told him. "Take great care Catherine." He told her. Then Vincent put his arm around her and they left the chamber. When they were gone Father sat down at his desk and softly wept. He desperately missed his family.


As they reached the park entrance Vincent turned and addressed his wife. "Catherine please do not come down here anymore until I bring you and Jacob home." Vincent requested. Catherine smiled up into his beautiful blue eyes. "Alright my love I already miss you." She told him. Then she leaned up and gently kissed him. "I miss you too my love." He told her when they separated. Then Catherine walked out of the tunnel and headed above.


When Catherine reached the apartment Devin and Diana was waiting for her. "Where were you we were worried sick." Devin told her. Catherine smiled at him. "I went below to have it out with Lisa." She told them. "Cathy that could have been dangerous." He told her. Catherine nodded as she sat down. "Yes Vincent told me not to do it again." She commented. "Anyway I did not want to stay there any longer." She told them. "Why is that Cathy?" Diana asked. "Lisa has moved into our chamber." Catherine told them. Devin was very angry now. "How dare she do that to you and Vincent!" he spat. "Devin please calm down!" Diana begged.


Devin sat down and tried to calm himself. "Cathy where is Vincent staying?" Diana asked. "He is staying in one of the guest chambers and we will be getting a new chamber when all this is over." Catherine told them. Then she rose. "Is Jacob up from his nap?" She asked. Diana nodded. "Yes he is in the bedroom playing." Then Devin spoke up. "Cathy, Peter called earlier and wanted Jacob to come spend the night with him tonight." Devin told her. Catherine was not sure about that. She wanted Jacob near her. "Cathy we will go stay with him." Diana told her. Catherine smiled and nodded. "Of course he can go." She told them. Then Catherine went into the bedroom to play with Jacob.


Back in the tunnels Vincent was sitting by the waterfalls. He was very sad now that Catherine was gone again. He jumped to his feet when he heard footsteps behind him. He turned to find Lisa entering the chamber. "Oh Vincent here you are." She told him. Vincent did not respond. "Vincent please talk to me you always could." She requested that was before you changed." He told her. "I have not changed you are the one who has changed." She told him angrily. "I have changed but only for the better." He told her. "Catherine changed me when she came into my life." Lisa did not want to hear this. "Vincent there is no need to talk about Catherine she is gone." Lisa told him. Vincent was now angry. "She is not gone!" he growled. "I sent her away too keep her safe." He continued. "Vincent I came to see if you have changed your mind about sharing a bed with me." She told him. "No Lisa I will never share my bed with anyone except my wife!" he told her adamantly. "I would not be so sure about that!" Lisa yelled. Then she left the chamber.


Lisa decided to go to the pipe chamber and see Pascal. "Hello Pascal." Lisa called as she entered the chamber. Pascal looked up at her and frowned. "Did you come to check up on me?" he asked angrily. "No Pascal I thought we could talk like we used to." She told him. "Lisa that was when we were all children things are different now." He told her. "Yes different because of Catherine!" She seethed. Pascal did not respond he treasured Catherine's friendship and did not want to talk to Lisa about it. "Pascal can I tell you a secret?" Lisa asked. Pascal was confused. "What secret Lisa?" Lisa smiled menacingly. "I know something about Catherine." She told him. "What do you know about Catherine?" he asked wanting to find out what Lisa was talking about. "I was involved in her abduction." Lisa told him. "I was having an affair with Gabriel at the time and he asked me to get information on her." She continued. "I followed her for a while and told Gabriel where he could grab her and in return he was going to give me her baby." Pascal could not believe his ears. "I was going to bring him home to Vincent so that we could raise him together." She told him. "But he screwed up when he tried to kill her!" she spat. "She was not supposed to live." When she was done speaking she smiled at Pascal. "This is our secret okay?" she asked. He slightly nodded then Lisa turned and left the pipe chamber. After she had left Pascal turned to his assistant and gave him his pipe. Then Pascal left to speak to Father.


Meanwhile Vincent had returned to the chamber he was staying in. He paced angrily around the room. Then he picked up his cloak. He placed it around his shoulders and left the chamber. I am going to see my family tonight. He thought to himself. Then he ran toward Father's chamber. When he entered the chamber he found Father with Mary. "Father I am going above to spend the night with Catherine and Jacob." Vincent told him. Father rose and smiled. "Of course my son that is exactly what you need." Father told him. Then Vincent ran from the chamber.


