By Dawn Yzaguirre


In this story Gabriel releases Catherine. She is taken back to her apartment then she returns to the tunnels and to Vincent. Now they must find their child and bring him home.


Catherine sat in the bedroom that she occupied in Gabriel's house. She had been moved there after Vincent had discovered the hideout where she had been held for so many months. She remembered the anguish in Vincent's voice as he screamed her name toward the departing helicopter. She wanted to let him know that she was alive and all right but the doctor was holding her down who had delivered her and Vincent's child only moments before. And ever since that night Gabriel had made sure that she was never in the same room as the baby. She had begged him to let her see the child but he had coldly refused. Now all she wanted was to be back in Vincent's arms with their son.


She was brought out of her thoughts by the sound of someone entering the bedroom. She turned around to see Gabriel standing in the doorway watching her. "Well Miss Chandler how are you doing tonight?" He asked casually. Catherine glared at him. "You are holding me against my will and keeping me away from my baby and you are asking me how I am!" she spat angrily at him. Gabriel smiled menacingly at her. "Well Miss Chandler part of that will end tonight." He commented. "What are you talking about?" She asked confused. "I am letting you go." He told her calmly. Catherine was stunned. "This is very cruel!" She screamed. Gabriel did not respond to her outburst he simply reached into the bag he was holding. "Put these clothes on!" he ordered. Then he lay them on the bed and walked out of the room.


Once he was gone Catherine looked down at the clothes lying on the bed. She did not know what was going on but she put on the clothes. A short time later one of Gabriel's henchmen entered the room. "Come with me Miss Chandler." He told her as he took her by the arm. He led her out of the room and down the staircase to the first floor. He led her to Gabriel's office. Gabriel was sitting inside behind his desk. "So Miss Chandler I see that you are ready to go." He commented. "But before you left I thought you would like to see my son one last time." He told her. Catherine glared at him. "He is not your son I gave birth to him!" She screamed. Gabriel smiled and shook his head. "No Miss Chandler I will be the only parent that Julian ever knows." He commented. "His name is not Julian it is Jacob." She spat. Gabriel refused to listen to her. He switched on the monitor over their heads. Catherine turned and saw her and Vincent's son. She smiled lovingly at him. He was truly a beautiful baby.


While she was looking at the monitor Gabriel spoke once again. "Miss Chandler I must warn you that you are not to contact the authorities." He warned. "I have many contacts in the department and I will know if you do." He stated. "And I promise you that if I find out that you have contacted the police I will not hesitate to kill the child and then come after your lover Vincent." Catherine spun around and glared at him. "Yes I do know his name." Gabriel commented. "And I will kill him if you cross me in any way." He told her. Then he looked at the henchman standing beside the door. "Take her back to Manhattan." He ordered. The man nodded and grabbed Catherine's arm. He then led her from the room. Once she was gone Gabriel looked up at the screen. "No one will ever take you from me Julian." He commented as he watched the child.


Later Catherine was dropped off in front of her apartment building. She got out of the car and was about to close the door when the driver spoke to her. "Remember Miss Chandler do not contact the police." He told her. She slammed the door shut and he started the engine. He then pulled away from the curve and drove away. Catherine stood there for a few moments then she looked around to see if anyone was watching her. When she did not see anyone she turned and ran into the building. She boarded the elevator and headed for her apartment.


When she reached the 18th floor she exited the elevator and ran toward her door. She stopped suddenly when she remembered that she did not have her keys. She sat down in the chair close to her door and began to cry. She sat there for a few moments until she heard two familiar voices. She looked up and was shocked to see Peter and Jenny walking out of the elevator. She rose from the chair and turned toward them. "So Jenny when are you going back to work?" Peter asked. Jenny sighed. "Not for a week." She commented. "I just cannot get back into the swing of things." She remarked. Peter was about to speak once again when he saw Catherine. "Oh my God!" He cried. Jenny looked at him then looked in the direction he was staring. "Oh Cath is it really you?" She asked as she ran to her. Catherine smiled as her tears once again began to fall. "Yes it is." She told her. Jenny smiled through her own tears and embraced her. "Catherine honey we were so worried about you." Peter commented. Catherine moved out of Jenny's arms and hugged him. "I know you were." She told him. "Peter can you find the manager I don't have a key?" Catherine asked. Peter smiled and took out the key. "I took over the rent." He remarked. Then he unlocked the door and they all went into the apartment.


Once they were inside Jenny led Catherine to the sofa. "Cath where were you?" She asked. Catherine shook her head. "I don't know Jen." She remarked. "I was blindfolded when I was transported." She stated. Then Peter rose from the other sofa. "Honey I want to examine you." He told her. She smiled and nodded. Then they walked into the bedroom.


After the examination they reentered the living room. "So how is she?" Jenny asked. Peter smiled. "She has fully recovered from having the baby." He stated. Jenny smiled again and nodded. Catherine looked at him shocked. "How did you know that I had a baby?" She asked. "Honey everyone knows about the baby." He explained. Then she looked at Jenny. "Jen could I speak to Peter in private?" She asked. Peter placed a hand on her shoulder. "Honey she knows about your relationship with Vincent." He explained. Catherine looked at her friend shocked. "You know about Vincent?" She asked. Jenny smiled and nodded. "Yes Nancy and I both met him and he is wonderful." She commented. "He explained everything to us about your relationship and the secret and now we are helpers." Jenny told her. Catherine smiled as her tears began to fall again. "Oh Jen I always wanted you to know." She cried. "I know Cathy that is what Vincent explained." Jenny told her.


After she was calm again Catherine rose. "Now can we go below?" She asked. Peter looked at Jenny for a moment. "Honey please sit down there's something you have to know." He told her. She looked at him confused then sat back down. "Honey there is something you need to know." He began. "About a month ago Gabriel sent an assassin into the tunnels to kill Vincent." He commented. "Oh God No!" Catherine cried. Jenny wrapped her arms around her. "Cath he is fine." She assured her. "He led the man around then he killed him." She continued. Catherine looked at Peter anxiously. "Peter I have to go to him now!" She exclaimed. "Cath he exiled himself away from the others." Jenny told her. "He is living separate from them to keep them safe." She added. Catherine rose to her feet. "Well I am going below now and bringing him home because I need him." She stated. Peter smiled at Jenny then they rose. "All right we just wanted you to know before we went below." He told her. Then they left the apartment.


A little while later they entered the tunnels. Catherine smiled as she saw the familiar surroundings. Then they suddenly heard the pipes ring out. "What are they saying?" Jenny asked. Catherine listened then smiled. "They are saying that you and Peter are here and that you have a special surprise for everyone." She commented. They smiled at each other and walked on.


While this was going on everyone entered Father's chamber. "Father what is going on?" Kanin asked. Father shook his head. "I am not sure but we will find out momentarily." He stated. "I wonder what type of surprise Peter and Jenny have for us?" Mary asked. Father was about to speak when the three of them entered the chamber. "Well Mary I have a very wonderful surprise for you all." Peter commented. Everyone turned and looked at him. Then Catherine stepped from behind him. She smiled as her tears began to fall again. "Hello everyone." She said. Mary rose and slowly approached her. She touched Catherine's face then smiled. "Oh Catherine you are alive!" She sobbed. Then she gathered Catherine in her arms. "Yes of I am alive." Catherine told her. Mary released her and turned toward Father. "Jacob this truly is our Catherine." She told him happily. Father smiled and rose. He hobbled toward her and touched her cheek. "Welcome home dear Catherine." He told her as his own tears began to fall. Catherine smiled and hugged him. "Thank you so much Father." She cried. Then everyone else moved forward to greet her.


After the greetings were done everyone sat down. "Catherine are you truly all right?" Mary asked. Catherine smiled and nodded. "Yes Mary I am fine." She commented. "I personally examined her." Peter responded. Then Father spoke up once again. "Catherine did Peter and Jenny tell you about the exile?" Catherine sighed and nodded. "Yes they told me." She told him. "Father do you know where he is?" She asked. Father nodded. "Yes my dear he is in the cavern where you saved him." He stated. Catherine rose from her chair. "Father I have to go to him." She commented. Father rose and put his hand on her arm. "Catherine before you go down there let Pascal put a message on the pipes for Vincent to come to his chamber." He told her. "We will go wait for him there." He added. Catherine thought a moment. "All right Father." She answered.


Then Mary rose. "Come child I will go with you." As they were leaving Catherine turned to Peter and Jenny. "Are you coming?" She asked. Peter looked at Jenny who smiled. "No honey this is your time to be with Vincent." He told her. "We'll come back in a few days." Jenny told her. Catherine moved toward them once again and embraced them. "Thank you both so much for bringing me home." She told them. "Well honey we are glad that you are home and that you are all right." Peter told her. Then he and Jenny left the chamber.


Once they were gone Catherine walked back toward Mary. "Can we go now?" Catherine asked. Mary smiled and nodded. "Of course child." She stated. Then they left the chamber. After they were gone Father looked at Pascal. "Please put a message on the pipes for Vincent to meet me in his chamber and tell him that it is very important." He directed. Pascal smiled and left the chamber. "Now everyone go about your chores I will let you know when they are reunited." He told them. Then he left the chamber.


When he entered Vincent's chamber he found Catherine crying in Mary's arms. "Catherine dear what is the matter?" He asked concerned. Mary looked up at him and smiled. "She is just happy to be home with us again." She stated. Father smiled then walked over and sat down beside Catherine. "Catherine please looked at me dear." He requested. She rose from Mary's shoulder and looked at him. "We have truly missed and grieved for you." He told her. Catherine looked at him confused. "Why were you grieving for me if I was missing?" She asked. Father looked at Mary shocked. "Peter did not tell you about the photos?" He asked. "What photos?" Catherine asked. Father rose from the bed and walked toward Vincent's desk. He opened one of the drawers and pulled out a manila envelope. Then he walked back and sat down once again. "Catherine Vincent received these about a month ago." He stated handing her the envelope. She looked at him then took the envelope. She opened the flap and removed the contents. She turned the photos over and gasped when she saw them. "Oh God I look dead in these pictures." She cried. Mary wrapped her arms around Catherine again. "Yes Catherine that is what we have thought." Father told her. "Vincent has been grieving for you all this time." Mary told her. Catherine put down the envelope and cried.


While this was going on in the lower catacombs Vincent was sitting in the dim light of his lantern. He was lonelier than he had ever been in his life. He could not imagine the rest of his life without Catherine or not knowing where their child was. He reached into his backpack and took out his journal and pen. He uncapped the pen and thought a moment. Then he began to write.


I have never been lonelier than I am right now. I have lost the only woman that I have ever loved. And I have no idea where our child is. Diana has offered to assist me in finding our child but I cannot take that responsibility. Catherine meant everything to me and in the end I was not able to protect her like I should have. I will never forgive myself for that. And now our child may be lost. I can only hope and pray that he or she is with someone that will show it some type of love. Maybe in the future I will be reunited with him or her and I can tell them how Catherine sacrificed everything for both of us. Now I must live separate from my family because Gabriel sent Snow down here to kill me. I cannot risk their lives by remaining amongst them. But I will be here to protect them if and when they need me.


