By Dawn Yzaguirre


This is a resurrection story. Catherine comes out of a coma in Peter's house. Devin knows she is alive and he brings Vincent to see her. He takes her home to the tunnels where she is reunited with Jacob. But Diana comes back and still believing that Catherine is dead declares her love to Vincent. When he tells her that she is alive Diana plots against them. Will their happiness be ruined by Diana's plans?


Catherine awoke in a daze. She blinked trying to focus her eyes. When her mind finally cleared she looked around the room, where am I? She wondered. She finally found her voice and quietly called out, "Is anyone here?" When the man looking at her chart heard this he quickly moved beside her.


"Cathy honey did you say something?" Peter asked excitedly. She looked up at him and started to cry. Peter put his hand on her forehead and tried to calm her down. "Cathy you are alive." He told her. She looked up at him again and smiled. "Peter what happened to me?" she wanted answers to what was going on. "Honey when you get a bit stronger Joe and I will tell you everything." Peter assured her. She nodded sleepily and drifted off to sleep once again.


A couple of days later she awoke to the sound of male voices. At first she could not make out who they were. "Peter how long have you known that Cathy is alive?" One voice asked. Another voice broke in trying to explain. "Devin you have got to understand why we did this." Devin was very upset. He could not believe that they had put his brother through such pain and agony.


"Peter how could you let Vincent believe that she was dead?" Devin asked his voice brimming with anger.


"Devin we had to keep both of them safe." Joe interrupted. Joe had decided that until this whole thing with Gabriel was finished Vincent and Catherine had to be kept safe. This meant that they should be kept apart for the time being.


Catherine heard this conversation and yelled for Peter. Seconds later the three men burst into the room. "Honey everything is alright." Peter told her. She looked up at Devin and held up her hand. "Devin I am so glad to see you." She said smiling up at him.


"Hey Chandler you are certainly a sight for sore eyes." He said smiling back down at her


Catherine quickly turned to Peter and Joe and asked "Did you say that Vincent thinks that I am still dead?" she asked. Peter and Joe looked at one another nervously. How would they explain everything to her? Catherine brought them back to reality when she once again demanded answers. She was becoming more and more angry because they were not answering her. "Hey I asked you a question Peter!" she exclaimed as she tried to rise up in the bed. "Cathy please calm down." Devin implored as he lightly pushed her back down. She looked at the three of them with fire in her eyes. "I have to know if Vincent knows that I am alive." She insisted. Peter finally sat down beside her on the bed and smiled.


"Cathy you are right you have to know the truth." He told her. Joe looked over at Peter in astonishment. "Peter we cannot risk telling her everything right now." Joe told him. Catherine glared at Joe angrily. "Joe Maxwell you better tell me everything right this minute!" Catherine demanded. Joe looked down at her stunned. She had never been this forceful with him.


Peter and Joe looked at one another nervously. How would they explain everything to her? Catherine brought them back to reality when she once again demanded answers.


"Joe, Peter is right you should have told Vincent that Cathy is alive." Devin interjected. Joe was all of a sudden angry with Devin. He could not understand how this situation was any concern of Devin's. "Devin please stay out of this!" Joe shot angrily. Peter was stunned at Joe's attitude toward Devin. "Joe, Devin has every right to be involved in this he is after all Vincent's brother." Peter told the newly appointed District Attorney.


"Honey we have not told Vincent that you are alive." Peter admitted. Catherine could not believe what she was hearing. She could not understand why they would do this to the both of them. "Peter I thought that you cared about us." Catherine sadly said. Peter was taken aback by this revelation. He loved the both of them very much. "Cathy I do care about you both very much I just wanted to wait for you to recover before I told Vincent anything." Catherine understood what Peter said and forgave him.


"Radcliffe, we could not risk telling anyone that you are alive." Joe quietly told her. He could understand her anger toward them after all they had made a decision for her. She loved Vincent and could not bear that he would still be suffering the pain of her "death". "Joe I know that you did what you thought was right but it was not right." Catherine told him matter of factly. She wanted Vincent back in her life and she intended to accomplish that as soon as possible. "Cathy why don't you try to sleep now." Devin told her. "We will figure out how to tell Vincent later."


"Joe I know that you had my best interest at heart but Vincent is the man that I love and I want him to know that I am alive." She told her former boss. Joe was about to speak when Peter interrupted. "Joe I think that she is right we should have told Vincent the whole story from the beginning." Joe was taken aback by the fact that Peter was now agreeing that they had made a mistake in the decisions that they had made.


Joe tried to argue that they had made the best decision that they could at the time. But he quickly found that he was not going to win this argument. "Alright I guess that we did make some mistakes." He finally admitted. "But I do not see what it matters now anyway." Joe continued. The three other people in looked at him with confusion in their faces. "Why would it not matter now, Joe?" Catherine screamed at her friend. Seeing that she was getting even more upset Devin placed a gentle hand on her shoulder to calm her down. Joe knew that what he was about to say would not go over well. "Cathy I have made arrangements for you to go into the Witness Protection Program as soon as you have recovered." Joe told her quietly. Catherine was now even angrier than she had been before. "Joe that is out of the question I will never leave Vincent again!" She screamed as she rose up from the bed. The force of her anger made Joe step back.


"Cathy I am afraid that in this situation I know what is best for everyone." He told her when he had recovered from his shock. She looked at him with eyes burning in anger. How dare you do this! She thought. "Joe you are not in charge of my life." She retorted angrily.


Peter and Devin could both see that the situation was becoming more volatile. They knew that if they did not intervene these two friends might do permanent damage to their friendship. Peter broke into the conversation to calm everyone down. "Joe, Cathy is right she does not have to go into protective custody if she does not want to." Joe looked at him with confusion in his face. "Peter it is the only way to keep her safe." Joe argued. He could not understand why they were refusing to have her protected.


Joe finally threw up his hands in exasperation. "Alright I just thought that she would be safer." He said angrily. Catherine could sense his anger and quickly spoke to calm him down. "Joe I plan to go live with Vincent if he will have me." Devin was shocked to hear this from her. "Cathy I assure you that he will have you." Devin said as he placed a comforting hand on her arm.


Catherine knew that Joe only had her best interest at heart. She could not be angry with him about that. "Joe I understand your motives." She assured him. She quickly took his hand to show him that she understand and appreciated everything that he had done for her. "Cathy I just want you to be safe." He told her quietly. Devin could now see that the situation was calmer. He felt that he had to assure Joe that she would be safe with Vincent and his family.


"Joe she could not be safer than with my family." Devin told him. Joe nodded. He finally understood their arguments. "Alright I will cancel the request." He said smiling. She rose up into a sitting position and raised her arms to hug him. Joe smiled and bent down into the hug. "I will see you later I have to get back to the office." Joe said smiling. With this he turned and walked out the door. Catherine was happy that they had convinced him that she would be safer with Vincent in the tunnels.


"So Peter when can we let that man of mine know that I am alive and coming home to him?" Catherine asked excitedly. She knew that Vincent had to know soon. "I see no reason why we cannot tell him tonight." "Peter I can get him here tonight all I have to do is tell father what is going on." Devin told them. Catherine smiled at him as he left to go down to the tunnels. When they were alone she squealed with happiness as she hugged Peter.