After Vincent had left Pascal entered the chamber. "Father I must speak to you immediately!" Pascal told him. "Of course my boy what is it?" Father asked. "Father Lisa told me that she was involved in Catherine's abduction." Father and Mary were stunned. "Are you sure?" Mary asked. Pascal looked at her and nodded. "Yes Father should we tell Vincent?" he asked. Father thought for a moment. "Yes I will tell him tomorrow." Then Pascal left the chamber. "Oh Jacob how could Lisa do such a thing?" Mary asked. "Mary she would do anything to get rid of Catherine." He told her. "I only hope that she never gets the chance again." Then they talked about how to tell Vincent.


When Vincent reached the tunnel entrance below Catherine's old apartment building he waited to see if the coast was clear. When he saw that it was he climbed up and boarded the lift. Then he climbed up the building until he reached Catherine's balcony. He climbed over the wall and walked up to the French doors. He saw her sitting on the sofa. She was so beautiful that he could not stand being apart from her any longer.


He quietly opened the door and entered the apartment. Catherine did not notice him at first. Then she heard the swishing of his cloak behind her. She smiled as she felt his presence through the bond. She placed her book beside her and sat there waiting for him. He gently touched her shoulders then he bent down to kiss her neck. "Hello my beloved." He whispered into her ear. Catherine could not stand it any longer she stood up and made her way around the sofa. Then she fell into Vincent's open arms. They held one another tightly.


"Catherine I could not stand it any longer I was so miserable after you left the chamber this afternoon." He told her. They clung to one another as they cried. "Vincent I am so glad to see you." She told him. Then Vincent bent down and kissed her. The kiss was one of denied passion. "I missed you." Catherine moaned against Vincent's lips. She then wrapped her arms around his neck.


As they parted Vincent took her by the hand and led her to the sofa. "Catherine please sit down." Vincent requested. Catherine smiled and complied. "How are the two of you doing?" he asked as he gently rubbed her belly. Catherine smiled brightly. She always loved seeing Vincent touching her stomach. "We are just fine." She told him. "In fact I have something to tell you." She commented. Vincent was all of a sudden concerned. "Catherine is something wrong with the baby?" Catherine smiled and shook her head. "No my love it is good news." She told him. Vincent waited for Catherine to continue. "Love I found out that the baby is going to be a girl." Catherine told him. Vincent was stunned. He secretly wanted a daughter but never told Catherine. "Oh Catherine that is wonderful." He told her as he held her. "You wanted a girl didn't you?" she asked. Vincent smiled and nodded. "Yes I love Jacob desperately but I did want a daughter this time." He admitted. Catherine smiled up at him. "Well your wish is coming true."


A few moments later Catherine rose and looked at Vincent. "Would you like a drink?" she asked. Vincent nodded then rose to follow her. "I will help you." He told her. Catherine smiled and nodded. They walked into the kitchen and prepared some tea for him. "I will be having milk." Catherine told him. He opened the refrigerator and took out the milk. "Here you go my love." He told her handing her the carton. Catherine poured the milk into a glass. Then they returned to the living room. They talked about everything. "Catherine where is Jacob?" Vincent asked. Catherine smiled at him. "He is spending the night with Peter." Catherine told him. "And Devin and Diana went with him." She continued. "Catherine I am so relieved that they are here with you." He told her. Catherine smiled and nodded. "Yes they have been great." They talked for a long time. "Vincent will you please spend the night with me?" she begged. Vincent looked down at her and smiled. "I was planning to stay with you." He told her. Then he lifted her effortlessly and carried her into the bedroom. That night there was no lovemaking but they held one another tightly.


Down in the tunnels Diana and Devin entered Father's chamber. "Hello everyone." Devin announced. "Hello you two." Father told them as he and Mary embraced them. "What are you doing here?" Mary asked. "We wanted to come see everyone." Diana told her. "That is wonderful." Mary crooned. They sat down and returned to the meeting. "We were just discussing what to do about some information that Pascal heard from Lisa." Father told them. "What information Dad?" Devin asked. "Well it seems that Lisa was involved in Catherine's abduction." Father told them. "Oh that is terrible." Diana told him. "But I know that Joe has been wanting to talk to the woman that Gabriel was involved with I suppose that is Lisa." Father nodded. "What can we do with this information?" Kanin asked. "Well I can contact Joe." Diana told him. Father thought for a moment then wrote a note. "Kipper please deliver this to Joe Maxwell." The boy took the note and ran from the chamber. "Father what was that note?" Pascal asked. "I asked that Joe come down here with Kipper." Father told him. "Is that a good idea?" Devin asked. Father nodded. "Yes Lisa and her men went out and will not return until tomorrow." Father told him. Devin smiled and nodded.


