By Rhonda

This story is NOT part of any particular season, nor is it based on any episode of BATB.
It is purely from my own imagination, and thus may not follow a logical sequence of events.

“Who are you!” Vincent roared a challenge into the darkness.
“Why do you hide in shadow? Show yourself!”

A voice, the familiarity of which danced just on the edge of memory, spoke, “A perfect example of the Lynarian temper. You do me proud my son.”
Whirling around in full battle mode, Vincent snarled his contempt,
“Son!?! How dare you!”, and then the command, “Face me! If you’re not a coward!”
“How well you wield your royal authority. Very well,” answered the voice.
A heavily cloaked figure stepped out of the shadows and into the light of the torches. Impossibly tall, with broad, powerful shoulders. The Being stood with an attitude of patience, as though this were but an exercise in dealing with a tempestuous child.
“I am Velange of the planet Lynarias. Forty earth years ago, I was stranded on this world. A human female rescued me. She nursed me back to health, and then we fell in love. You, my son, are the result of that love”
“What are you saying? Am I to believe this…story?” Vincent spat out scornfully.
“Look upon my face, and tell me what you see.” Velange offered quietly. Undoing the fastenings of his cloak, he removed the heavy garment, letting it settle over one arm.
As Velange stepped into the light, Vincent gasped at the face. Though humanoid, the face had the unmistakable appearance of a male lion. A wide nose leading to the cleft upper lip, the chiseled, high cheekbones, a profusion of red gold hair cascaded across the broad shoulders. Each note the face struck found its answering chord in Vincent’s except for the eyes. Where Vincent had eyes the color of a calm, blue sky, Velange’s eyes were the gold of a summer sunset.
Vincent’s eyes showed forth the humanity to his core, Velange’s eyes, though expressive, were alien, strange, and hinted at otherworldly things. Those eyes now looked upon Vincent with wonderment and a bright spot of pride at the regal bearing, the imperious tilt of the head, even his unconscious warrior’s stance. Regret and sorrow as well, regret that he could not save his human life mate, and sorrow that he could not take her back with him to his world or remain with her in this world. Velange knew that Vincent had many questions; he would answer them all truthfully, no matter how much that truth might hurt.
Vincent looked upon a face that for nearly 40 years had caused him nothing but pain because of its inhumanness. However, looking into this face, a near-exact match to his own - Why! This face was altogether glorious! Did he look like that? Was he…dare he even think it…handsome, attractive?
Catherine had been telling him that he was for as long as they had been together, but he had always felt she simply looked at him through the eyes of love.
“Velange. You say you are my father. Indeed, I have never encountered another being with features that mirror my own - until now. But…how can this be? I have often wondered if it were possible that my origins might be extraterrestrial.” Vincent said.
Vincent had been in a pensive mood most of the week. He was happier than he had ever believed would be possible, yet the answers to the big questions of life, the questions that everyone asks continued to elude him. ‘Who am I?’ ‘Why am I here?’ ‘Where am I going?’ Vincent knew he was going to love and protect Catherine and their son, Jacob to his dying breath. He was son, brother, and friend. He was also the protector of this underground tunnel world, and in all that he found some fulfillment, but, the old standby of, ‘I was born, and I survived’ just was not enough, not anymore.
Velange let out a heavy sigh. He could sense Vincent’s sad emotions, the doubts, hurts, and fears of his life. He spoke softly,
“Yes. Your origins are not entirely of this world”.
“How did you know where to find me? Why now?” asked Vincent. The little boy who had often felt so misunderstood, and so lonely was petulantly asking the question. ‘Where were you when I needed you so desperately all those long, lonely years?’
“May we sit?” Velange chose a large stone and settled himself as Vincent did the same.
“You have the gift of the Bond, as do I. It is the birthright of all members of the Lynarian Royal Family. The Bond is limited only by distance. As my ship drew closer to this world, I began to get a sense of one who shared the same abilities. That someone is you.”
Vincent asked the question that had bedeviled him all of is life, “Why did my mother abandon me?”
“She didn’t abandon you. She gave her life to protect you from discovery. If certain ones of the usurpers to the throne of Lynarias had discovered your existence you would not have survived. Know this, your mother, Arianna loved you. Her last conscience act was to conceal you from the face of those who meant you harm”.
Velange went on to tell the blissful tale of how he had been sent on a mission of exploration, of how his ship had been sabotaged, how he crashed and was close to death. Arianna, an earth woman found him, cared for him in this alien world. Eventually they feel in love. He told how Vincent was the result of that love. Those who had sought Velange’s death discovered that he lived, and had taken an earth woman as life mate. Such was not unheard of on the planet Lynarias, often there had been strange disappearances reported among the earthlings. However, because Velange was the heir apparent to the throne, not only was Vincent’s birth a threat to them, but so was his alliance to an earthling.
Their enemies had burst in on them one calm evening and captured Velange. He had managed to break free long enough to buy time for Ariana and the infant Vincent to escape. Unfortunately, she was captured. Though they tortured her, she would not reveal where the baby had been hidden. Here Velange dropped his great, shaggy head, “When I felt her death, I lost my reason. I expected death, but they wished me to live, to suffer a living death. For ten long years, I sought any news of you, and finally forced myself to accept that you, too were gone. The madness slowly left me, and I regained my birthright with the aid of those loyal to the royal family, and then, oh then, my son, did I extract a terrible revenge”.