When Devin returned below he decided that he must tell father that Catherine is alive. When he entered the chamber he found Father in his library. "Oh Devin I was wondering where you had gone." Devin smiled as though he had a secret. "Dad please sit down I have some wonderful news for you." Father was slightly confused. What could be the news that Devin was dying to tell him? Father thought to himself. "Dad you are not going to believe this but Catherine is alive." Father looked at his son in shock. "Devin that is not possible." He said in response. Devin shook his head "Dad she is at Peter's house I was just there visiting her." Father was truly shocked but something told him that Devin was telling the truth. "Oh Devin Thank God this will be over soon." Father told his son. Devin smiled and nodded. "I couldn't agree with you more." Devin told father.


"Devin how are you going to get Vincent to go to Peter's house?" Father asked. Devin thought for a moment and responded. "Dad didn't you say that Peter had some supplies for the tunnels?" Devin asked. Father thought for a moment then nodded. He could see what Devin was driving at. "Devin it might take some persuading to get Vincent to go Above." Father told him. Devin nodded and smiled. "Between the two of us I think that we can persuade him." Father smiled and agreed.


"Dad I am going to find Vincent." Devin told him. He was leaving when Father called after him. "Devin I will help you persuade him to go just tell him that I would like to talk to him." Devin nodded and headed for the falls to see if he was there. When Devin did not find him at the falls he went toward his chamber. There he stopped in the doorway and looked at his brother as he was holding baby Jacob. He could not get over just how much this beautiful child meant to Vincent.


When Vincent rose to place Jacob in his cradle he noticed Devin looking at them. "Devin I did not see you there." Vincent said as he sat back down. Devin came in and sat down beside him. "I was just watching you with your son." Devin told him. "I always get a kick out of seeing you with him." Vincent looked up and smiled slightly. "He is the only thing that has kept me sane these last six months." Vincent told him. "When I found him it was as if I was getting a piece of Catherine back." Devin looked down at his hands and smiled to himself. Oh Vincent you are in for a surprise. He thought. "That reminds me Father wants to see the two of us in his chamber." Vincent looked at the sleeping baby and then back at his brother. "Do you know what he wants?" Devin shook his head. "He just said that he wanted to see both of us." Vincent took a deep breath and nodded. "I will take Jacob to Mary and join the two of you shortly." Devin rose and walked out of the chamber.


When Devin reached Father's chamber he found Father deep in thought. "Oh Devin my mind was elsewhere." Father told him when he noticed him in the door. Father looked around to see if Vincent was behind Devin. "Is Vincent coming?" Father asked nervously. Devin smiled and nodded. Before he could answer Vincent walked up behind him. "Father, Devin said that you wanted to talk to us." Vincent told his father. Father nodded and smiled. "Yes Vincent I was hoping that the two of you would go to Peter's house and get those supplies that he has for us." Father told them. "Father does Devin really need my help?" Vincent asked. He rarely went above since the he had recovered Jacob and lost Catherine. He found that he had no desire to go above. He did not have Catherine above waiting for him at her apartment. Father new it was painful for Vincent to go above but tonight that pain would leave his son.


"Vincent I really need your help with this there are some supplies that are too heavy for me to lift alone." Devin told him placing a hand on his shoulder. Vincent just nodded in agreement. "What time would you like to leave for Peter's?" Vincent asked Devin. "I told him that you would come about seven." Father told him. Vincent turned and headed out of the chamber. "I will be with Jacob until then." He told them as he left. When he was gone Father told Devin, "I pray that when he sees Catherine again his pain will end." Devin came over and placed a hand on his father's shoulder. "Dad he has been in pain for so long I think that this will heal all his wounds." Devin told him.


About seven Devin and Vincent reached the secret door to Peter's house. Devin tripped the latch and opened the secret panel. They both stepped into the house. Peter came out of the bedroom just as they entered. "Devin Vincent I am so glad that you could come get the supplies for father." He stepped toward them and reached out for Vincent's hand. "Vincent it is so good to see you." Peter told his friend. "It is good to see you too Peter." Vincent told his friend. In her bedroom Catherine silently wept when she heard the velvet voice of the man she loved more than anything in the world. She smiled and thought to herself. Just a few minutes more my love and we will live our dream.


After a few moments of small talk Vincent was becoming very edgy. "Peter I do not mean to be rude but I left Jacob with Jamie and I need to get back soon." Vincent told him. Peter rose and walked toward his friend. "Of course my friend I will go get the supplies and something else that I want you to take with you." Peter told him as he headed for the bedroom that Catherine was in. When he reached the bedroom door he opened the door slowly and stepped in. When he emerged he was carrying some boxes and Catherine was on his arm and they walked into the living room.


By this time Vincent was pacing the length of the living room. He was feeling more uptight than before. He knew that it was a mistake for him to come here. Even in Peter's house the memory of Catherine was very strong. This made it very difficult for him to be here. He wanted to retreat to the safety of the tunnels where he could hold his and Catherine's son and have his memories of the woman that he loved more than anything in life. Devin could see his reaction and was growing concerned that he might run. "Vincent please calm down we will be home in a while." Devin told him. Deep inside Devin could not help but be happy about the surprise that was coming to his beloved younger brother.


Vincent was facing the window looking out into the night sky when he was about to respond to Devin. Just before he could speak he heard Peter enter the room and also a small gasp that made him swivel around. "Oh Vincent I have missed you these last months." She told him as she began to cry and slowly approached him. Vincent was stunned he did not know what to say. He was sure that he was losing his mind. This cannot be Catherine. He thought to himself. "I must be going insane." He said quietly as he stared at the woman that stood only a few feet from him. "You cannot be Catherine that is not possible." He insisted. She could understand his disbelief. She knew that he was in an emotional tug of war. "Vincent I know that it seems impossible that it is me but I promise you my love it is." She told him through her tears.


While they were watching this Peter spoke to Devin. "Why don't you and I go into the kitchen and leave these two alone for a while?" Peter asked as he led him from the room. As they left the room they looked back at the two people that they both adored and prayed that they would have a happy ending.


When they reached the kitchen and sat down at the kitchen table Devin began to shuffle nervously. "Peter I hope that she can convince him that she is Catherine." Devin told him. Peter placed a hand on Devin's shoulder and tried to reassure him. "Devin we both know them very well just give Cathy some time and Vincent will see that she is the woman that he loves and she has returned to him." Peter began to think of something. "I think that I am going to send a message and have Jamie bring Jacob up when Vincent and Catherine have accepted one another." Peter told Devin.


In the living room Vincent was finally sitting in a chair by the fireplace. Catherine had taken a seat a few feet from him. She did not want to rush him. "Vincent please talk to me tell me what you are thinking." Vincent was silent and looking down at his hands. He could not find the words to express what he was feeling. "Vincent my darling I promise you that everything I have told you is true." Catherine sobbed once again. Vincent was still sitting silently but he had raised his head and was now looking at her. "My heart tells me that you are Catherine but my head is screaming that it cannot be possible." He told her quietly. She knew that it was going to take some time for him to come to terms with everything. "Vincent I promise you that I am your Catherine." She tried to assure him again.


When she had spoken these words Vincent had suddenly brought his face up to look at her again. He was taken aback by these words that she had just spoken. He knew that very few people knew that he referred to her in that manner. When he spoke that name to her they were most of the time alone. Very few people below knew that he used this loving manner to refer to Catherine. He was suddenly not so sure. Could she be Catherine? Vincent thought for a moment then he gasped. She was Catherine! She had come back to him. She was here in front of him. And he vowed to himself that he would never let her go again.