As he closed the journal and put it back in his pack he heard the pipes calling him. He cocked his head and listened. - Vincent Father needs you at home meet him in your chamber. - P. Vincent wondered what this could be about. He rose from the floor and ran from the catacombs. Please let everyone be all right. He prayed as he ran toward the inhabited tunnels.


As this was happening in his chamber Catherine was once again calm. She looked down at the envelope in her hands and rose. She walked over and put the envelope over the flame of a lit candle. "Vincent does not need these any longer." She commented. "I am alive and I am home now." Then she turned back toward Father and Mary. "I hate to ask this but could you leave me alone so that Vincent and I can talk in private when he returns?" She asked. Mary and Father looked at one another and smiled. Then they rose from the bed. "Of course my dear just let us know if you need us." Mary commented. Then she kissed Catherine's cheek and she and Father left the chamber.


Once they were gone Catherine looked down at the clothes she was wearing. She scowled when she saw them. I am not wearing these clothes any longer. She thought. Then she walked to Vincent's bureau and opened the door. A few moments later she pulled out the tunnel gown that she wore when her father died. She smiled as she caressed the fabric. She moved toward the side of the chamber and quickly removed her clothes. Then she pulled the tunnel gown over her head.


When she was dressed she took the clothes that were on the floor and threw them into the corner of the chamber. I will dispose of these later. She thought to herself. Then she began to pace. She wondered where Vincent could be. She knew that he had to have heard the message. She was about to leave the chamber when she turned and saw him standing in the chamber entrance staring at her.


They stood staring at each other for the next few moments. Then Catherine broke the silence. "Vincent?" She asked as he continued to stare at her. Vincent shook his head trying to reconcile what he was seeing. "Is this possible?" He asked. Catherine smiled as her tears began to fall. "Yes love this is true and very possible." She commented. "But the pictures that I received." He remarked. Catherine looked over at the ashes of the pictures. "Sweetheart Gabriel wanted you to believe that I was dead so that he could torture you." She told him. "I was drugged by morphine injections." She explained. "He must have taken those horrible photos one of those times." She told him. "Vincent I promise you that I am real and I am home now." She pleaded.


Vincent could not believe this he moved into the chamber and began pacing. "I want to believe this but those pictures are burned in my head." He told her. Catherine walked up in front of him and put her hand on his cheek. "Vincent please look at me." She pleaded. He slowly raised his eyes too look at her. Then she saw the tears in his eyes. "Oh God Catherine!" he cried happily as he enfolded her in his arms. She smiled as her own tears began to fall.


After a few moments they separated. Catherine moved back and looked up into the beautiful blue eyes of the man she loved. He caressed her cheek as he stared at her. "I still cannot believe this." He whispered. Catherine smiled. "I know my love." She answered. Then Vincent led her toward his desk chair. He sat down then pulled her down onto his lap. "Catherine how is all this possible?" He asked. She laid her head down on his shoulder. "All I know is that he came into the room where he was holding me tonight and told me that I was being brought back to Manhattan." She began. "I got angry at first because I thought he was playing mind games once again. But then he gave me those clothes." She explained pointing to the clothes in the corner of the chamber. "Then he had me brought down to his office." She told him.


Then she noticed that he was crying. "Oh love please don't cry." She begged as she touched his cheek. "I am fine and I am home now with you." She told him. "Catherine I love you so much." He told her through his tears. "When I received those pictures my whole world collapsed." He stated sadly. "I was not sure how I was going to live the rest of my life without you." He told her. "My heart felt as if it had been ripped out of my chest." He whispered. Vincent stopped and looked down at Catherine. He noticed that she was now crying. "Oh Vincent I cannot believe what that madman put you through!" She sobbed into his shoulder. Vincent held her tightly and rocked her. "No Catherine he put all of us through those things he made everyone suffer." Then he lovingly kissed her tears away.


After she was calm again Vincent decided to ask the one question that was on his mind. "Do you have any idea why he released you?" He asked. Catherine shook her head. "No all he told me was that I was being released." She explained. She then smiled at Vincent and snuggled back down into his arms. "Vincent were you ever going to come home?" she asked. Vincent sighed sadly. "I don't know Catherine." He answered. "When that assassin was sent down here to kill me I felt that the only way to keep everyone safe was to go away." He explained.


"How did you find out about the exile?" He asked. Catherine sat up and looked at him. "Jenny and Peter told me when they saw me at my apartment building." She commented. Vincent smiled and nodded. "So you know that I met your friends?" He asked. She lifted her head from his shoulder and stared at him. "I know that you met Jenny." She remarked. Vincent smiled and shook his head. "I also met Joe and Nancy." He stated. Catherine smiled upon hearing this. "Well Nancy did always want to meet you." She stated. Vincent smiled and nodded. "Yes she told me that." He remarked. "She and her husband are now helpers as are Joe and Jenny." He told her. "How did you meet Joe?" Catherine asked. Vincent smiled. "Father brought him down to the tunnels to meet me." He commented.


Upon hearing this Catherine sat up and looked at him. "Father wanted you to meet Joe?" She asked. Vincent smiled and nodded. "Yes he thought that we could use Joe's help to find you." He told her as he tightened his arms around her. Catherine noticed this and looked at him. "Sweetheart I am home now and I am never leaving you again." She vowed. Vincent nodded. "I know that my love I just remember all those lonely days without you." He explained. "Yes but now we are back together and we will find our son and bring him home." She commented. Vincent smiled brightly. "Our son?" He asked. Catherine smiled and touched his cheek. "Yes I gave you a son." She whispered. Vincent put his hand behind her head and brought it back to his chest. "I love you more than anything Catherine." He whispered. "As I love you darling." She answered.


A few moments later Catherine noticed that Vincent was once again becoming quiet. She lifted her head and looked into his eyes. "Darling what is it?" She asked. "Catherine can you ever forgive me for failing you?" He asked. Catherine shook her head. "Vincent please listen to me you have never failed me in our relationship." She assured him. "I understand why you could not locate me during that time." She told him. "Vincent I was not in Manhattan." She explained. "Where were you?" He asked. Catherine shook her head. "I don't know I was not allowed to see where the helicopter went because they had me blindfolded." She told him.


After a few moments of silence Vincent asked the one question that he had wanted to ask since hearing about their child. "Catherine does our son look like me?" He asked almost in a whisper. Catherine raised her head and put her hand under his chin. She brought his face around toward hers. She smiled lovingly at him. "No my love he looks like me but with your beautiful blue eyes." She commented smiling. Vincent took a deep breath and smiled. "I am glad." He admitted. Catherine looked down for a moment. "Personally I wanted him to look just like you." She admitted. Vincent smiled. "Catherine Chandler you are a very strange woman." He told her teasingly. Catherine smiled and shook her head. "No I am a woman in love with a very beautiful and wonderful man." She argued. Then she leaned forward and kissed him.


When they separated from the kiss Catherine smiled and laid her head back down on his shoulder. "When was the last time you held our son?" Vincent asked. Catherine suddenly lifted her head again and looked into his eyes. "I have never held him." She painfully admitted. "Never?" Vincent asked astonished. "No I have not even been allowed in the same room with him since the night he was born." She commented. Then he saw the tears in her eyes. "Catherine we will find our son." Vincent promised. "I am so sorry that you had to endure that." He told her as he held her tightly. "I was allowed to see him tonight over a surveillance camera." She commented. Vincent smiled. "Was he beautiful?" He asked. Catherine smiled. "Yes sweetheart he is very beautiful." She told him. "Catherine what is bothering you?" Vincent asked. Catherine rose from his lap and began to pace. "Vincent I am so afraid that when we get him back that he will reject me because I was not allowed to be with him all this time." She confided. Vincent rose from his chair and approached her. "Catherine listen to me please." He requested. "Our son will never reject you because you are his mother." He told her as he gathered her in his arms.


Once she was calm again Vincent led her back to the chair where they sat down again. "Catherine there is someone that I want you to meet." He commented. Catherine looked at him curiously. "Who?" She asked. "Her name is Diana Bennett she is a police officer." He told her. Then he felt Catherine's body tense in his arms. "What is it my love?" He asked concerned. "Vincent I was warned by Gabriel tonight not to talk to the police." She stated. "He told me that if I did he would harm you or our son." She cried. Vincent pulled her against him again. "No Catherine he will never harm me or our son." Vincent vowed. "I will never allow that to happen." He promised. "Now we should go talk to Father about this." He stated as they rose.


Just as they were about to leave the chamber Catherine stopped. She turned and looked at Vincent. "Vincent what does Father know about our son?" She asked. He smiled and stroked her cheek. "I have not told him anything about our son." He commented. Catherine was shocked at this. "Why not?" She asked. Vincent smiled. "Catherine I have not even told him about what happened between the two of us in the cavern." He explained. "Was that a wise idea?" She asked. "Catherine I wanted to wait for you to come home so that we could tell him together." He told her. "But Vincent what if I had not come home?" She asked. Vincent embraced her. "Catherine don't worry Father will understand." He assured her. She looked up at Vincent and smiled. "I guess I am acting like a teenager who got caught with her boyfriend." She joked. Vincent laughed. "Yes my love you are but I understand your worry." He told her. "Now let's go tell Father and Mary that they are grandparents." He told her. Then they left the chamber.


When they arrived at Father's chamber they found him with Mary. The older couple looked up and smiled. "Well I see that the two of you have gotten reacquainted." Father stated. Vincent and Catherine smiled as they descended the steps. "Yes and now I am home." Vincent told him. "Oh Vincent that is so wonderful!" Mary exclaimed. Vincent leaned over and kissed her cheek. "Thank you Mary." He whispered. Catherine and Vincent sat down at the table with Father and Mary. "So what now?" Father asked. Vincent looked over at Catherine and took her hand. "Father there is something that I have not told you." Vincent began. Mary suddenly rose. "I will leave the three of you alone." She stated. Catherine shook her head. "No Mary we want you to hear this." Mary smiled and sat back down. Catherine looked at Vincent and nodded. "Father while I was ill in the cavern Catherine and I made love." Vincent told him. Father and Mary were at first shocked. Then Father smiled. "Well I am glad that the two of you proved me wrong." He told them. Catherine and Vincent were shocked. "Father you are not angry?" Catherine asked. Father shook his head. "No Catherine I am not angry." He assured her. "Now I see that my thinking was very wrong." He added.