A while later Kipper entered the chamber followed by Joe Maxwell. "Hello Joe how good to see you." Father told him as they embraced. Joe was now a very valued helper. "I am glad to see you too." Joe told him. "Joe we know that you are looking for Lisa." Father told him. Joe nodded. "Yes she was involved with Gabriel at the time of Cathy's disappearance." Joe told him. "That's not all Joe." Pascal told him. She admitted to me that she was involved in the scheme." Joe was shocked. "She was part of it?" He asked. "Yes Joe she wanted to get Catherine out of the way so that she could have Vincent." Diana told him. "Well what can I do for you?" Joe asked. "You can come get her when she talks about leaving." Father told him. Joe nodded and agreed. "Well I have to go now just contact me when everything is going down." Joe told them. Father smiled and nodded. "Of course my friend." Then Joe was guided out of the tunnels.


When the meeting was over everyone except Diana and Devin left Father and Mary. "We were so afraid that the two of you had decided to leave New York." Mary told them. "We considered it but I promised Vincent that I would never leave him again." Devin told him. "I only wish that we were still here in the tunnels." Diana added. "So do we my dear." Father told her. "Dad I know that you miss Cathy and Jacob." Devin told his father. "Yes Devin we all miss them terribly but with Catherine pregnant it was just not safe for them to remain below." He commented.


The four of them talked for the next hour. Father and Mary were truly enjoying their company. Just as Devin and Diana rose to leave the tunnels Lisa walked into the chamber. "I thought you and your goons were gone for the night!" Father spat at her. Lisa smiled and shook her head. "We decided that we needed to come home." She told him. "Father the reason I came in was to ask if you had seen Vincent." Lisa told him. Father was about to answer when Devin stopped him. "Lisa my brother is with his wife and son tonight where he belongs." Lisa was stunned at his presence. "Devin I thought that you had left the tunnels." She commented trying to act innocent. "We are still staying above but we came to visit "our" family." Devin told her. Diana noticed that the situation was escalating. She gently placed a calming hand on his shoulder. "Sweetheart, please calm down." Devin heard her request and calmed himself. "I am sorry Dad but we must return above." Devin told his father and stepmother. "We understand." Father told them as they embraced. Then Devin and Diana left the tunnels.


After they were gone Lisa turned to Father and Mary. "Would the two of you let Vincent know that I wish to see him when he returns?" she asked. Father angrily shook his head. "Lisa I will not give my son any messages from you!" Lisa glared at the tunnel elder. "Father you better get used to the idea that I am here to be with Vincent!" she screamed at him. "I plan to join with Vincent as soon as he comes to his senses and forgets Catherine." Lisa told him. "Lisa that is not possible because he is married to Catherine." Mary told the younger woman. Lisa turned to her and smiled slyly. "Mary I will be with Vincent because he will realize that he does not truly love Catherine." Father and Mary were dumbfounded. They could not believe what Lisa had just said. Then Lisa turned and walked out of the chamber. "I will never trust that woman." Father told his wife. "Neither will I she is so delusional that she could be dangerous." Mary told him. Father nodded in agreement. Then he hugged Mary as she began to cry.


Above in the apartment Catherine awoke to find that Vincent was not in bed beside her. She turned over and started to call out to him when she saw him through the open balcony door. He was standing there looking out at the city lights. Catherine rose and put on her robe. Then she walked out onto the balcony. "Hello my love." Catherine said as she walked up behind him. "I did not know that you were awake." Vincent told her as he brought her around to stand in front of him. When she was in front of him Vincent gently wrapped his arms around her as much as he could. "I woke up and missed you." Catherine told him. "I woke a while ago and did not want to disturb you after all you need your rest." Vincent told her as he gently stroked her belly. Catherine smiled at the gesture. "Catherine it will be dawn very soon I must return below." He told her. Catherine turned around to face him. "I know my love but I wish that we could all go home with you." She told him. "Yes but you and Jacob would not be safe below right now." He reminded her. "I know but we miss you and our family so much." She continued. "We miss you both horribly." Then Vincent bent forward and gently kissed her. "I have to go now." He told her. Catherine smiled sadly and nodded. "Vincent if any of the children have to be sent above send them to me." Catherine told him. Vincent smiled and nodded. Then he was gone.


When Vincent entered his temporary chamber he was shocked to find Lisa lying in his bed naked. "I was waiting for you to return my darling." She told him seductively. Vincent turned his back toward her. "Lisa please get up and put your clothes back on." He instructed unemotionally. "Vincent why do you fight your feelings for me?" Lisa asked as she dressed. "Lisa the only woman that I have those type of feelings for now is Catherine." When Lisa was once again dressed she approached him. "Vincent I know that part of you still wants me like when we were teenagers." Vincent turned to face her. "No Lisa the only woman that I will ever want is my wife."