All of a sudden he was sure of everything. He was overcome with emotion. He was sure now that this was his beautiful Catherine. She had come home to him. She had not died that night that he found her. Then to compound everything he suddenly found that the bond had returned. He could now feel everything that she was feeling. Vincent knew by these feelings that she was most definitely his beloved Catherine.


"Oh my God it is you Catherine!" Vincent cried as he rose and ran to her. He had to take her into his arms and hold her. She rose as he reached her and squealed with joy as he picked her up and swung her around. They were finally in one another's arms and together. They would never be apart again. Finally Vincent could not stand it anymore. "Catherine if I do not kiss you I will die right here." He told her as he held her tightly. She looked down into the face that she loved so much and the deep blue eyes that she adored. "Well my love you better kiss me we cannot have you dying on me when I have come home to you." She told him gleefully. With those words he captured her lips in the most passionate kiss that she had ever encountered. She was finally home with the man she loved more than life.


As they were locked in the kiss Devin and Peter emerged from the kitchen. They happily watched as their favorite couple reunited and came together once again. "Should we leave them alone again for a few minutes until Jamie arrives with Jacob?" Peter whispered to Devin. Devin who was smiling nodded and they returned to the kitchen.


When Catherine and Vincent finally parted he held her as if she would fade away. He swayed back and forth sobbing quietly as she clung to him. "Catherine I am afraid that if I take my arms away from you that you will disappear." He told her through his tears. She kissed his tears away and smiled. "Darling I am never leaving you again that I guarantee." She told him. They were so engrossed in the sight of one another that they did not even hear the secret door open as Jamie stepped into the kitchen.


"Catherine this is so unbelievable." He told her again. "I cannot quite bring myself to really believe it." Catherine smiled and nodded then she brought her lips back to his and she kissed him once again. When they parted again she slyly asked, "Do you believe me now?" Vincent was lost with these words he nuzzled her neck and sobbed once again.


"Vincent I love you." She sobbed. She was exactly where she belonged. She would never leave him again. She loved this man with all her heart and soul. She could not imagine any life without him now. "Vincent I want you to tell me everything that has been happening since I have been gone." She told him. He smiled and nodded. She was truly his beautiful angel and his miracle. "I promise you my Catherine that I will tell you everything." He assured her.


Finally he had to ask her how it was possible that she was here in his arms alive. "Catherine you died in my arms." He said with pure emotion in his voice. She could see in his eyes that he was in great pain just thinking about their separation. When Catherine heard this it broke her heart. She knew that they had been apart for far too long. "Vincent my love the doctor that injected me with the morphine was working for the government." Vincent could not believe what he had just heard. "But why would he do that to you if he was working against Gabriel?" He placed Catherine back on her feet and encircled her in his arms. "He had no choice he did not want to blow his cover so he had to do it." She told him. Vincent was even more shaken by this information. He could not believe that she had been put through that.


"When he gave me the injection he gave me just enough to make it appear to everyone that I was dead." She told him as she lightly kissed his cheek. "I took you back to your apartment and stayed there with you for an entire day." He told her sadly. "I could not believe that I had found you only to lose you again." She cried at the pain that this brought to Vincent. "Oh Vincent I wish that I had been able to let you know that I was alive." She cried as his arms tightened around her. "Catherine it does not matter all that counts is that we are here together now." He whispered into her ear.


"Catherine who found you?" Vincent asked. She looked up at him again and replied "I am not sure but Joe got their pretty fast." "Apparently I started to flinch when the doctor was about to start the autopsy." Vincent's grasp on her tightened even more. "Vincent I do not want to talk about this anymore." She told him. Vincent nodded and stared at his beautiful Catherine. "I will never let you go again Catherine I swear that." Catherine raised her head from his chest and looked up at him again. "Oh Vincent I will never leave you again." She stated as she began to cry again.


Just as they were getting lost in their tears again they were interrupted by a noise behind them. "I think that we have given you two enough time alone for now." Devin said teasingly. Catherine turned and smiled at the two men who had brought them together. "Well little brother I hope you enjoyed your surprise." Devin said as he approached the couple. "Oh Devin I do not have the words to thank you or Peter for this gift that you have given back to me." With those words he took Devin into a big bear hug. "Vincent when I found out that she was here yesterday I just had to bring her back to you." Devin told him. Catherine was crying harder at the sight of the love between these two brothers.


When Catherine approached Peter to thank him she noticed Jamie standing behind him. Jamie was absolutely stunned. "Cathy is that really you?" she asked pensively. "Yes Jamie it is me I have come home again." Just as Catherine got the words out of her mouth her eyes lowered to the cooing child in Jamie's arms. When Catherine saw her son for the first time since the night he was born Catherine could not believe her eyes. "Oh my God is that my beautiful baby?" Catherine asked as Jamie placed him into his mother's arms. Catherine took Jacob and held him close to her breast. She stroked his head and touched his face as her body was taken over by sobs of joy.


When Vincent saw this he came up behind her and closed his arms around her. "Catherine this is our son Jacob." He told her as she held the baby. "Oh Vincent he is the most beautiful child I have ever seen." She told him through her tears. "Hello my darling Jacob I am your mommy." She told her son as he looked into her eyes. Vincent thought that he would fall apart while looking at this beautiful exchange. "Vincent can we go home now?" Catherine asked. She looked up at him with a smile on her face and as he nodded. A few moments later they left Peter's house and walked into the tunnels. "I never dreamed that I would be here again." She told Vincent as they walked along. "Catherine it is my dream come true that you are here with me and our son." He told her lovingly.


When they came to the home chambers they found that the whole community had gathered to meet them. Everyone marveled at how good and healthy she looked. Everyone had questions about what had happened to her. Catherine gladly answered them. Then an hour later everyone was satisfied and they excused themselves. When they reached Father's chamber Vincent and Catherine entered and saw the old man smiling with tears in his eyes. "Oh Cathy I am so thankful that you have come back to us." Father said as he embraced her. "Thank you Father." She said lovingly. Just before they sat down Jamie entered the chamber and addressed Catherine. "Cathy would you like me to take Jacob and put him in his crib." Catherine looked down and saw that her son had fallen asleep in her arms. "Thank you Jamie yes would you please take him." Catherine said. Catherine kissed her son on the forehead and whispered to him, "Good night my darling baby I will see you when you wake up." With that she handed him to Jamie who left the room.


When Vincent and Father saw this exchange they both got very emotional. Catherine looked up into Vincent's face and saw that he had tears streaming down his face. "I love you Vincent." She told him as she dried his tears. Father finally found his voice again. "Catherine I understand that you want to live here with us." He began. "Yes father my home is now here where I can be with the man that I love and our son." Father smiled and nodded. "Well I do not see any problems with the council." He told her. "I think that we should have the meeting tomorrow evening to make things official." Father continued. Then he rose and said, "I am sure that the two of you would like to be alone I will see you both in the morning." As he finished speaking he rose and kissed them both on the forehead.


Then they left and were walking arm in arm toward their chamber. "Vincent I cannot tell you how much I love you." Catherine said. He looked down at her with love in his eyes. When they reached the chamber they noticed that Jacob was not there and that there was a note on the table.


Vincent and Catherine,

I thought that you would like to spend your first night together alone. I will keep Jacob with me until tomorrow. You need a night off to yourselves. Welcome home Catherine.