Catherine looked over at Vincent and smiled. Then Vincent spoke once again. "Father there is something else that you should know." He commented. "Yes my son what is it?" Father asked. Catherine put her hand on Vincent's. "I will tell him." She commented. Vincent nodded. "Father while I was being held captive by Gabriel I gave birth to Vincent's son." She told him. Father and Mary were shocked. Then Mary smiled. "Oh Catherine that is so wonderful." She told the younger woman. Catherine smiled lovingly at her. "Thank you Mary." She answered. Then Father leaned forward and took Catherine by the hand. "Catherine I am very proud and honored that you are the mother of my first grandchild." Then he kissed her hand. Catherine smiled as she began to cry. Vincent wrapped his arms around her and held her tightly.


Once everyone was calm again Father spoke. "Catherine do you know where the baby is?" Catherine looked down for a moment. "He was taken away from me by Gabriel just a few moments after his birth." Catherine told them sadly. "I was not even allowed to hold or touch him." She added. Mary rose and embraced her. "Catherine we will get him back." She whispered. Vincent looked at Father sadly. Father could really feel for the pain that his son and Catherine were experiencing. "What truly worries me is that I have missed two months of his life." Catherine told them as Mary released her. "I am so afraid that he will reject me when he is home." She explained. Vincent put his arms around her once again. "Catherine I promise we will make up for the time that we have lost." He told her.


A few moments later Mary spoke again. "Catherine what does he want with the baby? She asked. Catherine knew that this part would upset Vincent very much but she knew that he had to know. "He wants to raise him as his son and his heir to his corrupt empire." She stated angrily. Then she looked over at Vincent. She could see from the look on his face that he was very upset. He suddenly rose from his chair and began to pace. Father, Mary, and Catherine watched him closely. Catherine looked over at Mary and Father. "When he showed him to me tonight over the surveillance camera he referred to him as his son." She commented. Suddenly the three of them heard a very distinct sound behind them. Catherine turned and looked toward Vincent. He was standing with his back to them and his fists were clinched. "I will never allow that monster to raise our son!" He snarled. "I will kill him first!" With this statement Catherine looked at Father horrified.


She rose from her chair and ran to him throwing her arms around him. "No! Vincent you have to let the law take care of him!" She exclaimed. "We will get our son back but the law must take its own course with Gabriel." She told him as he began to calm down. When he was calm he turned in her arms and wrapped his arms around her. "Thank you so much for bringing me back." He whispered. Catherine leaned back in his arms and smiled lovingly at him. "Anytime my darling." She whispered. Then they sat back down. "Father I am sorry about my outburst." Vincent told his parent. Father reached over and touched his hand. "No my son you have every right to be angry." He commented. "Not to mention very frightened." He added.


After a few minutes a few of the tunnel residents entered the chamber. "We heard that Vincent had come home." Kanin remarked. "Yes he is home with Catherine now." Father commented. Everyone smiled happily. "Catherine what can we do to help find the baby?" Cullen asked. Catherine looked down and shrugged. "I am not sure." She whispered. Then William spoke up. "Father should we contact Diana?" He asked. Catherine tensed at his words. Vincent wrapped his arms around her. "My love it is all right." He crooned. Everyone looked at him confused. "She was warned by Gabriel that if she contacted the police he would harm me or our son." Vincent explained. Olivia approached them and put her hand on Catherine's shoulder. Catherine lifted her head from Vincent's shoulder and looked at her. "Catherine everything will be just fine." Olivia told her. Catherine smiled as her tears began to fall. "I know that in my head but I am so frightened!" She sobbed. Vincent tightened his arms around her. "Shhh my love everything will be all right." He told her.


Once she was calm again Catherine looked down at her hands. "I am sorry that I reacted that way." She told them in a whisper. Vincent put his hand under her chin and brought her face around to look at him. "Catherine you have been put through so much and you never have to hide your fears from any of us." He told her. "Especially from me." He added. Catherine smiled and nodded. "I know that my love." She told him. "So what are we going to do?" Cullen asked. Catherine looked up at Vincent. "Do you trust Diana?" She asked. Vincent smiled and nodded. "Yes she tried her best help us find you and also to help me track down our son." He told her. "Catherine she would never betray us." He assured her. "Does Joe trust her?" Catherine asked. Father spoke suddenly. "Catherine Joe is the one who introduced her to us." He commented. "Well then maybe we should contact her." She stated. Vincent touched her cheek. "Are you sure?" He asked. She smiled. "Yes if you and Joe trust her then I must." She commented.


Suddenly Vincent rose and pulled Catherine up beside him. "Father will you contact Diana?" He asked. Father smiled and nodded. "Of course I will." He commented. "I am taking Catherine back to our chamber to rest." Vincent told him. "Yes you both need some rest." Father stated. Then Vincent and Catherine left the chamber.


Once they returned to their chamber Catherine sat down on the bed. "I still cannot believe that I am finally here." She told him smiling. Vincent walked over and pulled down the tapestry. Then he turned around and smiled at her. "I know how you feel my love." He commented. "But you are here with me now and I will never let you go again." He remarked as he came over and sat down beside her. Then he pulled her into his arms. Catherine smiled slyly. "You know that I am going to hold you to that." She teased. Vincent leaned back and looked down at her. "Yes and that is one promise that I will gladly be keeping." He told her. Then he kissed her.


As they parted both were breathless. "I have wanted to kiss you that way for so long." He told her. Catherine smiled. "Well I love it when you kiss me that way." She stated. At that moment dinner was announced over the pipes. Vincent smiled at Catherine then rose. He pulled her to her feet and wrapped his arm around her waist. "Come my love we will go eat." He whispered. They had just lifted the tapestry to leave the chamber when Mary appeared. "We thought that the two of you might like to eat in private." She told them. Vincent and Catherine looked at one another and smiled. "That is so sweet of you Mary." Catherine commented taking the tray. The older woman smiled. "We will see you both later." She remarked. Then Mary turned and walked back down the tunnel.


Vincent and Catherine reentered the chamber. Catherine walked over and sat the tray down on the desk. "That was so nice of Mary." She stated. Vincent walked up and wrapped his arms around her waist. "I guess that she and Father knew that I want you all to myself." He whispered. Catherine smiled as he began to kiss her neck. "Vincent I would like to continue this but our food is going to get cold." Catherine stated trying to control the desire that was rising within her. "I know but I want you so much." He whispered. Catherine turned around and wrapped her arms around his neck. "Well cold food is not that bad." She whispered. Vincent smiled then took her lips in a smoldering kiss. He lifted her into his arms and carried her to the bed. They spent the next few hours making passionate love.


Later Catherine awoke to find Vincent looking at her. "Hi there." She whispered. Vincent smiled and turned on his side toward her. "Hello to you." He commented. He opened his arms and Catherine snuggled into his embrace. "That was absolutely amazing." She commented. Vincent smiled and kissed her. "Yes my love it was." He told her. "Catherine was that how it was before?" Vincent asked. Catherine smiled. "Yes my love that is exactly how it was." She told him. "I am glad." He whispered. "I guess we will have to eat cold food." Catherine remarked. Vincent shook his head. "No I got up a while ago and took it to William he told me that he would warm it for us." He stated. Catherine smiled as she blushed. "And what did you tell him about why we have not eaten?" She asked. Vincent smiled slyly. "I told him the truth." He stated.


Catherine rose onto one elbow and stared at him. "You told him that we made love?" She asked. Vincent kept silent for a few moments but he could not contain his laughter. Catherine saw this and pounced on him. "You rat you had me going." She told him. He smiled. "I know that was the fun part." He told her. "Oh yeah I will get you for doing that!" She threatened. Then she began to tickle him. Vincent squirmed trying to get away from her then he was able to grab her hands. "You are going to regret that!" He threatened. "Oh really?" Catherine asked. Vincent rolled her on her back and smiled. "Oh yes my love." He whispered. Then he proceeded to love her once again.


A couple of hours later Vincent was awoke by a voice in the tunnel. "Vincent are you awake?" Vincent recognized Father's voice. He silently rose and dressed then he exited the chamber. "Yes Father is something wrong?" Vincent asked. Father smiled and shook his head. "No I just wanted to let you know that Joe and Diana are here." He commented. Vincent smiled. "Joe came with her?" He asked. Father nodded. "Yes he heard from Jenny that Catherine was released and wanted to see her." Vincent smiled and nodded. "Tell them we will be there shortly." He stated. "I will wake Catherine then we will join you." Father smiled and turned away. "And William told me to tell you that your food is in the kitchen." He stated. Vincent smiled as he blushed. "Thank you Father." He whispered. Then Father walked away from him.


Vincent stood there for a few moments. He was about to walk back into the chamber when he heard Catherine cry out. "No! Vincent where are you?" She cried. Vincent ran into the chamber and gathered her in his arms. "Shh my love I am here." He whispered. Catherine clung to him. "Where were you?" She asked. "Father wanted to let us know that Joe and Diana are here." He stated. Catherine looked up at him and dried her eyes. "Joe is here too?" She asked. Vincent smiled. "Yes he wanted to see you so he came with her." Catherine rose from the bed and put her tunnel gown back on. Then she brushed her hair. "Well my love we better not keep them waiting." She commented. Vincent stopped her. "Catherine what was that dream about?" He asked. She smiled. "It was nothing Vincent really." She told him. "Catherine please tell me." He requested. Catherine smiled and cupped his cheek. "All right I will but after we see Diana and Joe." She stated. Vincent smiled. "All right let's go see them." He told her. He took her hand and they left the chamber.


A few moments later they entered Father's chamber. They smiled when they saw Joe talking with Father and Mary. "So how is she?" Joe asked. Father was about to answer when he saw Catherine. "Why don't you ask her yourself?" He asked. Joe turned around and smiled. "Radcliffe you look great!" He exclaimed. Catherine and Vincent descended the steps. "Joe it is so good to see you." She told him as they hugged. "How are you?" He asked as they separated. "Well I am glad to be home now all we have to do is find our son." She commented. Then she saw Diana. "You must be Diana." Catherine commented. Joe turned toward Diana. "Catherine Chandler meet Diana Bennett." He stated introducing them. Diana smiled and extended her hand. "I am very glad to finally meet you Miss Chandler." She remarked. Catherine smiled as she put her arm around Vincent's waist. "Please call me Catherine." She requested. Diana smiled and nodded. "All right Catherine." Then they all sat down.


When they were seated Diana spoke again. "Diana have you heard any new information on the whereabouts of our son?" Catherine asked. Diana looked at Joe then shook her head. "No I am afraid we have no new information." She stated. "Cathy do you have any idea where you and the baby were taken?" Joe asked. Catherine shook her head. "No I was blindfolded." She told him. "The only thing I know is that I was transported in a helicopter." She remembered. "Yes Vincent told us about the helicopter." Joe stated. "Cathy could you have been in Monto Point?" Joe asked. "I know that Gabriel has some business connections there." He commented. Catherine thought a moment. "No Joe I don't think I was in Monto Point." She told him. "Monto Point is too far away from Manhattan a helicopter ride would take longer than this did." Then Diana looked up from her notepad. "Catherine could it have been Staten Island?" She asked. "He has business dealings there also." She stated. Catherine smiled brightly. "That may be where I was." She told them. "I was in a big house." She remembered.