Then he walked around her toward his bed where he removed his cloak. "Now if you would excuse me I would like to get some rest." Before she left Lisa turned to face Vincent once again. "Vincent may I ask you a question before I leave?" Vincent silently nodded. "What would you like to ask me?" He asked curiously. "If Catherine had not come back and I had returned would there have been a future for us?" she asked. Vincent was stunned at the question. "Lisa how can you ask me such a question?" he asked her angrily. "There could never be another woman for me except Catherine." He told her. "Vincent I do not understand what the two of you share between you." Lisa commented. "I am aware that you saved her life once but does that mean that you had to give her your whole life?" Lisa asked. "Lisa when I saved Catherine that night in the park I realized that I am connected to her and that this connection is one that I share with no one else." He told her. "I was lost to any other woman after that night." He continued. Lisa did not say anything as she moved toward the chamber entrance. Then she turned toward him again. "Vincent you will learn to love me once again!" She declared. "I know that what we had as teenagers is still alive within us and we will rekindle those feelings!" With that Lisa left him alone. As Lisa moved away from the chamber she thought to herself, I will go have this out with Catherine very soon.


Catherine spent many hours with Jacob. She hoped that in doing so would make up for the fact that he could not be at home in the tunnels with Vincent. "Mommy when are we going home?" Jacob asked as they played together. "Sweetheart come sit over here." Catherine instructed as she took him by the hand. She led him to the bed where they sat down. "Jacob we will be going home as soon as your daddy lets us know that it is safe once again." She told him. "But mommy we would be safe because daddy would keep us safe." Jacob argued. Catherine held him to her gently. "Baby please listen." She told him. "Your daddy is afraid that he could not be right with us to make sure that we are safe." Jacob raised his face to look up at her. "I miss my daddy!" he cried sadly. Catherine saw the heartbreak in her son's face. "Oh baby so do I." she told him as she also began to cry.


As this was happening Devin and Diana entered the apartment. "Cathy are you here?" Devin called. There was no answer. Devin looked at Diana and shrugged. They closed the door and walked toward the kitchen. Diana looked toward the bedroom as she passed by and saw that Jacob and Catherine were holding each other and quietly crying. She took Devin by the arm and turned him around. "Cathy what is it?" Diana asked as they entered the bedroom. Catherine looked up at them as her tears fell. "We were talking about how much we miss Vincent." She told them. Diana rose and gently took an almost sleeping Jacob from his mother. "Cathy let Devin make you something to eat and I will put Jacob down for his nap." Catherine smiled appreciatively as she dried her eyes. Then she held out her hand to Devin. "Would you help me up?" she asked. Devin smiled and nodded.


Devin and Catherine walked together into the kitchen. "Cathy there is something that we have to tell you." Devin told her as Diana joined them. Catherine looked at them curiously. She knew that Vincent was all right because he had only left her that morning. "What is it Devin?" she asked. Devin looked at Diana then he began to speak. "While we were gone last night Diana and I went below." Catherine looked at him concerned. "Don't worry Jacob was safe with Peter." Diana told her. "While we were in the tunnels we found out that Lisa was involved in your abduction." Devin continued.


Catherine began to walk back and forth in the kitchen. "Devin how was she involved?" she asked. "Apparently she was involved with Gabriel and he had her follow you to find out where would be the best place to grab you." Diana told her. Catherine was angry now. "You mean to tell me that because of Lisa I lost all this time with Vincent and Jacob?" she asked. Devin nodded. "Does Vincent know?" Catherine asked. "No but Dad was going to tell him today." Devin told her. "I hate that bitch!" Catherine spat. "So do we." Diana told her. "Now sit down and I will make you something to eat." Diana directed. Catherine was about to refuse when Devin placed his arm around her shoulder. "Cathy you must keep up your strength after all you are eating for two." Catherine thought for a moment then nodded. Then she sat down at the table.


The three of them spent the remaining hour talking about things other than the situation in the tunnels. "Cathy have you spoken to Joe lately?" Diana asked. Catherine shook her head. "No I have been so concerned about everything else that I have not even thought of contacting him." She admitted. "Well we saw him last night in the tunnels and he wanted us to tell you that he would be here for you if you needed him." Catherine smiled happily. "I love him for that." She told them. Then she ate her lunch.