"Well I guess Mary thought that we needed privacy even from our son." Catherine said as she smiled up at Vincent. She moved to Vincent and slid her arms around his waist. He looked down at her and once again captured her mouth in a passionate kiss. As he kissed her she felt his tongue exploring her mouth. She happily accepted this.


When they separated Vincent told her emotionally, "Catherine I will never let you out of my sight." She almost melted at the sound in his voice. "Vincent can we possibly go somewhere since Mary has Jacob for tonight?" she asked slyly. "Why Catherine I do believe that you are attempting to seduce me." He told her as he smiled seductively. "You better believe I am." She replied. She was so happy to be back in the arms of the man of her dreams. She wanted nothing more than to spend all her life with him. He once again kissed her. He could not get enough of this precious woman that meant the world to him.


When they finally parted Vincent left a note for Father and then took Catherine's hand and led her from the room. "Where are we going my love?" Catherine asked as they walked down the tunnel. "I thought that you might like to spend the night behind the water fall in our secret place. "Oh yes Vincent I would love to be there alone with you." She told him as she cuddled into his arm.


When they reached their secret place Vincent laid his cloak down on the ground. Then he walked to the other side of the chamber and retrieved the cushions that were stored there. Before they could settle down on the cushions they heard William's voice in the chamber. "I will be right back my sweet Catherine." She nodded and he descended to the lower chamber. "Oh Vincent I went to your chamber with some food for the both of you and found the note about you coming here." William told him embarrassed. "I thought that I would bring you this picnic dinner." Vincent took the basket and smiled at the cook. "Thank you William we will see you tomorrow."


When Vincent returned to the secret chamber he found Catherine lying on his cloak. "William brought us some food." Vincent told her as she rose to a sitting position. "Oh that is wonderful I am starving." She told him as she opened the basket. They ate some of the food and finished their evening meal. "Oh I have missed William's cooking." She told him as she finished eating. "Is that all you have missed my beautiful one?" Vincent asked with a smile on his face. "Oh no I have missed the children and Father also." Catherine teased. "Anyone else Catherine?" he asked again. "Well there are two other men that I have missed terribly." She finally told him. "What two men have you missed?" he asked teasingly. She turned toward him and entwined her arms around Vincent's neck. "The two men that I have missed the most are you and our beautiful baby boy."


"Oh Vincent I need you terribly." She told him as he began to kiss her again. She wanted him more than she ever thought possible. She started to caress him as she kissed him.


"Catherine please let me love you tonight." Vincent pleaded as he felt his desire rising inside him. She looked into his eyes and smiled. "Yes Vincent please make love to me now I have missed you." As they moved back toward the cushions they were lost in their passion. When he laid her down Vincent slowly removed Catherine's clothes. He marveled in the sight of her body. "Oh Catherine I have missed you." He told her as he began to caress her breasts. She moaned with pleasure as he played with her nipples. Then he leaned forward and took one nipple into his mouth. She moaned with pleasure as she felt the pleasure that Vincent was giving her. "Oh Vincent I have missed you." She moaned. After he had finished with her breasts he removed the rest of her clothes. "Oh Catherine your body is so beautiful." He told her as he rose to remove his clothes. Catherine put her hand up to his and stopped him. "Vincent I want to do that." She smiled shyly. He smiled down at her and dropped his hands. She worked diligently and soon they were both naked.


When they looked into one another's eyes they were suddenly lost in their passion. "Oh Vincent take me now!" Catherine pleaded. "Yes my beautiful love I will love you now." Suddenly their desire exploded as he entered her. She screamed in delight as she felt him. "Oh I have missed you Catherine." Vincent moaned as he rocked their bodies. "Vincent never stop loving me." She begged. "Oh never my Catherine you will never have to worry about that." Then their desires exploded and he sunk to her breast in exhaustion. "I have missed you terribly my darling Vincent." Catherine said happily as she stroked his mane. Soon they were both lost in their love for one another. They were then asleep and dreaming of their future lives together. When she awoke in the morning Catherine noticed that Vincent was not there. "Vincent!" she screamed. "Vincent where are you?" she was becoming very frightened. Then she heard someone entering back into the chamber.


"Catherine my love I am here." Vincent said as he ran to her side. Catherine grabbed hold of him. "Where were you?" she asked as she held him. "I was talking to Father for a moment." He told her as he calmed her fears. She moved back and looked into his face. "I got so frightened that you were gone when I woke up." She sobbed. "Darling I will never leave you Father just wanted to tell me that I would not be needed on a work crew this afternoon." When Catherine had calmed down she felt very ashamed of herself. "Catherine what is it?" Vincent asked. She could not bring herself to look at his face. "I never expected to react to your absence like that can you forgive me?" He took her chin in his hand and raised her face to meet his. "Catherine please never be ashamed that you miss me." He told her. She smiled when she felt his understanding through the bond.


"Catherine I miss you." He told her huskily. She giggled and once again they were lost in the feel of one another. When they awoke later Vincent rolled over onto his side beside her. Then he rose onto one elbow and looked down into the face of the woman that was the best part of his life. He slid his arms around her and they laid there in the glow of their love. After a while Catherine rose and attempted to get up. "And where do you think you are going?" Vincent asked playfully as he pulled her back down. "I was hungry for food this time." She laughed as he looked down at her. They spent the rest of the morning there reading, talking and loving. Their life was perfect.


When they returned to their chamber Father was waiting for them. "I am so sorry but Vincent you will be needed on a repair job this afternoon after all." Catherine looked disappointed. "Catherine dear I am so sorry but Cullen has come down with a terrible cold and cannot go." Father told her. "That's alright Father I understand." she replied with a smile. "Alright Father I will leave in a few moments. Father then left them alone. "Catherine I know that we were planning on spending the entire day alone together." He said sadly. "Vincent we have the rest of our lives to be together you have to go." She told him as she placed a hand on his cheek. "Besides I can spend the day with our son." She said happily.


When he was ready to leave they kissed passionately. "I will miss you my love." She said. As she moved back to break the embrace she felt his grip tighten on her. Then she looked into his face. "What is it Vincent you looked so frightened." She told him "I am afraid that if I leave that when I return this afternoon you will be gone again." She suddenly understood and gently kissed him again. "Vincent I swear that when you get back I will either be here waiting or with Father." He felt better when he heard her reassurance.


Later that day Catherine was sitting in their chamber nursing Jacob. She smiled as she looked down into his beautiful face. She could not get over how beautiful he was and that she was here taking care of him. She marveled at how this beautiful baby was her son. She caressed his skin gently and kissed him. He gurgled and babbled at her. She laughed as she rose to lie down with him on the bed. She held him as they both fell asleep. That is how Vincent found them later that evening. "Catherine I am back." He whispered. She was awake in a second. Vincent lifted his sleeping son and laid him in his cradle. "Oh I must have fallen asleep when I laid down with him." She told Vincent. "Well Catherine I must tell you that it was a beautiful sight to come home to." Vincent told her as he bent to kiss her. "I am dirty Catherine so I am going to change clothes and bathe." She smiled and nodded her head.