Diana finished writing then closed her notebook. "Well that is all the information that I need right now." Diana commented as she rose. "I will above and check this out immediately." She stated. "Diana you can check it out tomorrow." Joe told her. "You have been working non stop on this." Diana shook her head. "Joe this is important." She commented. "Diana please take care of yourself go home and get some rest we will need you to be strong." Catherine requested. Diana smiled. "All right I will look into it tomorrow." Then she left the tunnels.


When she was gone Joe smiled at Catherine. "She is a lot like you." He commented. Catherine smiled. "She does seem determined." She remarked. Then Catherine noticed that Joe was very quiet. "Joe what is the matter?" She asked. Joe rose and turned away from her. "Oh Cathy I feel so responsible for all of this." He told her sadly. "If I had never given you that damn book you and your son would be here safe." He commented. Catherine looked at Vincent who rose from his chair. He walked up to Joe and put his hand on the new District Attorney's shoulder. "Joe I have already told you that none of this was your fault." He commented. "You would have never put Catherine in danger we all know that." He told him. Joe turned and looked at him. "Vincent you amaze me." He told him. "If I were you I would want me to stay as far away from Catherine as possible." He stated. Catherine rose and walked up beside Vincent. "Joe you are our friend and we know that you feel bad about this but you did nothing wrong." She commented. "I would have helped you anyway." She stated. Joe smiled and nodded. "Yes I guess you would have." He told her.


"Now how about having some tea with us?" Catherine asked. Joe smiled and nodded. "I would love that but Jacob do you have anything stronger?" He asked Father. Father smiled and nodded. "Yes Joe for you always." Then he rose and took out the brandy that he had hidden. "Here you go." He stated pouring Joe a glass. Joe smiled and took the glass. They all spent the next little while talking.


An hour later Joe left the tunnels. Vincent rose from his chair and pulled Catherine up beside him. "Father we are going to get our dinner then spend some time alone." He stated. Father smiled. "Of course you two run along." He told them. Vincent took Catherine by the hand and they left the chamber.


As they walked down the tunnel toward the kitchen chamber Catherine noticed that Vincent was very quiet. "Love what is the matter?" She asked. Vincent stopped and turned to face her. Then he pulled her into his arms. "Catherine can you forgive me for not knowing where you were?" He asked. Catherine looked up at him and smiled. "Vincent you could not have known where I was." She told him. Vincent shook his head. "I would have known if our bond were still here." He remarked pointing toward his heart. Catherine put her hand on his chest over his heart. "Vincent our bond will return." She commented. "It may not return in the way it was but I know that it will return to us." She assured him. Vincent looked down at her and sighed. "How can you be so sure?" He asked sadly. She cupped his cheek. "I know because I love you and I believe in that." She whispered. Vincent smiled and pulled her to him again. "And I believe in you and our love." He assured her. "So now let's go get our food and go spend some time together." She stated. Then they began walking toward the kitchen chamber again.


Later that evening after they had finished their dinner Vincent and Catherine sat in their chamber reading. Then suddenly Catherine closed her book and rose. "I am going to the falls to bathe." She commented. Vincent closed his book and nodded. "All right my love." He answered. Catherine gathered her bathing supplies and was about to leave the Chamber when Vincent spoke. "Catherine what are these doing here?" He asked looking toward the jeans and sweater in the corner. "Oh I was going to get rid of those." She commented. "But why Catherine?" Vincent asked. "Gabriel gave them to me tonight." She stated. "I don't want any part of them!" she told him adamantly. Then she turned and left the chamber. Vincent was somewhat shocked by her bold statement but deep down he understood. He gathered the clothes and took them to Mary to use as scrap pieces. Then he returned to his chamber. He thought that Catherine would have been back by now but she was not. He smiled and gathered a towel. I think I will join her. He thought to himself as he left the chamber.


As he approached the chamber of the falls he stopped. Then he heard the distinct sound of Catherine crying. He ran down the tunnel as fast as he could until he entered the cavern. There he saw her under the waterfall. He quickly undressed and entered the water. When he approached her he wrapped his arms around her. "My love please tell me what I can do." He begged. Catherine turned into his arms and put her arms around his neck. "Just hold me and never ever let me go." She sobbed. Vincent tightened his arms around her and held her tightly. "Oh Catherine you have been through so much." He crooned. "No wonder you finally let it go." He added. Catherine tightened her arms around his neck. "I thought I would never be here in your arms again and that he would kill me after I had our son." She cried. Vincent pulled back and looked at her. "Catherine is there something more you need to tell me about what you went through?" He asked. He felt her shiver. "Catherine please tell me what happened?" He begged.


Catherine removed her arms from his neck and moved toward the bank. She climbed out of the water and dried off. Vincent did the same and came up next to her. "Catherine please talk to me about this." He requested. She finished drying off then sat down. "The night I went into labor the took me to the delivery room." She began. Vincent sat down beside her and put his arms around her. "Were you in labor very long?" He asked. Catherine shook her head. "No he was born pretty fast." She commented. "But it everything that happened after." She stated. "What happened?" Vincent asked. Catherine sighed. "After he was born and I heard him cry then the doctor handed him to Gabriel. I looked up at him and begged him to let me touch or hold him but Gabriel just smiled at me then as he was leaving the room he told the doctor to finish it." She cried. Vincent tightened his arms around her. "Catherine what did he mean by that?" He asked.


She calmed a bit then looked up at him. "When the doctor and I were alone he loaded a syringe with morphine he was about to inject it into my arm but I started crying and begging him not to do this." She commented. "Then just as he was about to put the needle in my arm Gabriel came back into the room he told me that he just wanted to hear me beg for my life." Then he laughed. "They grabbed me and took me to the roof where they loaded us into the helicopter." She concluded.


Once she was done Vincent sighed and held her. "Oh my love the things you were put through." He told her sadly. "Gabriel wanted to control you by using your fear against you." He stated. Catherine nodded. "Yes I know." She told him. "And I almost let him." Vincent lifted her eyes to meet his. "Catherine you thought they were going to kill you that would frighten anyone." He remarked. "Never degrade yourself for that." He commented. Catherine snuggled into his arms. "I should finish my bath." She remarked. Vincent looked down at her and smiled. "Could I keep you company?" He asked. Catherine rose and smiled. "I would love that." She told him. They unwrapped the towels around them and reentered the pool.


A while later they returned to their chamber. Vincent carried Catherine through the entrance and placed her on the bed. Then he put out a lantern and pulled down the tapestry. "Vincent you did not have to carry me back here." She remarked. Vincent looked over his shoulder and smiled. "I rather like carrying you." He told her. Catherine smiled lovingly at him.


She then noticed that the clothes that Gabriel had given her were gone. She looked up at Vincent. "Did you get rid of those clothes?" She asked. Vincent pulled down the quilts and helped her climb into bed. "Yes I took them to Mary to use as scrap." He commented. Then he lay down beside her. He smiled and opened his arms. Catherine smiled and moved into his embrace. "I love being in your arms." She told him. "As I love having you in my arms." He whispered. "Now my love you need to rest." He stated. Catherine smiled and burrowed down into his arms. "I love you Vincent." Catherine whispered. Vincent turned and gently kissed her. "And I love you my Catherine." He told her. They fell asleep in one another's arms.


The next few weeks everything was wonderful. Vincent and Catherine were more in love than ever. Diana and Joe were still looking for the baby but had not had much luck. Then one night Catherine walked into their chamber to find Vincent lost in thought. "Love what is it?" Catherine asked as she knelt beside his chair. Vincent sighed. "I guess I was hoping they would have found something by now." He told her. Catherine smiled and cupped his cheek. "I know what you mean." She stated. "Catherine I think we are going to need someone else's help." He stated. "Who did you have in mind?" She asked. Vincent sighed and rose. Then he began to pace. "Catherine I am going to contact Elliott Burch." He told her. Catherine was shocked.


She rose to her feet and approached him. "Are you sure that is a good idea?" She asked. Vincent sighed. "Do you trust him?" He asked. Catherine nodded. "Yes I do but there is so much at stake here." She told him. "I know that is why I believe he can help." Vincent responded. "Well then we will go see him." She answered. Vincent shook his head. "No Catherine I have to do this myself I do not want you seen by anyone." Catherine shook her head. "But Vincent this is our son." She argued. "I know that my love but Joe has kept your return out of the press and I want it to stay that way. If Elliott Burch saw you he might not be so private." Catherine knew that he was right. "You have a point my love." She told him. "Now I have to go talk to Father about this." He stated. "I am coming too." Catherine commented. Vincent smiled and took her hand then they left the chamber.


Father was not as sure of this decision. "Vincent this is a horrible idea!" he shouted. "Exposing yourself to Burch could be very dangerous to you." He argued. "Not as dangerous as the situation that our son is in." Vincent told him as he put his arm around Catherine. "Vincent I have not wanted to voice this but now I feel that I must." Father commented. "I fear that this will all end very badly and that your son may be lost to us." Vincent and Catherine could not believe what Father was saying. "Father our son is out there and we are going to find him!" Catherine told him adamantly. Then she turned and left the chamber.


Once she was gone Vincent glared at Father. "Don't ever say anything like that in front of her again!" he boomed. "You really have no clue as to the ordeal that she was put through!" he continued. "Father she was almost murdered after our son's birth but Gabriel only did it to make her beg for her life." Vincent remarked.


Father suddenly felt very bad. "Oh God Vincent what have I done to her?" He asked. Vincent approached and put his hand on Father's shoulder. "You can apologize later." He stated. Father nodded. "Of course I will." He commented. "But Vincent are you sure that you still want to contact Burch?" Father asked. "Father I am not trying to hurt you but I only came to tell you what I was going to do not seek your counsel." He stated. Father was a bit shocked by his statement.


But then he realized that his son had truly grown up and now he was a father who would do anything to find his child. "Just be very careful." Father told him. Vincent hugged the older man. "I will I promise." Then he released him. "Now I have to go find Catherine." He stated. "Vincent please tell her that I am truly sorry for my words." Father requested. Vincent nodded then left the chamber.


Vincent found Catherine at the falls. He walked up behind her and wrapped his arms around her. "Father did not mean anything he is just frightened." He whispered. Catherine turned into his arm. "So am I." She cried. "But I know that we will find Jacob." She told him. Vincent smiled at the name. "Jacob?" He asked. Catherine smiled shyly. "Yes I intended to name him after his grandfather from the moment I had him." She commented. "Catherine father will be very honored." He assured her. "But until he is home and we have his naming ceremony let's keep his name between us." He suggested. Catherine smiled and nodded. "Of course we will now let's go back to our chamber." She commented. Vincent smiled then led her from the chamber.