Meanwhile below in the tunnels Father entered Vincent's temporary chamber. "Vincent I need to speak to you." Father told him. Vincent rose and led him to a seat. "Of course Father what is it?" Vincent asked. Father was unsure of how to tell Vincent about what Lisa had told Pascal. He knew that it would anger Vincent. "Vincent when you left yesterday Pascal came to me and told me that Lisa had confided something to him about Catherine." Vincent spun around and looked at his father. "What did she say about Catherine?" he asked. Father took a deep breath then began to speak. "Vincent she told Pascal that she was also involved in Catherine's abduction." Vincent sat down on the bed in shock. "How was she involved?" Vincent asked as he stared at Father. "She told him that she was following Catherine and that was how Gabriel decided where to grab Catherine." Father commented. Vincent could not believe what he had heard. "Father you are telling me that Lisa was the reason that I lost Catherine all that time?" he asked. Father rose and came to sit beside him. "Yes Vincent that is what I am saying." Vincent was very angry. "Father I could kill her!" Vincent spat angrily. Father shook his head. "No Vincent that would not help because Joe wants to arrest her and I told him that we would help." Vincent rose from the bed. "Yes then she will be punished for hurting Catherine." He stated. "Now I am going to work in the lower tunnels with Kanin." Vincent told Father. "Of course my son." With that Vincent left the chamber.


When Father entered his chamber he addressed Mary. "Mary how would you like to go above and see Catherine and Jacob?" Father asked. Mary smiled at her husband and rose from her chair. "Oh Jacob that is a wonderful idea!" she exclaimed. Then she kissed him on the cheek. "Well then we better go and get changed." He told her. Then they walked into their sleeping chamber.


When they were ready to leave Father informed William that they would be leaving the tunnels for a couple of hours. "We want to go see Cathy and Jacob." Mary told him. William smiled and nodded. "Please tell them all that we miss them." Father smiled and nodded in agreement. "And give this to Catherine." William told them handing them a basket. "I only wish that she was here so I could make sure that she was eating for myself." He told them. Father looked at Mary and smiled. Then they left the tunnels.


When Father and Mary arrived at the apartment they knocked on the door. Catherine looked at Devin who nodded for her to answer it. They had been very cautious in accepting visitors. "Who is it?" Catherine asked through the door. "Cathy it is Father and Mary." Father called out. Catherine quickly unlocked the door and opened it. "Father has something happened to Vincent?" Catherine asked. Father smiled and embraced her. "No my dear he is fine we just wanted to visit you." Mary told her. Catherine then relaxed. "Please come in." she told them.


As they entered the apartment they saw Devin and Diana with Jacob. "Grampy!" Jacob squealed as he ran to Father. "Grammy!" he cried as he hugged them both. "Oh darling Jacob how are you?" Mary asked as held him. "I am fine but I miss you." He told her. "Oh baby we miss you too." She answered. Then she stood up again and embraced Devin and Diana. "Mary you look wonderful." Devin told her. "Thank you my boy." She told him. "Dad how are you?" Devin asked as they embraced. "I am fine since we last saw one another last night." He teased. Devin chuckled. "Oh was it only last night?" he teased back.


Catherine came forward and addressed her in laws. "Will you please sit down?" she asked. Father and Mary smiled at her and nodded. Then they took a seat on one of the sofas. "This is from William." Mary told her. "He wants to make sure that you are eating right." Father told her. Catherine chuckled and took the basket. Then she rose to her feet. "Can I get you both some tea?" she asked. Father and Mary smiled and nodded. "That sounds wonderful." Then Catherine walked into the kitchen with Diana.


As they were busy in the kitchen Father addressed Jacob. "So my boy have you been taking care of your mother?" He asked. Jacob looked up from his book and smiled. "Yes I have." He answered. "You are such a big boy now." Mary commented. "Sometimes but he can still whine when it is time to go to bed at night." Devin teased. Catherine and Diana laughed at this remark as they reentered the living room. "That is true but he is a good boy." Catherine commented. Jacob looked up at his mother and smiled. "Thank you mommy." He told her. "You're welcome baby why don't you go play while we talk." Jacob smiled and got up. He hugged his grandparents then went into the bedroom.


When he was gone the adults began to talk. "Father do you have any idea when Lisa is leaving?" Catherine asked. Father shook his head sadly. "She has given no indication of when she is leaving." He replied. "I do not know what to do anymore." He continued. "Father it is alright everything will work out in the end." Catherine told him. "I know but I wish we could take you home today." He told her. "So do we Father." Catherine commented. They talked for the next couple of hours. Then Father and Mary rose. "We have to be getting back below." Father told them. Then he embraced his three family members. "Grampy will you tell my daddy something?" Jacob asked as he entered the living room again. "Of course my boy." Father told him. "Tell him I am taking care of mommy and my sister." Father and Mary kissed him and smiled. "Yes of course I will tell him." Then they left the apartment.


