By Wendy de-Veryard


Oblivion Three again follows the characters of Beauty and the Beast through yet another gripping adventure. An adventure when Catherine, Devin and Mich'ael are forced to return to Europe, where they make another unbelievable discovery. A discovery that leaves all three in total shock, and only the love and patience of their partners and family can help them to recover.

Below in question form are some of the highlights of Oblivion Three.

When disaster strikes for Devin and Mich'ael back on Sonn Alp who can save them?

What happens when Catherine is kidnapped and left alone in the mountains and bitten by a scorpion? And how can Vincent, thousands of miles away, help save her life?

How do Father and Gerry react to the news that Devin has a son from a previous relationship, whom Devin knows nothing about?

Who are Dominic, Dinah and Daniella, and why do they wish to die?

Why does Devin, Catherine and Mich'ael blow up a laboratory?

Will there ever be anyone in the future to create more of Vincent's kind?

Culminating in another marvellous experience for our favourite people, Oblivion Three is the final story along this theme, and will not disappoint you.


* * *

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