A few nights later Vincent made his initial contact with Elliott. He was not sure that Elliott would help them but Catherine thought that he would. They prayed that he could find out something about the baby. Then one night Vincent arranged to meet Elliott at the carousel. He knew that had to talk to him again. "Catherine I will return shortly." He told her as he prepared to leave. "I will be waiting." She commented as they kissed. Then he left the chamber. But unbeknownst to both Elliott and Vincent they had been followed. Gabriel had told John Moreno to kill both of them. He entered the carousel and took both Vincent and Elliott by surprise. When John saw Vincent he fired and shot him. Elliott lunged at John and they struggled for the gun. When the fight was over John Moreno was dead. Elliott looked around and found that Vincent was gone. He knew that he had to get out of there so he quickly left.


Meanwhile Vincent made it back to the tunnels. He was about to lose consciousness when he tapped a message on the pipes. Catherine was with Father in his chamber. "Oh God Vincent is hurt!" She cried as she ran from the chamber. Father grabbed his medical bag and followed. When she arrived at the scene Father heard Catherine scream. "No Vincent No!" He looked at Kanin and Cullen who were walking with him. "Go see what has happened." He instructed. They nodded and ran down the tunnel.


As they approached they found Catherine sobbing with Vincent in her arms. She looked up at them. "Catherine is he…?" Kanin could not finish the question. Catherine shook her head. "No but he is very badly hurt." She stated. Father arrived and dressed his wound. "Let's get him back to your chamber." He told Catherine. Kanin and Cullen got him on a stretcher then they walked back toward the hub.


A week later Vincent awoke in his chamber. Catherine was lying in a chair by the bed asleep. Vincent rose and gently stroked her face. This action made her come awake immediately. "Love how do you feel?" Catherine asked as she moved over beside him. "I feel better." He assured her. She smiled as a tear slipped down her cheek. "Here now Catherine I am fine." He told her. She laid her head on his chest and cried. "I was so frightened when I found you just inside the tunnels." She told him. "I was so afraid that I had lost you." Vincent stroked her hair. "Shhh my love I am fine now." He whispered.


They spent the rest of the afternoon talking about what had happened. "Catherine your boss was there." Vincent commented. Catherine nodded. "Yes I know." She told him. Vincent looked at her shocked. "How do you know?" He asked. "Vincent they arrested Elliott for killing Moreno." She told him. "But he was trying to kill us." Vincent argued. Catherine nodded again. "I know Joe found out the truth a couple of days ago and the charges were dropped." She assured him. "That is good." He commented. Then he began to get drowsy. "Sleep now Vincent we can talk later." She whispered.


As this was going on Elliott was in his office. He was having serious doubts about helping Vincent. I cannot do this any longer. He thought. Then he suddenly heard a voice behind him. "Having doubts about helping the freak?" Elliott turned to find Gabriel behind him. "Who are you?" Elliott demanded. "My name is Gabriel." Elliott was shocked. "You are the man Vincent is looking for?" He asked. Gabriel smiled menacingly then nodded. "Yes I am but I have business to talk to you about." He stated. "What type of business?" Elliott asked. "Mr. Burch I know that you are in danger of losing your empire." Gabriel commented. "I can help you save it if you help me with something." He added. "What do you want me to do?" Elliott asked. "I want you to lure Vincent to a boat in the marina called the Compass Rose." He stated. "What are you going to do?" Elliott asked. "Don't worry about that Mr. Burch." Gabriel remarked. "But I suggest you do this." He threatened. Then Gabriel left the office.


A few days later Vincent was sitting in his and Catherine's chamber when Kipper ran in. "Vincent this message just came for you." He stated. Vincent smiled and took the note. "Thank you very much Kipper." The boy smiled and left the chamber. Once he was gone Vincent opened the note and read.



Meet me tonight at the Marina on a boat named the Compass Rose. I have news.



Vincent folded the note and rose. Then he left the chamber to find Catherine. He found her with Father and Mary. "Catherine I have to go out tonight." Vincent stated as he entered the chamber. Catherine looked up at him. "Where are you going?" She asked. "Elliott asked me to meet him on a boat in the marina he said he has news." Catherine hugged him. "Do you want me to come along?" She asked. Vincent shook his head. "No you stay here I will be back before dawn." He promised. Then he turned and left the chamber.


An hour later he climbed aboard the Compass Rose. "You came." Elliott commented from the shadows. "Of course your note said you had news." He stated. "Why did Cathy choose to be with you?" Elliott asked. Vincent was startled by the question. "What are you talking about?" he asked. Elliott was now very unsure of what he should do. "I could have given her the world but what could you give her?" Elliott asked. "The only thing I could my heart." Vincent told him. Then Elliott knew that he could not go through with this. "Vincent listen to me you should have never trusted me now go." Elliott whispered. "Elliott let me help you." Vincent commented as he stepped out of the shadows. Then from the distance Elliott knew the gunman was ready. "NO! Vincent!" Elliott yelled then he jumped in front of him. Vincent caught him and dragged him into the shadows. "They wanted me to betray you." Elliott gasped. "But I could not do that because Catherine loves you." He whispered. "You are an honorable man." Vincent told him. Elliott smiled weakly. "No I am not now go!" He ordered. "Would you leave me?" Vincent asked. "You damned right I would." He gasped. Then suddenly the boat blew up.


Later that morning Catherine was very worried. "Father where could he be?" She asked as she paced. "I don't know Catherine but we have our helpers out looking." He assured her. "I should have gone with him." She stated. Father shook his head. "No Catherine Vincent wanted you here." He told her. About that time Devin entered the chamber. "Hi Dad." He commented. "Devin what are you doing here?" Father asked as they embraced. "I thought I would come visit you and Vincent." He stated. Then Devin saw Catherine. "Oh my God Chandler!" he exclaimed happily. Then he embraced her. "How long have you been back?" He asked. She smiled weakly. "A few weeks." She commented. "I was released by Gabriel." She told him. Devin shook his head in wonder. "I bet my little brother is happy about that." He commented. Then Catherine began to cry. Devin embraced her and looked at Father. "Vincent went above last night and has disappeared." Father explained. "Oh God we will find him Chandler." Devin assured her.


Then suddenly Joe entered the chamber. "Joe what is it?" Father asked. Catherine looked at him. "Cathy the boat that Vincent and Burch were on last night exploded." Joe told her. Catherine felt her whole world collapse. She began to sob uncontrollably in Devin's arms. "We believe that no one survived." Joe continued. Then he looked at Father. "Jacob I will keep looking just in case he survived." Father sadly nodded. "Thank you Joe." Then Joe looked at Catherine. "Cathy I am so sorry." He whispered. With that he turned and left the chamber. Once he was gone Catherine backed out of Devin's arms. "He is not dead!" She stated adamantly. "I will never believe this!" She cried. Then she turned and ran from the chamber. Father rose from his seat. "I will go to her." he stated. "I will come with you." Devin told him. Father nodded then they left the chamber.


While this was going on above Vincent slowly made his way to Diana's apartment. She had moved to a ground level apartment a few months earlier. He was about to tap on the window when he collapsed. A short time later Diana returned home. She unlocked her door and walked in. She was extremely tired and upset. She had come to think of Vincent and Catherine as good friends. This is so unfair to them. She thought to herself. Then she suddenly heard a moan. She looked out the window and saw Vincent lying on the porch. "Oh God Vincent!" She exclaimed. She ran out to the low porch and got him inside.


Once that was done she dressed his wounds. Then she decided that she must get in contact with Catherine. She picked up the phone and called Joe. "This is Joe Maxwell." A voice commented sadly. "Joe this is Diana you are not going to believe this but when I got home Vincent was lying on my back porch." She told him. "Diana is he alive?" Joe asked excitedly. "Yes but he is injured can you contact Catherine and get her here?" She asked. "Of course I will go now." With that he hung up.


As Diana was hanging up the phone Vincent awoke. "Vincent?" She asked as she approached him. "Catherine?" He asked in a whisper. "No but she will be here soon." Diana told him. Vincent sighed then fell back to sleep. Diana redressed his wound and decided to watch over him until Catherine arrived.


Below Catherine was sitting with Father at the waterfall. "I don't think I will survive this." She whispered. Father put his arm around her and pulled her against him. "Yes you will." He told her. "We all will in time." He commented. "Our dreams were finally coming true!" She cried. Father felt so bad for her. "I know my dear." Was all he could say to comfort her.


Then suddenly Devin and Joe ran into the chamber. "Cathy he is alive!" Joe exclaimed. Catherine stood shakily. Devin moved over and braced her. "Are you certain?" She asked. Joe smiled. "Yes he made it to Diana's house where she found him." He explained. Catherine smiled through her tears. "Is he all right?" She asked. "He is injured." Joe told her. Then Catherine walked toward the entrance of the chamber. "I will go change I must go to him." She stated. "That is why I am here." Joe told her. "Hey I am going too." Devin stated. Joe smiled and nodded. "I will pack some medical supplies for you." Father told them. Then they all left the chamber.


An hour later they arrived at Diana's. She opened the door and let them in. "Where is he?" Catherine asked. "He is lying on the floor in the bedroom." Diana told her. "He was delirious and tried to leave then he collapsed so I covered him and just left him there until you arrived." She explained. Catherine nodded. "In there?" She asked. Diana nodded and Catherine ran into the bedroom. When she entered the bedroom she saw him. She placed the bag of supplies down on the bed and removed her coat and shoes. Then she knelt down beside him. She smiled as she smoothed the hair out of his face. "Oh my love I was so frightened." She whispered. Then she leaned forward and gently kissed him. He moaned slightly and whispered her name. She spent rest of the evening by his side.


He remained asleep for the next couple of days. Catherine took turns with Devin and Diana taking care of him. But they knew that she wanted to be there with him the most.

It was early on the third day that Catherine awoke to find Vincent looking at her. "Hello sweetheart." She whispered as she left the chair and sat down on the floor beside him. "How long have I been asleep?" He asked. "Three and a half days." She answered. "When did you arrive?" He asked. "Devin and I got here day before yesterday." She commented. Vincent was surprised. "Devin is here?" He asked. Catherine smiled and nodded. "Yes he came home the day you disappeared." She told him. Then she looked down. "I was so afraid that I had lost you." She whispered. Vincent sat up and pulled her to him. "Catherine it is all right we are together." He told her. "I don't know what I would have done if you had been taken away from us." She cried. Vincent tightened his arms around her and rocked her. "Shh I am fine and we are here together." He whispered. "Now come here you need to sleep." He directed. They lay down side by side on the floor and fell asleep in each other's arms.