As Father and Mary entered the tunnels once again Vincent met them. "Father where were the two of you?" Vincent asked. Father smiled at his wife. "We went above to see Catherine." Father told him. A sudden wave of fear hit Vincent. "Father is something wrong with Catherine, Jacob or the baby?" he asked. Father smiled and shook his head. "No Vincent we just wanted to see them." Mary assured him. As they were talking Lisa came up toward the chamber she stopped and listened to the conversation between Father, Mary and Vincent. "Vincent we need to get this situation with Lisa resolved soon." Father told him. "Yes Father I agree." Vincent responded. "Lisa is so delusional about our relationship that it really scares me." Vincent continued. Lisa heard this and made a decision. She left the tunnel and went in search of Rico. When she found him she ushered him into her chamber. "I have a job for you and Tony." She told him. "I want you to go with me above." She continued. "What do you want us to do?" he asked. Lisa smiled menacingly. "I want you and Tony to bring Catherine Chandler down here and kill her." She instructed. Rico understood and smiled. "You got it she is as good as dead." He assured her. Then they left the chamber.


Catherine was getting closer to her due date. It was now April 11th. She had stopped going out of the apartment. "Cathy we are taking Jacob to the zoo do you want anything while we are out?" Diana asked. Catherine looked up from her book and shook her head. "No I am going to just sit here and read." She answered. Then Devin, Diana, and Jacob left the apartment. Catherine returned to her reading.


Lisa exited the elevator on Catherine's floor. She walked up to the apartment and knocked on the door. She knew that Catherine was alone because she and her men had seen Devin and Diana leave the apartment building with Jacob. When Catherine opened the door she was shocked to see Lisa. "Lisa what the hell do you want?" she asked angrily. "Catherine I was hoping that we could talk about this situation." Lisa told her. Catherine was not sure of her motives but she let Lisa enter the apartment. "What do you wish to talk about?" Catherine asked as they sat down. Lisa smiled knowingly then answered. "Catherine I have come here today to ask you to step aside and let Vincent go." Catherine was shocked she could not believe Lisa's gall. "Lisa there is one thing that you should know is that I do not step aside from anything." Catherine told her. "I am Vincent's wife and nothing that you do will change that." Lisa rose and walked toward the door as if she were leaving. When she reached the door she opened it slightly. "Alright Catherine I thought that I could reason with you." Before Catherine could speak Rico and Tony burst into the apartment. "Who the hell are you?" Catherine screamed as they grabbed her. "These men used to work for Gabriel." Lisa told her. "They now work for me." With those words Rico placed a rag over Catherine's mouth. Catherine tried to fight it but soon she slipped into unconsciousness. Rico picked her up and walked out of the apartment. As they left the book that Catherine had in her grip fell to the floor.


When Devin, Diana and Jacob returned they expected to find Catherine waiting for them. They were expecting her to be sitting on the sofa where she was when they left. When they entered the apartment they noticed that the couch had been turned over. "Devin something is very wrong here." Diana told her husband. "Yes honey I know what you mean." Devin responded. Devin tried to shield Jacob's face from the scene in the room. "Uncle Devin where is my mommy?" Jacob asked as he began to cry. Devin hugged him tighter and began to stroke his back. "I am not sure Jacob." Devin told him. Jacob began to cry harder into Devin's shoulder. "I want my mommy!" he sobbed.


Diana was about to speak when they heard the balcony door open. Devin and Diana turned to see a very frightened Vincent standing there breathing heavily. "Where is Catherine?" he asked them as he got his breathing under control. Jacob heard his Father's voice and looked up at him. "Daddy do you know where mommy is?" he asked as he cried. Vincent moved toward Devin. He took Jacob from his brother and soothed him. "We will find your mother." He told the boy. Then Vincent turned and addressed Devin and Diana. "We have to take Jacob below and consult Father on this." Vincent told them. Then he handed Jacob to Diana. Jacob became very frightened. "No Daddy don't leave me!" he cried. Vincent placed a comforting hand on his son's back. "Jacob listen to me I will meet you below." Vincent promised him. Then they all left to go below.


As this was going on in the lower tunnels Catherine awoke to find herself held at gunpoint by Tony. "Where am I?" she asked. "Shut up!" Tony told her. "I do not know you why have you done this to me?" Catherine asked. "Lisa is paying us very well." He told her. Catherine knew that Lisa wanted to get rid of her. "Could I have some water?" Catherine asked. Tony nodded. He put down his gun and approached Catherine.