When Vincent returned a half and hour later he was greeted by the most wonderful and touching sight. Catherine was sitting in the rocking chair gently rocking Jacob to sleep again. Catherine was singing her grandmother's lullaby to him. Vincent stopped in the door of the chamber and watched this exchange. He was completely overcome with emotion. He started crying softly as Catherine sang. When Catherine crossed the room to put Jacob to bed she turned to see her soul mate crying. She walked over to Vincent and wrapped her arms around him. Catherine knew through the bond what Vincent was feeling and thinking. Catherine softly spoke as she comforted him. "Vincent darling do not cry please." Catherine pleaded. He sobbed hard trying to find the words. "I am just so overwhelmed that you are here." Vincent told her tearfully. He continued to speak as his voice shook with emotion. "When I heard you singing to our son it just overwhelmed me because it is something that I never dreamed would happen." Catherine stroked his back as he spoke then she moved back to look into his face. "Vincent I am here and you are stuck with me." She assured him.


Later that night as Catherine sat in their bed reading while Vincent wrote in his journal.

The last couple of days have been the greatest in my life. I have been given the greatest gift that any man could ever receive. My life was going horribly until I was miraculously and joyously reunited with MY CATHERINE. When she was taken from me I thought that I would surely die. I had our beautiful son Jacob but there was a great emptiness in me that I could not ever fill. But then Peter and Devin restored that part of my heart and soul. I sit here now with Catherine in our bed. She is more beautiful than I could ever have remembered. I must agree with Mary who called her return a true miracle. I know that I am not dreaming but I am so afraid that I will awaken and be alone once again. I must see that this never occurs again. I can never live without Catherine again. She is my one and only love. No one could ever take her place in my heart. Thank You God for giving us another chance. I promise that I will not waste any time in making our relationship more permanent.


As Vincent read this last line he realized that he had to make this come true. He felt that there was only one thing that he could do. With this he rose from his chair and walked over to the bed where Catherine was reading. He sat down on the floor next to the bed. He took the book from her and laid it to the side of the bed. Then he rose onto both knees and gently took both of her hands in his. She looked down at him and smiled. "Catherine I love you with all my heart." He started. "You are my love and my life." She breathed very slowly and continued to gaze into the eyes of the man she loved more than life. Vincent continued speaking, "I am so thankful that you were given back to me." Catherine began to cry as she felt the truth of these words through the bond. She gently freed one hand and began to stroke his beautiful face. He continued to speak of the emotions he was feeling. "My love I can never live without you again." He told her as his voice quivered with emotion. She continued to smile and listen to the words that he spoke. "Catherine my darling one would you do me the greatest honor of my life and consent to becoming my wife?"


After he had finished speaking he noticed that she was shaking. He gazed into her face and saw the tears that were streaming down her face. When she finally spoke she answered his question. "Oh my love you have just made all my dreams come true I would be honored to be your wife." With those words he rose and lifted her into his arms. He then swung her around as they celebrated their future together. That night their loving was more passionate and tender than it had ever been. They were going to be together for the rest of their lives.


The next evening there was a council meeting. "So does anyone have any new business?" Father asked toward the end of the meeting. Vincent and Catherine both rose from their seats. "We recognize Vincent and Catherine." He told everyone. Vincent took her hand in his and began to speak. "Last night I asked Catherine to be my wife and she consented to do so." After the announcement everyone was momentarily quiet. Devin who was standing near the chamber entrance was the first one to react to the news. He walked over to the couple that he loved very much and hugged them both firmly. "I could not be happier for the both of you." He told them as he moved back to look at them. By this time the room had exploded into a chorus of cheers. And everyone moved forward to congratulate this very special couple. "Oh Vincent I am truly happy for the both of you." Father said as he embraced them both. By this time Catherine was crying once again. She could not get over how happy she was. Vincent sensed this and squeezed her hand gently. She looked into the deep blue eyes of the man that she loved and smiled.


The wedding date was set for April 12th the anniversary of the day that Vincent found her in the park. Everyone gleefully went about the wedding plans. Catherine asked Peter to act as father of the bride and give her away. And Devin was of course asked to be the best man. Both men were overjoyed to do this for this wonderful couple. Catherine asked Jamie to be her maid of honor. Since she had met her Jamie had become the little sister that Catherine never had.


About a month before the wedding Vincent and Catherine were with Father in his chamber. A message came over the pipes that Diana Bennett was at the park entrance. Catherine looked up at Vincent as he rose to meet her. "Diana is a friend of mine who found our son and returned him to me." He told her as he prepared to leave. "Well then I will go with you to meet her." Catherine told him rising from her chair. They both looked at Father who had a very disturbed look on his face. "Do not worry Father Catherine is with me now." Vincent told him as they left to meet her.


On their way Catherine had to ask Vincent a question that was on her mind. "Darling why did father react that way to her name?" Vincent stopped in mid stride and turned to her. "He does not trust her." He told her. "But she returned our son." Catherine remarked. "Yes but then she began to feel stronger feelings about me." Catherine looked down at her feet. "You mean she fell in love with you." She said quietly. He placed a hand under her chin and raised her eyes to meet his. "Catherine she had strong feelings for me but my heart could never allow me to love anyone else but you." He then bent his head to capture her lips in a very passionate kiss. "I believe you honey now I would like to meet her and thank her for everything she did to find our son." Catherine told him as they began to walk again. "Catherine Chandler you are truly an amazingly wonderful woman." Vincent told her as the walked. "That is why you love me so much." She told him happily. "Not the only reason." He told her huskily. "And I will show you the other reasons later tonight." She could feel the passion behind those words through the bond.


When they reached the park entrance Vincent opened the secret door and stepped through. They had agreed that he would prepare Diana first before she saw Catherine. "Oh Vincent I have missed you these last two months Diana told him as she embraced him. When he felt her arms around him his body stiffened. "We are friends Diana and friend miss one another." He told her as he moved away from her. She was confused at his actions. "Vincent is something wrong?" "Is OUR Jacob alright?" she asked. When she stopped speaking Vincent looked toward the entrance. He could tell that these words affected Catherine greatly. Before he could speak her name Catherine was running tearfully down the tunnel. This angered Vincent very much. "Diana, Jacob is my son he is not our son!" he exclaimed in anguish and anger. Diana looked up at him with surprise on her face. "Sweetheart I only meant that since he does not have his mother I feel a certain closeness to him." Vincent was now pacing nervously trying to control himself. "Diana there is something that you must know two days ago I had a very special gift given back to me." Diana looked at him confused what could he mean by that? She thought to herself. "I discovered that Catherine is alive." He told her. She looked at him disbelieving. Surely he was joking. "Vincent that is not possible." She told him. "I saw her casket buried she is definitely dead." Diana continued. Vincent was having a harder time controlling his anger. She was not listening to him. She was fighting the truth.


Just then Father emerged from the tunnel. This surprised both Vincent and Diana because he hardly ever left the tunnels. "Vincent I wanted to see what was going on I just saw Catherine running down the tunnel crying with Devin and Jamie running after her. "Why was she so upset?" he asked looking at Diana accusingly. Diana was now even more confused. She could not understand why they were talking about Catherine being alive. "Father I was just trying to understand what is going on Catherine Chandler cannot possibly be alive there is no way." Diana told the tunnel patriarch. Father was now getting angry himself. "Miss Bennett I assure you that our beloved Catherine has been given back to us!" Father shot coldly. Vincent was surprised but warmed by the loving way that Father referred to her as "their beloved Catherine."