The next morning they awoke to hear Devin and Diana talking. Vincent smiled at Catherine. "Shall we go say hello?" He asked. She smiled and rose. "Come on your brother has been anxious to see you." She remarked. Vincent rose and they walked into the living room. "Good morning Devin." Vincent commented when they saw him. Devin swung around smiling. "Vin I am so glad that you are awake." Devin told him as they embraced. "We were getting somewhat worried about you." Diana stated. Vincent looked at her and smiled. "Thank you for taking care of me and contacting Catherine." He told her. Diana smiled. "That is all right I was glad that I could help." She told him. "Well I hate to do this but I have to be getting to work." Diana told them. "Yes and I am going home to let Dad and the others know that you are all right." Devin told Vincent. "I will be late tonight so you will have the house to yourselves." Diana stated smiling. Then she and Devin left the house.


Once they were gone Catherine giggled. "I believe they wanted us to have some time alone." She told Vincent. He smiled and nodded. "I believe that you are right." He answered. Then Catherine looked up at him. "How about some breakfast?" She asked. Vincent smiled and nodded. "That sounds wonderful I am hungry." He remarked. "I will go fix us some eggs you just sit down here and relax." She instructed. "Catherine I can help with breakfast." Vincent argued. Catherine shook her head. "No you are still a bit weak so you are resting." She told him. Vincent shrugged his shoulders and sat down on a barstool to watch her in the kitchen. When she was done preparing breakfast they sat down together and had breakfast.


After they were done eating Vincent rose. "I am going to take a shower." He commented. Catherine nodded. "I brought you a change of clothes they are in that bag in the bedroom." She told him. He looked at her and nodded. "Could I convince you to join me for my shower?" Vincent asked seductively. Catherine looked at him and smiled. "I really should get our dishes cleaned up." She commented. Vincent shrugged his shoulders and sighed. "If you wish." He told her. He then turned and walked into the bedroom.


A little while later Catherine finished cleaning up the kitchen. She noticed that Vincent had not come out of his shower. She began to get concerned. She walked to the bedroom and opened the door. Suddenly she was grabbed and brought into the room. She turned to look into the dark eyes of her lover. "I decided that I would wait for you." He growled. Catherine smiled and wrapped her arms around his neck. "You did?" She asked. Vincent smiled seductively. "Yes and now I want to take a shower with you." He commented. He reached up and swiftly unbuttoned her blouse. Catherine smiled at his forwardness. "My we are playful aren't we?" She asked. Vincent lifted his head from her neck. "Yes I am playful." He commented. "Now no more talking." He directed. Catherine was about to talk again when Vincent smothered her words with a smoldering kiss. Then without breaking the kiss he lifted her into his arms and carried her into the bathroom.


Their shower was very steamy and sensuous. They spent the time loving and admiring each other. When the water-cooled Vincent lifted her into his arms. He dried her off and then carried her into the bedroom again. "Now I want to love you." He told her. Catherine smiled. "Yes my love." She whispered. Then Vincent carried her to the bed. They were soon lost in their passion for each other.


Later that afternoon Catherine awoke to find Vincent looking at her. "Hello there." She whispered. "Hello my angel." He answered. Then he leaned forward and kissed her. "Vincent that was absolutely the most intense lovemaking that we have ever had." She mused. Vincent nodded. "Yes when I found you here with me this morning I needed to be with you." He told her. "When that boat exploded I thought I would never be able to hold or love you again." He commented. Catherine rose onto one elbow. "I was so afraid that I had lost you." She told him as tears came to her eyes. Vincent wiped the tears from her face and kissed her. He then pulled her back down into his arms. "Well now we are together again." He commented. Catherine snuggled down into his arms. "Vincent what happened?" She asked. Vincent sighed. "Elliott almost betrayed me to Gabriel." He told her. Catherine looked up at him. "He did?" She asked. Vincent nodded. "Yes apparently Gabriel offered to give him his empire back if he would betray us but he didn't." He assured her. "He told me and tried to get me to leave then when they were about shoot me he jumped in front of me and took the bullet." He explained. "He died in my arms then the boat exploded." He concluded. Vincent looked down to see Catherine smiling. "What are you smiling about?" He asked. "Elliott found that lost little boy in the end." She commented. Vincent thought a moment then smiled. "Yes I guess he did." He answered. Then Catherine rolled over on top of him. "Now Vincent love me again." She told him. Vincent smiled and they were once again lost in each other.


A couple of nights later Vincent was well enough to return home. He kissed Catherine and then left. Catherine hugged Diana and thanked her for her help then she left. A little while later Catherine entered the drainage tunnel. She walked up and was about to trip the secret mechanism when a pair of strong arms came up around her. "I have been waiting for you." Vincent whispered as he kissed her neck. Catherine sighed and relaxed in his arms. "Well I am home now." She told him. Vincent turned her around and passionately kissed her. When they broke apart Catherine smiled. "We really should be getting home." She commented. Vincent smiled and took her hand. "Yes my love let's go home." He whispered. Then he opened the secret door and they walked into the tunnels.


A few moments later they entered Father's chamber. A crowd of tunnel residents who wanted to welcome Vincent home met them. "Vincent I am so glad you are all right." Father told him as they embraced. Vincent smiled as they separated. "Thank you everyone I am glad to be home." He told them all. "Now I want to take Vincent to our chamber to rest." Catherine commented. Father smiled and nodded. "That is a good idea." He remarked. "I will examine you there." He told Vincent. Vincent nodded then he and Catherine left the chamber. After he was given a clean bill of health Father left Vincent and Catherine alone in their chamber. When he looked in on them later they were happily sleeping in one another's arms.


A couple of weeks later Diana was sleeping in her bed when she was suddenly grabbed. She struggled but soon lost consciousness. When she awoke she found herself in a strange place. "Hello Miss Bennett." A voice stated from the shadows. "Where am I?" She asked. Then Gabriel walked into the light. "I had you brought to my house." He explained. "Why did you do this?" Diana asked. "Miss Bennett I need you to deliver a message to Vincent." He stated. Diana was shocked. "Why would I do that?" She asked. "Because my son is dying and he needs his biological father." He commented. "How do I know that the child is dying?" Diana asked. "Come with me I will show you." Gabriel told her. They walked upstairs to the nursery. There Diana saw the baby. "Why is he crying so much?" Diana asked. "The doctors have examined him and they have no idea what is the matter." Gabriel told her. "You and I both know that his blood is different and I figure that Vincent could save him." he told her. Diana thought for a moment. "If I do this what will you do to him?" She asked. Gabriel smiled. "That is not a concern of yours." He told her. "Now I am having you taken back to the city." He stated. "Tell Vincent to come alone." He directed. Then Diana was taken out of the room.


When she was dropped off Diana ran to the nearest tunnel entrance. She entered the tunnels and headed for the hub. She was surprised when she met Father coming out of his study. "Diana when did you arrive?" He asked shocked. "Father I have to see Vincent and Catherine." She told him. "What is the matter?" Father asked. "Father you can come with me but I have to go see Vincent and Catherine now." She remarked. Father knew that this was serious. "Yes they are in their chamber we will go wake them." He took her arm and led her down the tunnel.


As they approached Vincent and Catherine's chamber they heard voices inside. Father looked at Diana and nodded. Then they walked toward the tapestry. "Vincent can I come in?" Father asked. "Of course Father." Vincent called. Then he and Diana entered the chamber. Vincent and Catherine were shocked to see Diana. They rose from their chairs. "Diana is something the matter?" Catherine asked. Diana nodded her head. "Yes I was grabbed by Gabriel tonight." She began. "Oh God Diana are you all right?" Catherine asked. Diana smiled slightly and nodded. "Yes but he wanted me to deliver a message to you." She told Vincent. "What was the message?" Vincent asked. Diana did not know how to say what she had to say so she just began talking. "Vincent, Catherine your son is very ill." She started. Catherine gasped in horror. Vincent wrapped his arm around her. "In fact Gabriel told me that he was dying." Diana continued.


By now Catherine was crying. "Catherine it will be all right." Vincent whispered as he sat down and pulled her onto his lap. "What is wrong with him?" Father asked. Diana shrugged her shoulders. "I am not sure Gabriel said that the doctors could not identify the illness." She stated. Vincent looked knowingly at Father. "What does Gabriel want?" Vincent asked. "He wants you to surrender yourself to save the baby." She commented. Catherine began to cry again. "Oh God Vincent it is a trap." She cried. "Catherine look at me please." He requested. She raised her head. "Catherine I have to do this to save our son." He explained. "But he may kill you." She argued. Vincent nodded. "Yes he might but I have to do this." He repeated. "Diana when and where do I meet him?" Vincent asked. Diana sighed sadly. "I am to take you to the building where they held Catherine then call him from the pay phone there." She stated.


Vincent lifted Catherine in his arms and rose. He gently laid her on the bed. "Catherine I will come back." He whispered. Catherine rose to a sitting position and grabbed him around the neck. "Vincent please come home." She cried. He held her for a few moments. Then Father moved over and held her. "Take care of her." Vincent requested. Father nodded sadly. Diana and Vincent then left the chamber.


A little while later Diana and Vincent were at the building she hung up the phone and turned to Vincent. "How long?" Vincent asked. "Five minutes." Diana stated. "Diana thank you for everything." He commented. "I was glad to help." She told him. "Diana would you go below and stay with Catherine she may need you?" Vincent asked. Diana nodded. "Of course I will." She stated. Then she turned around and slowly walked away. As she was disappearing around the corner she heard the helicopter. She turned in time to see Vincent being shot with a sedative gun. Then he was loaded into the helicopter and it took off again. Diana sadly made her way back to the tunnels.


When she entered Father's chamber she found him there with most everyone. "It is done?" Father asked. Diana walked down the steps. "Yes they have him." She stated. Catherine could not take anymore she burst into tears and ran from the chamber. "Vincent asked that I stay with her." Diana told them. Father and Devin both nodded. Then Diana went to find Catherine.


She walked until she heard Catherine in their chamber. She entered and saw her in the corner. "Cathy I am so sorry." Diana whispered. "Diana if I lose them I don't want to live." Catherine cried. "Cathy listen you know that Vincent is strong." Diana commented. "He will come home to and bring your son back." She told her. They sat there together for the next hour talking.


Vincent woke up in a cage with chains around his wrists. He tried to break the chains but found that they were too strong. Then he heard a voice. "So you are awake." Gabriel commented over the surveillance camera. "Where is my son?" Vincent asked. "You have no son." Gabriel told him. "Julian is mine." He stated. "As Catherine told you his name is Jacob and he is our son." Vincent argued. "Well you will never see him." Gabriel told him. "I only need some of your blood." Then the voice died away. Vincent sat down and thought about his son and about Catherine.


As the days went on Catherine became more distraught. "Father I have to find them." She commented. "I have to go to them." She added. "Catherine Vincent would not want you in that situation." Father stated. "I know Father but this is the man I love and our baby." She argued. "I am going above to see Diana." She remarked. Then she left the tunnels.