As she reached for the cup in his hand she took the chance and hit him as hard as she could. Then she quickly rose and untied herself. She picked up the gun and left the tunnel they were in. She walked as fast as she could. She could hear Lisa's voice in the distance. "Find that little bitch!" Lisa demanded angrily. "She is pregnant she could not have possibly gotten very far." Catherine knew that she must find Narcissa. She finally reached the tunnel that entered Narcissa's chamber. She made her way toward the tunnel entrance. "Come in child you are in a lot of trouble." The old blind woman stated. Catherine walked up to her and hugged her. "Oh Narcissa please help me." Catherine begged. "Of course my child we must hide you." She directed Catherine to her sleeping chamber. "Stay here until I come for you." Narcissa directed. Catherine smiled and nodded.


A few moments later Catherine heard Lisa's voice in the outer chamber. "Hello Narcissa how are you?" Lisa asked the old woman. "Oh child I am fine." Narcissa answered. "Narcissa we are looking for Catherine she is lost and we are trying to find her for Vincent." Lisa told her. "Yes child I know she is lost." Narcissa told her. "She went that way." Narcissa commented as she pointed out a door opposite them. Lisa smiled and nodded. "Thank you so much Narcissa." With that the three of them left the chamber. "Narcissa where does that lead?" Catherine whispered as she entered the main chamber again. "It leads out toward the abyss." The old woman told Catherine. "Now we must get you home." Catherine smiled brightly. But as they were set to leave Catherine gasped. "Child what is it?" Narcissa asked. When the pain subsided Catherine spoke. "I think this little girl wants to come now." Catherine told her. Narcissa took her arm and led her to the cot in the chamber. "Now child let's get you comfortable then I will go to the pipes outside the chamber." Narcissa told her. Catherine smiled meekly and nodded.


As this was happening Vincent and the others entered Father's chamber. "Father we need help." Vincent told him. "I think that Lisa has taken Catherine." He stated. Father looked very shaken. "Oh God I knew that she would do something like that." He said angrily. "Vincent we have to find Catherine very quickly." Father instructed. Vincent nodded in agreement. "I know Father that is why I am going to see Narcissa." Vincent told him. "She can help me find my wife." Just as he got this out Pascal ran into the chamber. "Father I received a message over the pipes from Narcissa." Pascal told him breathlessly. "What was the message?" Vincent asked anxiously. "She said that Catherine with her and that she has gone into labor." He said smiling. Vincent quickly handed Jacob to Diana. "I must go to her now." He told them. Father was grabbing his bag. "Well then let's get going." He told them. Then Vincent along with Devin and Mary ran from the chamber.


In Narcissa's chamber Catherine was beginning to feel the contraction harder. "Hold on child they are on the way." Narcissa told her. "I don't know if I can!" Catherine cried. "Yes you can for the child's sake." Narcissa soothed. Then they both heard a noise in the doorway. "Catherine I have been looking for you everywhere." Lisa told her. "Stay away from me!" Catherine screamed. "Now is that any way to speak to the woman who is going to raise your children?" Lisa asked. Then she turned to Rico. "Shoot her now!" Lisa ordered. Rico pointed the gun at Catherine and prepared to pull the trigger when a sudden roar sounded from the door of the chamber. Vincent and Devin lunged at the men. Rico and Tony dropped their guns and ran when they saw Vincent. "We will go after them!" Devin exclaimed as he and Kanin ran out of the chamber.


Once they were gone Vincent turned toward Lisa. "Vincent you do not scare me!" Lisa yelled as he growled at her. "All I ever did was love you." She told him. "No Lisa you never truly loved Vincent." Came a voice from the entrance. Lisa turned to find Diana there holding her at gunpoint. "Now you are coming with me." Diana told her as she disarmed her. Diana grabbed Lisa and pushed her toward the entrance of the chamber where Joe and Eli who was a police officer and a helper were standing. "Lisa I am placing you in custody." Joe told her as Eli handcuffed her. Then they led her out of the chamber.


"Vincent we are going to need you." Father told him. Vincent turned and rushed toward Catherine. "Catherine love I am right here." He told her as he knelt down beside her. "Vincent please move the pillows and sit behind Catherine." Mary instructed. They helped Catherine sit up and Vincent moved in behind her. "Now when I tell you Catherine I want you to start pushing." Mary told her. Catherine nodded her head. Then a contraction hit. "Now Catherine push!" Mary told her. Vincent bent forward with Catherine. All the while whispering words of love to her.