Vincent moved behind Father and placed a calming hand on his shoulder. "Diana I assure you that Catherine has been given back to me." Vincent told Diana. Diana could not believe that they were continuing that argument. "Diana I do believe that we are finished now I would appreciate it if you would not come down here anymore." Vincent told her firmly. "But Vincent we must be allowed to spend some time together." She pleaded. "Miss Bennett my son has asked you not to come down here again he is much to busy with his and Catherine's wedding plans to spend any free time with anyone else." Diana was taken aback by this statement. "Diana I am in fact getting married to Catherine and I am not spending time with anyone other than her and our son." Vincent told her trying to finally convince her.


When Catherine reached their chamber she collapsed in tears on the bed. As she was crying she heard Devin and Jamie enter. "Cathy what on earth is wrong with you?" Devin asked as he and Jamie took a seat on either side of her on the bed. "I overheard Diana Bennett refer to Jacob as her and Vincent's child." Catherine sobbed as Jamie took her into her arms. "Oh that woman has always been crazy." Jamie spat angrily. "Cathy I met this woman when I came back for you "funeral." Devin told her. "I agree with Jamie I never trusted her." He continued. "She was to possessive over Vincent and Jacob from the start." Jamie told her. "It was clear that she wanted more than a friendship with Vincent." Jamie told her as she comforted Catherine. "She even tried to convince him that he could move above into her apartment with Jacob so that they could be a family." These words made Catherine shake uncontrollably. Catherine could not imagine Vincent living as a family with another woman and Jacob. "Cathy, Vincent is totally dedicated to you he has not been alive until you came home to him and Jacob." Devin assured her.


When Catherine had calmed down she was suddenly angry. She rose and began to pace the floor. "Cathy please calm down." Devin told her. She stopped and stood there for a moment. Then turning to face Devin and Jamie she told them. "I have to go talk to Diana myself." Jamie was suddenly worried. "Catherine are you sure that is a good idea?" Catherine looked at her and nodded. Then without another word Catherine left the chamber. Devin and Jamie looked at one another for a moment. Then decided that Catherine knew what she was doing. "Shall we wait for them here?" Devin asked Jamie. She nodded and they waited.


As she approached the park entrance Catherine could hear their argument. "Diana there is no future for us." Vincent told her. Catherine could see Diana who was angry. "Vincent you must stop this now Catherine is not alive and I will not allow you to throw me away for a memory!" She shot back. Vincent was about to respond when Catherine opened the gate and stepped out.


Catherine came up beside Vincent and took his hand in hers. "Miss Bennett I am Catherine Chandler." She said in a steady voice. But Vincent could feel her anger through the bond. He tried to calm her as best he could through the bond. "You can't be Catherine Chandler she is dead." Diana said quietly. Catherine looked to Vincent who was staring at the exchange. "I assure you that I am who I claim to be." Catherine told her. Father was also watching the exchange and silently applauded the strength that Catherine was displaying. "You and I have some things that we have to discuss." Catherine told Diana. "Vincent, would you and father go inside I will join you when we are done." Vincent was not sure at all whether he should leave them alone. "Catherine are you sure about this?" he asked. She smiled up at him to assure him and nodded. With those words Vincent and Father walked back into the tunnels.


"Now that the two of us are alone I think that we can be quite frank with one another." Catherine told Diana. "I am here with Vincent and our son and I do not appreciate any interference from you." Catherine continued. Diana was angry now. "What gave you the right to walk right back into this life as if you never left?" Diana asked. Catherine could not believe that Diana had just asked her that question. "Miss Bennett I was kidnapped if you remember so I did not leave willingly." Catherine told her coldly. "Miss Bennett Vincent and Jacob are my family." Catherine pointed out. "Vincent and I have been in love since the night we met." Catherine looked at her dead in the face to drive this second point home. "And I am Jacob's mother no one will raise him except his father and myself." Diana looked as if she had been struck in the stomach. "I am not convinced that you will end up staying here sooner or later Vincent will tire of you and ask you to leave." Diana told her.


They were so engulfed in the conversation that neither noticed that the secret door had slid open. And that Vincent was standing there. When Vincent heard the last comment that Diana made to Catherine he came out of the tunnel. "Diana that is enough!" he snarled. Catherine moved back beside him and began stroking his back to calm him. "Vincent I was just telling her that you will not want her when you realize that she stayed away this long on purpose."


Neither Catherine nor Vincent could believe that she had said this. "Miss Bennett you need to leave now." Catherine told her. "You cannot tell me to leave the tunnels." Diana retorted. Vincent had calmed down enough to speak steadily. "Diana this is over you are not welcome here anymore." Vincent told her. "Please Vincent." She begged. Vincent only shook his head and embraced Catherine in one arm. "Alright I will leave but I will be back." She told them as she left.


When Diana was gone Vincent embraced Catherine fully and kissed her. "I am so proud of you Catherine." He told her. She looked up at him and smiled. "Can we go see our son now Vincent?" she asked as she touched his face. "Yes Catherine we can." And they entered the tunnels. As they walked toward the hub Vincent stopped and embraced her once again. "Catherine I want to be alone with you again tonight." He told her as he strengthened his grip around her. She snuggled closer to him as he continued to speak. "Do you want to go to our secret place at the falls again?" Vincent released her slightly and shook his head. "I have a surprise for you that I was saving for our wedding night but I want to show you now."


"We will go get Jacob and take him to Mary then leave. He told her. She smiled and took his arms and they headed for their chamber. When they entered their chamber they found Devin and Jamie waiting for them. "What are the two of you still doing here?" Catherine asked confused. Jamie was the first one to speak. "We were so worried about the two of you that we wanted to make sure that you were alright after Diana left." Catherine moved over to their young friend and Devin and embraced them both. "Thank you both for being concerned about us we are fine now." Vincent told them. When Jamie and Devin were sure that they were okay they departed.


As Vincent and Catherine gathered their things for their trip Vincent noticed that Catherine was smiling. "What makes you smile my dear Catherine?" Vincent asked as he sat down on their bed. Catherine stopped packing and came and sat down next to him. "I was just thinking that this was the first time that I have really gotten that angry since you were captured by Dr. Hughes. She had never told Vincent that she had gotten angry with that. "What do you mean Catherine?" Vincent asked looking down at her hand that he was holding.


"Vincent when I discovered that Dr. Hughes was holding you and wanted to experiment with you I got very angry." Vincent looked up at her puzzled. "Vincent I told Dr. Hughes that he had no right to make you suffer." She continued. "I told him that I did not know how to explain thing but that we were connected." She looked up at this wonderful man that she loved and saw tears in his eyes. " Vincent I told him that if he took your freedom away from that he was taking away the part of you that was the most human." When Catherine had finished speaking she took Vincent into her arms. "I love you so much." She told him as she soothed him. When he could speak again Vincent had to ask her a question that was burning in his mind. "Catherine we were not lovers then and you were leaving New York why did you do that for me?" Catherine sat back stunned. "Vincent, you are right we were not lovers at that time but I was falling in love with you that is why I did not leave I could not go."


After he heard this Vincent felt more pride and love for this beautiful woman than ever before. "My beloved Catherine I love you more than anything, I am so thankful that we never let go of our dreams." Catherine smiled and nodded. Vincent began to trail light kisses over her face and then down her neck. Catherine was beginning to get lost in her passion. "Vincent if we continue this I will soon not be able to stop." He looked up at her mischievously and smiled. "I thought that you were going to show me that surprise." She reminded him. Vincent straightened up and took a deep breath. "You are right Catherine I do want to show you that surprise tonight." He was about to stand up when she smiled and put her arms around him. "There is no reason we cannot take this up later is there?" she asked. "No my beloved one there is no reason that we cannot take this up later." They finished packing and picked up Jacob to take him to Mary.