A little while later she arrived at Diana's house. There she found Joe and Diana working. "Have you heard anything?" Catherine asked. Both Joe and Diana shook their heads. "No we have not." Diana commented. Catherine sat down and put her head in her hands. Joe moved over beside her. "Cathy we will find them." He told her. "I don't think I can take this much longer." Catherine stated as she began to cry. Joe wrapped his arms around her and held her. "Catherine why don't you go home and I promise we will contact you if we hear anything." Diana suggested. Catherine pulled herself together and rose. "Yes I need to be with my family right now." She stated. Then she left.


Catherine decided to walk through the park. She was getting close to the drainage tunnel when she heard some speak behind her. "Hello Miss Chandler I believe that Gabriel is expecting you." The man told her. Catherine turned and looked at him. "He wants me to turn myself over?" She asked. "That is correct." The man told her. "And if you don't he told me to tell you that he would kill your lover and the child." He stated. Catherine knew that she had to cooperate. "All right I will come with you." She commented. Then he led her to the car. Once she was inside the man climbed in beside her and they drove away.


When they arrived at the house Catherine was led inside. "Hello Miss Chandler we meet again." Gabriel commented. "Where is Vincent?" She asked. Gabriel smiled. "I will take you to him right now." He stated. Then he took her arm and led her to the basement. Vincent stood up when he saw the door open. He knew that Gabriel must have been coming down to see him. He was about to speak when he saw Catherine. "What is she doing here?" Vincent asked Gabriel. "I thought that you would like some company." He stated. Then he motioned for the guard to open the cage. Once the cage was open Gabriel pushed Catherine inside. She stumbled and was caught by Vincent who wrapped his arms protectively around her. "Enjoy your time together." Gabriel told them. Then he turned and left the basement.


Once he was gone Catherine turned and wrapped her arms around his neck. "What are you doing here?" Vincent asked. "I went to Diana's and when I was walking home they approached me and told me that I had to come with them." She explained. "They told me that he would kill you and the baby if I did not cooperate." She continued. Then Vincent looked down at her. "Did they harm you?" he asked. Catherine cupped his cheek and smiled. "No my love I am fine." She assured him. "Come sit down." Vincent directed. Then he led her to the pallet against the wall.

After they were seated Catherine looked at his wrists. "Are you hurt?" She asked. Vincent shook his head. "No I am fine." He commented. "Have you seen the baby?" She asked. Vincent shook his head again. "No they want me to give them so blood but Gabriel told me that I could not see him." Catherine sighed. "I was hoping you could see him he is so beautiful." She commented. Vincent smiled. "Yes he must be if he looks anything like you." Then they talked about what they were going to do.


While this was happening Father was pacing his chamber. Devin entered and saw the worried look on his face. "Dad what is wrong?" he asked. Father sat down. "Catherine has not returned." He stated. This worried Devin. "Dad she left hours ago." Devin remarked. Father nodded. "I know and that is what worries me about this." He stated. Then Devin rose from his chair. "Dad where was she going?" he asked. "She was going to see Diana." Father answered. Then Devin moved toward the steps. "I am going to see if she is still there." He commented. He then turned and left the chamber.


Meanwhile back at Gabriel's house Vincent and Catherine were still sitting together. "Catherine does anyone know that you are gone?" Vincent asked. Catherine shook her head. "No I had not reached the tunnels." She stated. Vincent sighed. "Then no one will know where we are." He commented. "Vincent they will find us." She told him. "I hope you are right." Vincent told her. "Now Catherine I want you to sleep." He directed. Catherine kissed him then laid her head in his lap. She was soon sleeping.


Devin arrived at Diana's apartment. He knocked on the door and was surprised to see Joe answer. "Joe what are you doing here?" Devin asked. "We are going over some files about Gabriel." Joe told him. "Is something wrong?" Joe asked. Then Diana came to the door. "Come in Devin." She told him. He smiled and entered the apartment. "Joe have you seen Chandler?" Devin asked. Joe and Diana were both taken back by his question. "She was here a couple of hours ago." Diana told him. "Then she left to go home." Joe added. "Well she never arrived and Dad is very worried." Devin commented.


Joe was about to speak when Diana's phone rang. She ran to the phone and picked it up. "Hello?" She asked as she picked up the receiver. "Miss Bennett this is Gabriel." The voice said on the other end. Diana was shocked. "How do I know you are Gabriel?" She asked. Joe and Devin both looked at her. "I thought you would like to know that I now have Catherine Chandler again." He stated. "Why did you grab Catherine?" Diana asked. "I thought she would like to spend some time with Vincent and their child before I killed them." He remarked. Then suddenly he hung up.


Diana hung up the phone and turned around. "What did he say?" Devin asked. "He told me that he had Catherine grabbed again." She stated. "Why?" Joe asked. "Because he thought that she would want to be with Vincent and the baby before he killed them." She whispered. "That bastard wants to kill my brother and nephew?" Devin asked furious. Diana nodded. "Joe what are we going to do we have to find them." Devin pleaded. Joe put his hand on Devin's shoulder. "I guarantee you we will find them." He promised. "Now let's get to work." Joe remarked.


Back at Gabriel's house Catherine opened her eyes to see Vincent looking down at her. "How long was I sleeping?" She asked as she sat up. "Probably about an hour and a half." Vincent told her. "Has he come back?" She asked. Vincent shook his head. "No he hasn't even spoken to us over the surveillance camera." Vincent told her. "What do you think he is going to do?" Catherine asked. Vincent wrapped his arms around her. "I don't know but he will not harm you." He told her. "That is a promise." He added.


Suddenly the door to the basement opened. Catherine and Vincent both looked at one another and then stood. Gabriel came walking into the basement followed by a nurse. Then Catherine noticed the doctor behind them. She flinched slightly when she saw him. Vincent noticed this and tightened his arms around her. "Miss Chandler I believe you remember the doctor." Gabriel commented. Then he looked at Vincent. "He was the one who delivered the child." He stated. Vincent remembered what Catherine had told him about the night of the delivery. Then they heard a baby cry. The nurse moved in front of Gabriel and approached the cage. "I thought about it and decided that you should see the child." Gabriel told Vincent and Catherine. "Now both of you move back from the door." He directed. Vincent and Catherine moved toward the back of the cage as the guard unlocked the door. The nurse stepped into the cage and gently placed the baby on the floor. Then she backed out of the door. The guard locked the door and they all left.


After they were gone Catherine walked over and picked the baby up. She smiled as she unwrapped the blanket from his face. "Oh Vincent he is so beautiful." She told him as she turned and showed the baby to his father. Vincent smiled as tears came to his eyes. "Yes Catherine our son is beautiful." He whispered. Catherine smiled as she placed the baby in his arms. "I think our son wants his father to hold him." she commented. Vincent took the baby in his arms and gently held him. "Catherine he is such a miracle." He told her. Catherine smiled and wrapped her arms around his waist. "Yes our baby boy is a miracle." She commented. They walked over and sat down. "Catherine he is so tiny." Vincent mused. Catherine smiled. "Well my love he is only a few weeks old." She stated. They sat there for the longest time just being a family.


Meanwhile Devin, Diana and Joe were still looking at some files. "Hey here is a house that belongs to Gabriel." Diana remarked. Joe and Devin looked at the file. "This house is on Staten Island." Devin commented. Suddenly Diana opened her notes. "Joe remember when I first talked to Catherine she stated that the house she was at could have been on Staten Island." She recalled. Joe thought a moment then smiled. "This is where they are!" he cried happily. Then he rose and called Greg. "Hey Greg get your cops ready we are going to raid a house on Staten Island." Joe told him.


When he was off the phone Devin rose. "I am coming with you." He told them. "Devin this could be dangerous." Diana stated. "I know that but this is my family we are talking about so I am coming." He told them again. Diana looked at Joe who nodded. "All right let's get going." Joe told them. Then they all left the apartment.


While this was going on Vincent and Catherine were sitting in the cage holding their son. "Catherine I am so sorry that you did not have him below where you should have been." Vincent commented. Catherine smiled. "Love that is not your fault if I had told you that I was pregnant the night I intended to none of this would have happened." She told him. Vincent sighed sadly. "Yes and because of my self pity you and Jacob were taken by this madman." He commented.


About that time they heard a voice. "I don't really appreciate being referred to as a madman." Gabriel commented. Catherine looked around then looked at Vincent. He pointed at the surveillance camera above the cage. "What do you want?" Catherine asked angrily. "I just wanted to see how you were getting along with my son." He told her. "He is not your son he is our son." She commented. "He will never be your son." She added. Gabriel suddenly laughed. "Don't be so sure of that." He told her. "I will come for my son in an hour." He told them. Then the voice faded away.


Once they knew he was gone Vincent put his arms around Catherine and the baby. "We will find a way to get out of this." He whispered. Catherine looked down at the baby. "Vincent I am so scared for you and the baby." She told him. "No Catherine I will never allow Gabriel to harm our son." He told her. "What about you?" She asked. "Catherine I would gladly sacrifice myself if it means that you and our son are safe." He told her. Catherine looked up at him and he saw the tears in her eyes. "I don't know how I would survive if I lost you." She cried. "You would survive so that you could raise our son." He told her. "But that will never happen so don't worry about anything." He assured her. He kissed her and held his family close.


Back in the city Devin, Diana, and Joe were talking to Greg. "Are you sure you want to come along?" Greg asked Devin. "Yes like I told Joe before this is personal." Devin commented. Joe smiled and nodded. "All right we will be going in a few moments." Greg told them. Then he turned and walked away. "I presume that he knows nothing about Vincent." Devin commented. Diana and Joe both nodded. "Yes he only knows that this has something to do with Catherine." Joe commented. "Well are we ready?" Greg asked as he walked back toward them. "Yes we are ready." Joe stated. Then they all climbed into the police helicopter.


In Gabriel's basement Catherine and Vincent were still clinging to each other and their son. "What do you think he will do?" Catherine asked. "I don't know Catherine but we must be prepared for anything." Vincent told her. Then the door to the basement opened and Gabriel entered. "Well I am sorry to break this up but my son needs to get back upstairs." He commented. Vincent and Catherine both rose to their feet. "He is not your son." Catherine told him again. Gabriel smiled at her. "That is where you are wrong Miss Chandler he will only ever know me as his father." He stated. "Neither of you will ever be a factor in his life." Vincent growled at him. "Our son and I have a bond that you will never be able to break." He stated angrily. "I can already feel him getting stronger through our connection." Then Gabriel motioned for the guard to unlock the cage. "Go get him." he told the nurse. She silently nodded and stepped forward. Catherine knew that she could not fight them at that this time. So she laid Jacob in the woman's arms.


Diana, Joe and Devin exited the helicopter on the other side of the island. "Diana how are we getting inside?" Devin asked. "Father told me that there is a tunnel entrance over there." She stated pointing. They all walked until they came to the entrance. "Greg wait here until I give you the signal." Joe directed. "Alright Joe be very careful." Greg commented. Then Joe, Devin and Diana entered the tunnel and disappeared.