Velange spoke as one who sees the events unfolding before his eyes.
“I do not understand”, Vincent began, “If what you say is true, you are a ruler on your world, a king…”
“That makes you a prince and sole heir to the throne of Lynarias”. Velange looked directly into the startled blue eyes; so much like his mother’s that it made his heart hurt.
Vincent sat in stunned silence. Here were the answers to all his questions - if he dared to accept them. His…parents. He had been wanted, loved, cared for. His mother had not thrown him away, horrified that she had given birth to an abomination. No! She had hidden him to protect his life, and had taken that secret to her grave. Now, this being, this Lynarian who stood before him, was this truly his…father? Vincent allowed the word to roll around on his brain.
Still hesitant, Vincent said, “If what you say is true, the mystery of who and what I am is now solved,” then he asked, “How did you know I was alive?”
“I didn’t”, replied Velange. “I simply knew I had to try. Happily, as I drew closer to the planet, I began to ‘feel’ the Bond. I wasn‘t sure, yet my heart began to hope against reason, and that hope, my son, was rewarded.” Now it was Velange’s turn to ask a question,
“Please, tell me - how have you lived? How did you survive?”
Vincent sighed. He wondered how much he should reveal; choosing his words carefully, be began:
“I was rescued behind St. Vincent’s hospital - hence my name. I was cared for by warm, compassionate people who educated me, loved me, and kept me safe from those who would do me harm because of my differences. Indeed, we all care for each other, and we have all that we need.”
“Then know this Vincent. These ones have the undying gratitude of Velange of Lynarias.”
“Vincent! Vincent!” Catherine’s voice floating on the air. Two pair of feline eyes regarded her, one in trepidation, and concern, the other in curious awe.
“Vincent, I thought it would be nice if we could have lunch toget… Oh my God!” Catherine stopped stock still as she saw Velange. The Bond had been feeling odd all morning, as though…she couldn’t quite place the feeling, but almost as if it were being divided. Both she and Vincent shared a Bond with little Jacob, and with each other, but lately it felt as if the Bond had been stretched out somewhat to include someone, or as she gazed at Velange, something else.
“Vincent…wha…what’s going on?” Catherine asked fearfully going to stand besides her life mate. She looked at the great, shaggy mane, the leonine face and those piercing, alien, eyes of Velange.
As Vincent’s arm instinctively encircled her protectively, he told her. “Catherine. May I present Velange of the planet Lynarias. My father.”
“Your…your father?!?” Catherine asked incredulously. “I don’t understand…Vincent”
Vincent raised a clawed hand.
“I don’t truly understand myself, Catherine. Velange has told me many things, some of which has the ring of truth”, Vincent looked pointedly at Velange as he spoke.
“You still doubt Vincent. This is understandable. I have appeared and asked you to set aside all you have ever believed about yourself, your origins. Please, my son, I ask only that you hear me out”.
Catherine finally found her voice, and with it her courage.
“Velange. Obviously, you share some sort of connection with Vincent, but why should he trust you?” she asked, lifting her chin defiantly.
“Vincent, she is indeed a worthy mate. Fit indeed for a prince.” Velange spoke with the surprisingly loving indulgence of a parent, and not as absolute ruler of the planet Lynarias.
“Prince!” Catherine had always felt that Vincent was the prince of her heart. In fact, he was her knight in shining armor.
“A prince. Heir to a royal throne,” Vincent said softly. He felt the stirrings of, what, pride, ambition, desire for power. ‘No!’ He mentally chastised himself. What was he thinking? Still…to be completely accepted as he was, an entire world of beings just like him.
“Velange, tell me of your world, the world that is my heritage.”
Velange smiled, and began to speak.
Vincent closed his eyes and listened as Velange described the wonders of Lynarias. He could see himself walking in the sunlight, warm on his face, looking up into the crystal blue sky. In his mind’s eye, Vincent could see his son, Jacob, running and playing, laughing and happy. There in the distance, was Catherine, a stunningly beautiful vision dressed in every shade of green. She was reaching out for him, and calling, “Vincent! Vincent!”
“Vincent! Vincent! Wake up dearest, you’re dreaming!”
Catherine nudged Vincent’s shoulder and his eyes snapped open. Staring at Catherine with an unfocused gaze, he asked, “Catherine, my love. You were calling me…,” and then, “Velange! Where is my father?”
“Father is in his study, some of the children are in there visiting with him. Who is Velange?” Asked Catherine
“So. It was all but a dream.” Vincent was surprised at how saddened he felt.
“What did you dream? Tell me.” Catherine said softly.
Vincent sat up, and looked around the chamber with a heavy sigh. Lowering his great head for a moment, he appeared to be gathering himself. When he raised his head and looked at Catherine again, there were tears in his eyes. Through the Bond, Catherine could feel a near overwhelming sense of sadness, of loss.
“Vincent. Please. Tell me my love.” Catherine hugged him tight.
Vincent told Catherine about the dream. When finally he finished, he said dejectedly, “I feel bereft that it was only a dream. All my life, I have longed to know who, what I am. It seemed so real.”


“My lord Velange,” said the messenger, “I finally have the information you ordered.”
“Speak”, came the imperious command.
“Your son has been found alive. He lives in a place called New York on the planet earth.”
“Ready my vessel!” Velange, ruler of Lynarias strode out of his throne room and began his journey to earth.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~THE END~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Or is it?