After they had dropped Jacob off with Mary they headed down the familiar path toward the threshold. "Vincent where are we going?" Catherine asked confused. He stopped in front of the familiar entrance to the tunnels. "When you disappeared I asked Peter if he could hold on to your old apartment I went there after the furniture in the bedroom where I left you was replaced." Catherine looked up into his eyes and was amazed. "You actually wanted to keep going there?" she asked. "It was the one place I felt you more clearly I needed to be near the place where we first became lovers." He told her. "Oh baby I love you more every minute of the day." She cried in joy as she threw her arms around him. "As I love you my Catherine." He told her as their lips met. "I want to spend the night with you there we can regain our entire life." He told her. "But I am supposed to be dead if my former neighbors see me there could be trouble." She told him gravely. "Catherine, Peter told me that none of your former neighbors live there anymore." Vincent assured her. "In fact he said that the eighteenth floor is not occupied by anyone that knew you." She was astonished. She kissed him and headed for the ladder. "I will meet you on the balcony." She told him as she entered the secret door.


When she emerged from the elevator she found Peter at the front door. "Jacob told me that you two needed the key to the apartment tonight." He told her as she hugged him. "Yes we had a very trying night and wanted to get away." She told him. Peter looked at her confused for a moment. "Don't tell me that Diana is trying things again." Peter told her astonished. Catherine nodded her head slowly. "Oh Cathy I am so sorry Joe and I tried to get her to leave town but she refused." Peter continued. "It is alright Peter I am not letting her ruin what Vincent and I have recaptured." She told him as she took the key.


As she moved to unlock the door she turned and told Peter. "I will return the key tomorrow." Peter turned and smiled at her. "Honey the apartment is for you and your family it is only in my name." She turned and kissed him goodbye as she went inside. When she reached the bedroom she opened the closet and found her clothes in boxes. She looked through the boxes and took out a negligee and Vincent's favorite of her robes. She wanted to look just right for the man she loved.


When she finished changing she waited on the balcony. She was deep in her memories when she felt his arms slowly enclosing her. "I was waiting for you." He told her in her ear. "Peter wanted to know what happened tonight." She told Vincent as she leaned back against his chest. "He told me that he and Joe tried to discourage Diana's feeling for you." She continued. Vincent turned her around to face him and nodded. "They knew that I would never give my heart to anyone again." Vincent told her as he bent to kiss her. The kiss was just as passionate as they had ever been. Catherine was lost in his love for her. She wrapped her arms around his neck and began to run her fingers through his mane. "I love you Vincent." She said breathlessly as he kissed her neck. "As I love you my beloved beautiful Catherine." He gasped into her neck. As they were becoming lost in one another it began to softly rain. "Catherine we better go inside now." Vincent told her as he ushered her to the French doors. He opened the door and led her inside the dining room. "Peter redecorated the whole apartment?" Vincent asked as he looked around in amazement. "Yes isn't it simply beautiful." Catherine beamed. Vincent smiled at her and nodded.


"Would you like something to drink Vincent?" she asked as she turned toward the kitchen. "Some tea would be wonderful for us just like we used to drink when I came to see you." He told her. When his words sunk in he was visibly shaken. "Vincent do not be sad about the past we are back together now and the past is forgotten." Vincent looked down at her in amazement. "You are one amazing woman Catherine Chandler." He remarked. "Hey I know that we are not married yet but would you please start referring to me as Catherine Wells?" she asked with love in her voice. "That sounds wonderful my love Catherine Wells." She moved to walk into the kitchen but he grabbed her and pulled her to him. "And where are you going you little vixen?" he growled huskily. "I thought that you wanted some tea." She giggled. "Later, all I want right now is you." He told her seductively. "Since when do you use words like vixen?" she teased playfully. He smiled the smile that she always loved and quickly brought her into his arms. "Since you came back into my life and you are so hypnotic to me that I cannot help but use the word vixen." He told her as he kissed her once again.


Vincent picked her up and was across the room in moments. He easily laid Catherine down on the new bed. "We need to break this new bed in and make it our own." He told her as he began to undo her robe. "I love this robe but you will definitely not be needing it tonight." He told her as he pulled it off her shoulders. "By the way where did you find it?" he asked. She hesitated telling him. "I found it in the closet where all my other clothes are boxed up and marked for Good Will and other places." She told him quietly. Vincent suddenly stopped. Catherine saw an immense sadness fill his eyes. "Vincent do not look that way I am here and we are together." She begged as she rose to her feet to embrace him. "I just never thought about where your belongings would end up." He told her. She embraced him very tightly as she felt him shudder with fear. "Honey I am sure Peter never meant for them to still be here those places are very slow in picking things up." She whispered as she held him tightly.


He moved back and looked down into her face. "I am sure you are right I just hate to think about that time that you were not here and I was alone." He remarked. She placed a gentle hand on his face and looked into his beautiful blue eyes and told him, "Vincent there are things that will always remind us about that time. But when it does all we need to do is remind ourselves that we are back together and our dream is coming true finally." He was so relieved when she said those words. "You are correct Catherine I love you." She nodded and moved back toward the bed. "Now where were we exactly?" she asked seductively as she lay back down. Vincent resumed his disrobing of her. He caressed every part of her body as he looked down at her. "You are so beautiful my darling love." He said as he touched her.


When she was completely naked she rose up on her knees and began to untie his vest. "Now I think that it is your turn." She told him as she opened his shirt and ran her finger through the fur on his chest. Vincent leaned his head back and closed his eyes as she did this. "Oh Catherine I am totally madly in love with you." He said through a raspy voice. "As I feel the same about you my beautiful love." She told him as she gently kissed his chest. He moaned at the feel of her lips on his skin. She them undid his jeans and they fell to the floor. "Oh Vincent you have the most beautiful body." She told him as she kissed him. He encircled her in his strong arms and they moved onto the bed. "Oh Catherine how did I ever live all those months without you?" he asked as she kissed him. She moved down his face smothering him with very delicate kisses. "You lived like I did only half alive you had to go on because you had our beautiful Jacob to care for." She told him. They kissed once again. "Vincent I want you to get me pregnant again." She told him. He was momentarily stunned. "Catherine are you sure that you want to have another child?" he asked tentatively. She rose onto one elbow and looked down into his beautiful face. "Vincent the most wonderful part of our ordeal was when I gave birth to Jacob." "I want to experience that once again but this time with you and the rest of our family." He smiled at the thought of witnessing her give birth. "I thought that you would try to talk me out of going through it again." She told him as tears filled her eyes.


"Catherine I now know that I could never hurt you by loving you and that our child would never harm you even if it looks like me." Catherine was overjoyed by his revelation. "Oh Vincent does that mean that we can give Jacob a little brother or sister?" she asked excitedly. He smiled up at her and replied. "Yes Catherine but I hope that we are married before I get you pregnant again." She knew that this must mean a lot to him so she told him that if it did not happen until then she could wait. "I am a very patient woman as you know Vincent." She chuckled. Vincent made a face of disbelief when she said this. "If there is one thing that you will never be Catherine Wells it is a patient woman but I love that about you." Catherine could not believe how it felt to hear the name that she would have in exactly a month. "Now getting back to what we were doing before." Vincent remarked as he moved over top of her. "I think it is time that we make this night one to remember." She smiled and encircled her arms around his shoulders.