After a few minutes they came to a door. "Where does this lead?" Devin asked. Joe looked curiously at Diana. "According to plans that Father showed me it leads into the house. "Father was not sure that anyone lived here because it used to be the home of a helper years ago." She continued. "This is how we are going in." She told them. Then she pushed on the door.


Vincent and Catherine heard the door creak open and turned to look in that direction. They saw Diana enter. She put her finger to her lips to keep them from saying anything. They nodded in silent agreement. Then she crept up behind the guard and took out a gun. She hit him with the butt of the gun as hard as she could. "Okay come on in." She called. Then Devin and Joe entered the basement. Devin grabbed the keys to the cage and quickly unlocked it. "Devin it is so good to see you." Catherine told him as she hugged him. "Hey it is great to see the two of you but we have to hurry." He told them. He quickly found the keys to the chains around Vincent's wrists and unlocked them.


Once both were free Vincent and Catherine got out of the cage. Vincent turned and spoke to Devin. "Take Catherine home." He directed. Catherine looked at him and shook her head. "No I am coming with you." She told him. Vincent put his hand to her cheek and spoke to her. "Catherine I don't want you here when I confront Gabriel." He explained. "But Vincent this is our son." She argued. "I know my angel but I will bring him home to you very shortly now go with Devin." He requested. Catherine wanted to argue but she knew that Vincent had to do this his way. "All right but please be careful and come home to me quickly." She begged as she hugged him. "I will now go!" he commanded gently. She backed out of his arms and turned to Devin. "Please get me out of here." She requested. Devin smiled and put his arm around her shoulders. Then he led her toward the door. "Devin take a left and go straight down the tunnel." Diana told him. "When you come to the first ladder climb down and that is where Father will be waiting." She explained. Devin nodded then he and Catherine left for the tunnels.


Vincent turned and spoke to Diana and Joe. "I am going upstairs to find our son." He stated. Joe nodded. "We will take care of this guy then we will come find you." Vincent nodded then ran toward the basement door. He found that it was locked. Then with a loud roar he busted the door outward. He ran up the steps and entered the main hallway. There he saw the stairs leading to the second floor. He quickly ran up the stairs and was about to open a door when a guard emerged from the other side. Vincent roared and grabbed the man pushing him backwards down the stairs.


Up in the nursery Gabriel could hear the commotion. He looked at the nurse and spoke. "You know the first person I ever killed was someone that I loved very much." He told the frightened woman. She looked at him shocked. Then she noticed that Gabriel had a small pillow in his hand. "Sir please do not harm him." She begged. Gabriel turned and glared at her. "You are nothing but his nurse!" he screamed at her. "Now get out of my sight before I kill you too!" Then she quickly left the nursery.


After she was gone Gabriel turned back toward the crib. "My beautiful Julian you are so young and innocent." He told the baby as he approached. "I must make sure that you are never soiled by that tramp and her freak lover." He continued. "She may have carried you but that will never make you her son." He continued. Then he slowly began to push the pillow toward the baby's face. The child began to cry out in fear. "I love you Julian." Gabriel whispered. Suddenly Vincent busted through the nursery door. He saw what Gabriel was about to do and grabbed him. He flung him across the room where Gabriel fell against a door. "So you have come to kill me at last." Gabriel told Vincent. "I have wanted to bring out this side of you." He continued. "I had hoped that the child would have these traits but it is clear that he is too much like his mother." Vincent suddenly stopped. "That is what makes Jacob a very beautiful and precious child." He stated. Then he once again began to advance on Gabriel.


Just as he was about to strike him dead Devin ran into the room. "No little brother he is not worth the trouble." Devin yelled. When Vincent heard his voice he turned around. "Where is Catherine?" Vincent asked concerned. Devin smiled. "I left her with Dad." Devin told him. "Now let's get this animal to Joe." Devin commented. Devin ran over and grabbed Gabriel by the arm. "No one will defeat me I will get my son back." Gabriel warned. "That is where you are wrong." Diana told him as she and Joe entered the room. "We will take it from here now take the baby and get out of here before I signal Greg." Joe told them. Vincent looked at Devin who smiled. Then he walked over to the crib and gently picked the baby up. He stood there for a moment reveling in the feel of his son in his arms. "Come on little brother this little boy needs to see his mother and meet the rest of his family." Devin commented. Then they left the room.


Just as they were about to exit the second floor they heard a gunshot. "What the hell was that?" Devin asked. Vincent shook his head. "I am not sure but we need to get out of here." He commented. "Yes you go on I will go back and see what happened." Devin told him. "Are you sure?" Vincent asked. Devin smiled and put his hand on Vincent's shoulder. "Yes I will be home shortly now take your son home to his mother." With those words Devin turned and ran back upstairs. Vincent held the baby just a bit tighter for a moment. Then he ran down the steps and toward the basement. He entered the basement and ran out the secret door into the tunnel.


While this was going on down in the main hub of the tunnels Catherine and Father were standing at the tunnel entrance waiting. She was so nervous and frightened that she could not stand still. Father noticed this and put his hand on her shoulder. "Catherine they will be home very soon." He assured her. She looked up at him and smiled weakly. "I am so frightened." She whispered. Father smiled and cupped her cheek. "I know my dear but your ordeal is just about over." He assured her.

Catherine was about to speak once again when they both heard the babble of a baby. She looked up at Father who smiled. Then she moved quickly away from him. She ran a short distance when Vincent came into view. He smiled when she reached him. "I have brought our son home." He whispered as he lay the child in her arms. Catherine smiled as her tears began to fall. "Oh Vincent our family is finally together." She cried. Vincent smiled and wrapped his arm around her waist. "Yes my love we can now be a true family." He told her. "Now let's go show our son to his grandfather." Catherine smiled at him and nodded as they walked toward Father.


About thirty minutes later Catherine and Father emerged from the hospital chamber. They smiled when they saw Devin sitting beside Vincent on the tunnel floor. "We are finished." Father commented. Vincent and Devin both rose. "How is he?" Vincent asked as he moved beside Catherine. "He is perfectly healthy now." Father remarked. "Our bond was able to save him." Vincent stated. "I am so glad you share that with our son." Catherine commented. Vincent smiled at her but she could see the sadness in his eyes over the loss of their bond. "Don't worry love if our bond was meant to be between you and our son now that is a beautiful gift." She commented. Vincent smiled and nodded. "Yes it is." He stated.


Then Catherine saw Devin. "When did you get back?" She asked. "A few moments ago." He told her. "There was a gunshot fired as Vincent and I were leaving the house and I went back to see what had happened." He stated. "What happened?" Catherine asked. "Apparently Gabriel lunged at Joe but Diana saw him in time and was able to shoot him before he shot her or Joe." He explained. "They wanted me to tell you that Gabriel will never bother anyone again he is dead." Catherine felt a sudden wave of relief. She swayed slightly and Vincent caught her. He took the baby from her and quickly handed him to Devin. Then he scooped her up and carried her toward their chamber. Father and Devin followed behind them.


When they entered the chamber Vincent laid her down on the bed. "Catherine are you all right?" He asked concerned. Then he looked up at Father. "Let me examine her." he commented. Vincent nodded and moved aside. Father sat down and quickly began the examination. After he was done he put his tools back in his bag. "She is fine just very exhausted." He commented. "I think we should let her sleep for a while." He told them as he rose. Vincent nodded and took the baby from Devin. "I will put our son in his cradle then join you." He told them as they left. Vincent gently lay Jacob down and smiled at him. "Sleep now my son." He whispered. Then her rose and looked at Catherine. She was so beautiful to him. He walked over and gently kissed her forehead then he left the chamber.


A few hours later Catherine awoke. She sat up on the bed and looked around. She noticed that Vincent was not there. She rose and was about to leave the chamber to look for him when she heard the gurgling of the baby. She smiled as she approached the cradle. She sat down on the floor of the chamber and looked at him as he looked up at her. She sat there for a little while when she felt two hands touch her shoulders. She looked up and smiled at Vincent. "Where are you?" he asked as he knelt down behind her. She snuggled into his arms and smiled. "I am finally home with you and our son." She whispered. They spent the next few moments looking down at the beautiful face of their child that was created by their love.





A month after his return the naming ceremony was held for the baby. Everyone that Vincent and Catherine loved were there to celebrate the new life of their son. Father smiled then began to speak. "This has been a time of great tragedy and great happiness. The darkness that once overshadowed our world has now been lifted." He began. "We welcome the child with love so that he may learn to love. We welcome the child with gifts so that he may learn to give. And finally we welcome the child with a name. Upon which I believe Vincent and Catherine have chosen." Then Father nodded at Catherine. "Vincent and I have chosen to name our son Jacob." She stated proudly. Everyone smiled and clapped. Father smiled as a tear fell down his cheek.


After the ceremony the crowd began to move toward the family. "So what are the two of you going to do now?" Joe asked. Catherine and Vincent smiled. Then Vincent wrapped his arm around her shoulders. "Well the next thing we have to plan is our wedding." Vincent stated proudly. Devin looked at Jenny and Diana. "So you popped the question?" Joe asked teasingly. Vincent smiled and pulled Catherine and the baby closer to him. "Yes I could not be apart from Catherine any longer." He stated. "That is so wonderful." Jenny told them as she hugged them. "Well we better be getting to the great hall." Joe commented. Then the three of them walked away from Vincent and Catherine.


Father approached the young couple and hugged them both. "I am very honored that you chose to give my grandson my name." He told them. Catherine smiled. "I wanted to do that ever since I discovered that I was expecting. I could not think of a better name." She stated proudly. Father smiled once again. "Would you like me to take Jacob to the great hall so that the two of you can have a few moments alone?" He asked. Catherine looked at Vincent and smiled. "Yes thank you so much Father." She told him as she placed Jacob in his arms. Father smiled then left the chamber.


Once they were alone Vincent wrapped his arms around Catherine. "Are you happy?" He asked. She turned around in his arms and smiled. "I have never been happier." She whispered. "I think the only day that I will be this happy is when we are married." She commented. Vincent smiled down at her. "I agree." He whispered. "And also when our second child is born." She stated. Vincent looked at her shocked. "Catherine are you telling me what I think you are telling me?" He asked. Catherine smiled once again and nodded. "Yes Vincent I am pregnant." Vincent pulled her to him and held her gently. "This is the best gift that I could have gotten." He told her. "Now I can see our child growing inside of you." Catherine looked up at him again and smiled. "I better warn you I do get rather moody when I am pregnant." She stated smiling. Vincent smiled at her statement. "And I cannot wait to see you go through those moods." He commented. Then he captured her lips in a passionate kiss.


As they broke apart both were breathless. "We should be getting to the great hall." Catherine whispered when her voice returned. Vincent released one of his arms from her. "Yes my angel let's go tell everyone the wonderful news that you are giving me another child." He stated proudly. Catherine smiled then they walked out of the chamber toward the great hall. Their happy life together had just begun. And their dreams had finally come true.