A while later Catherine was getting very tired. "Catherine just a couple of more pushes." Father told her. Catherine shook her head. "No Father I do not think I can do this!" she cried. Vincent tightened his embrace around her and spoke softly to her. "My beloved Catherine you are one of the strongest women I know you can do this." He told her. Then he gently kissed her cheek. "Now Catherine push!" Father demanded. Catherine gathered all the strength that Vincent was sending through the bond. "Alright I am ready." She told them. Then with one more solid push the baby girl slipped into the world crying loudly.


Catherine relaxed against Vincent's chest and smiled. Her wish had come true Vincent was present for the birth of their child this time. "Catherine I love you so much!" Vincent told her as he kissed her. "As I love you." She told him. "Catherine may I introduce you and Vincent to your little girl?" Father asked as he handed his granddaughter to her mother. "Oh she is beautiful!" Catherine cried as she stroked her soft cheek. "She looks just like you my Catherine." Vincent told her. Catherine could hear the relief in his voice.


A few hours later Vincent carried Catherine and their daughter into their chamber where a very excited Jacob met them. "Mommy!" he cried as his father put Catherine and the baby down on the bed. "Jacob are you alright?" Catherine asked as she handed the baby to Vincent. Then she opened her arms and Jacob flew into her embrace. "Mommy I was so afraid!" Jacob told her. "I know baby so was I." she told him. Then Catherine looked toward Vincent. She took the baby back from him and showed her to Jacob. "This is your little sister." Catherine told him. Jacob looked at the baby then smiled at his mother. "She is just as pretty as you are." He told Catherine. "That's right Jacob she is." Vincent agreed as he sat down beside his beloved wife. The family sat there for a while until Father came looking for Jacob. "Here you are young man your Grammy is looking for you it is time for bed." Jacob looked at his grandfather disappointed. "Alright, goodnight mommy." He told Catherine as he kissed her cheek. "Goodnight baby I will see you tomorrow." Then Jacob ran from the chamber.


When they were once again alone except for the baby Vincent embraced Catherine. "I was so afraid that Lisa would harm you." He told Catherine. "As was I." She told him. "Vincent when can we get a new chamber I do not feel comfortable here any longer." Catherine told him. Vincent was about to answer when Devin and Diana entered the chamber. "Hey how is mother and daughter?" Devin asked. Vincent smiled brightly. "They are wonderful." He stated. Catherine nodded agreement. "Yes we are wonderful now that we are back home." Devin looked at Diana and smiled. "Well we wanted to show you a surprise that we have for you." Diana told them. Vincent was about to object when Catherine rose from the bed. "Come on sweetheart the walk will do me good." Catherine told him. Vincent rose and put his arm around her. Then they left the chamber.


As they reached their destination Devin stopped Vincent and Catherine. "Wait here while I go in and see if everything is ready." He told them. Then he entered the chamber. They next heard him speaking to someone. "Is everything ready?" he asked. Kanin and Olivia looked at him then at one another. They smiled and nodded. Devin walked back to the entrance of the chamber and ushered Vincent and Catherine inside. "Oh this is absolutely wonderful!" Catherine told them as she looked around the chamber. "We hoped that you would like it." Kanin said from behind them. Vincent and Catherine turned to see Kanin and Olivia behind them smiling. "Thank you both for helping us find a new chamber." Vincent told their friends. "Well we better go now." Devin told them.


Then everyone left them alone. Vincent gently took the baby from Catherine and placed her in the new crib that Cullen had made for her. Then he came back to Catherine. He took her into his arms and held her tightly. "I was so frightened when I got to the apartment and found that you were gone." He told her. "I thought that I had lost you once again." Catherine could feel his warm tears fall on her shoulder. "Vincent we are here together and our family is once again complete." She told him. Then Vincent bent forward and gently kissed her. "I love you my Catherine." He whispered. Catherine smiled and kissed him once again. "And I love you so much." She answered.


Later that evening as they lay together Catherine was lost in thought. Vincent noticed that she seemed far away. "Where are you right now?" he asked. Catherine lifted her head and looked into his eyes. "I am right where I belong." She answered. Vincent chuckled. "That was not what I mean." He told her. Catherine smiled up at him. "I was just thinking of a name for our daughter." She told him. "And what name is that?" he asked. "I would like to name her Angel." Catherine told him. Vincent rose onto one elbow. "That is a beautiful name." He told her. "I think she will like that name." He told her. "Vincent promise me something." Catherine commented. "You know that I will promise you anything." He told her. "Promise me that we will never be separated again." Vincent pulled Catherine to him. "I promise you Catherine that you and our children will never be far away from me again." Then he kissed her again.


That night they slept happily knowing that their family was once again whole. And that nothing would ever come between them again. They had once again overcome a hardship and averted a tragedy.