"Oh Vincent I love you!" She moaned as he kissed her body. He was very attentive to her breasts. He played with each nipple as she writhed and moaned with pleasure. "Catherine I want you so much." he told her as he kissed her. She was losing herself in his passion very quickly.


"Take me now Vincent I have to have you now!" she begged as he moved to enter her. When they finally joined the passion that passed through the bond was even stronger than either had anticipated. They were riding a very high wave of passion. "Oh Catherine you feel better every time we are together this way." He moaned as he was losing himself in the feel of her. Finally they could not stand anymore they both moaned heartily as their climax came and took hold of them.


Later that night as they lie together Vincent could not take his eyes off his beautiful lady. She was sleeping so peacefully in his arms. He could hear the gentle rain still falling outside. He smiled to himself as he thought of the wedding that would bind them together for the rest of their lives. Soon he was sleeping and dreaming of the woman that meant the world to him.


The next morning he awoke to the sound of the rain still falling. He reached across the bed and found Catherine was not there. He suddenly rose and dressed in his jeans. Just then he smelled something that smelled wonderful. He made his way to the kitchen where he found her cooking breakfast. Catherine had her back to him but she smiled as she could feel him coming up behind her. "Good morning sweetheart." She whispered as he enfolded her in his arms. "How are you doing today my beautiful lady?" Vincent asked as he kissed her neck. "Are you hungry?" She asked him. He turned her quickly to face him and smiled seductively. "Yes my love I am very HUNGRY!" He growled as he kissed her lips. "Vincent I meant for food." Catherine said trying to sound agitated. It did not work though Vincent knew that she was only teasing. Soon they were once again lost to the passion that they had for one another. Food would have to wait a while longer.


Across the city in Joe Maxwell's office he was working very hard on a current case. Then there was a sudden knock on the door. He looked up and saw the face of Peter Alcott at his office door. "Come in!" Joe called as he motioned him inside. "Good morning Peter what can I do for you?" Joe asked. "I came to talk to you about Diana Bennett." Joe was suddenly stunned. He thought that she had left town for good. "What about Diana?" Joe asked. "She has been to see Vincent again." Joe was suddenly whisked back to the time right after Catherine "died." He remembered how she had become obsessed with taking Catherine's place in Vincent's life. Everyone was disturbed by the sudden attention that she was giving Vincent and his son. "Joe have you heard everything I said?" Peter asked. Joe was suddenly back in the present. "Sorry Peter just remembering something." Joe responded. "Joe can you make sure she stays away from them?" Peter asked. Joe shrugged his shoulders. "Peter we tried that before." Joe told him. Peter nodded remember their confrontation with her. "I tell you what I will talk to her." Joe told him. Peter thanked him then left.


When Diana arrived she went straight to Joe's office. "Hey Joe I am back." She chimed happily. Joe did not seem that happy to see her. "Diana I thought you were happy in Denver." He responded. She could see that she was going to get a fight from him. "You know that I came back to start a relationship with Vincent don't you? She asked. Joe was very concerned about this. He had to try to diffuse the situation before it got any worse for Catherine or Vincent. "Diana I know that you have seen Catherine and Vincent." Joe told her. Diana was stunned. "Joe I met the woman and we spoke about the situation." Joe looked at her confused. "Diana what are you talking about?" he asked. "Joe there is one thing that Catherine does not realize." Diana continued. "Vincent will become bitter about her leaving him and he will eventually cast her out of his life." Joe was now very angry. "Diana there is no way that Vincent will ever do that to Catherine he is to much in love with her!" Diana did not want to hear this anymore. "Joe I need some time to think I am going home." She rose and left she had to decide how to get rid of Catherine Chandler permanently. Joe wondered what Diana would do. He hoped that whatever she did it would not separate Vincent and Catherine permanently.


While this was going on the lovers were enjoying their time alone at the old apartment. "What are you staring at Vincent?" Catherine asked. She was packing away the things she wanted to keep. "I was just thinking about how much I love you." He told her as he continued to look at her. "Oh you better stop that because you will spoil me." Vincent sat down on the floor beside her and took her hand. "I intend to spoil you for the rest of your life."


That evening they arrived back at the tunnels. "Catherine, Vincent I am glad you are back." Father said as he handed Jacob to his mother. "Hello sweetie we missed you so much." Catherine cooed at her son as he stared at her. She kissed his forehead and began to rock him. "I think I am going to put this little boy to bed." She told Vincent and Father. As she was leaving Father handed her a piece of paper. "This message came for you from Joe." Father told her. "Thank you Father I will see you later."


She went to their chamber. Once inside she put the baby to bed and sat down to read the note.



Please meet me for lunch tomorrow. I wanted to congratulate you on your wedding. Meet me at the restaurant we liked to have lunch at. See you tomorrow.



Catherine was smiling when Vincent entered the chamber. "You certainly look happy." He said as he kissed her. "Joe wants to have lunch tomorrow." She told him. "That sounds wonderful I think you should go." She nodded her agreement and they prepared for bed.


The next morning about 11:45 Catherine left the tunnels to meet Joe. "Excuse me!" a female voice called from a car just inside the park. "Yes may I help you with something?" Catherine asked as she approached the car. "Get into the car Miss Chandler!" Diana ordered as she pointed her gun out the window at her. "What the hell is going on here?" Catherine asked angrily. "I am sorry but Joe will not be meeting you today." Diana told her. Catherine started to back up as Diana got out of the car. "Get into the car now!" Diana demanded. Catherine did not know what was going on but she obeyed the order. As Diana floored the car Catherine pleaded with her to let her go. "Miss Bennett I thought we had this settled." She told Diana. When they arrived at Diana's loft she tied Catherine up on the bed. "Miss Bennett you know that this is wrong." Catherine told her. "I need to get rid of you to get my family back." Diana scowled as she pointed the gun at Catherine. "Vincent and Jacob are not your family they are mine." Catherine cried. "Well after tonight they will not have you anymore." She told Catherine.


As the afternoon wore on Vincent began to get scared. "Vincent please calm down I am sure there is a logical explanation to why Catherine is not back yet." Father reasoned. "Father I felt for a moment that she was afraid." Vincent told him. "Vincent when Joe and Peter arrive they may have an explanation." Father tried to reassure him. Just as he finished Joe and Peter arrived. "Hello Jacob." Peter greeted his old friend. "Hello Peter and hello to you Joe." Joe took his hand in a firm handshake. Vincent was staring at him. Joe noticed this and approached him. "Hello Vincent the message said it was urgent." Joe said. "Joe when you left Catherine after lunch today do you know where she went?" Vincent asked. "Vincent I did not have lunch with her today." Joe told him. Vincent was suddenly ashen. He was also suddenly scared beyond reason. "Joe she got a note saying that you wanted to have lunch today." Father told him. Joe looked confused then he shot a look toward Peter. "Peter do you think that she would have done something to Catherine?" Joe asked. Peter was not sure so he shrugged his shoulders.


"What are you talking about?" Vincent growled. "Vincent I think that Diana may have done something to her." Joe responded. Vincent's head suddenly shot up. "What is it Vincent?" Father asked. "She is in danger." He said as he rose to leave. "Vincent it is still daylight you cannot go." Father told him. Vincent spun around and asked "What am I supposed to do let something happen to her?" He growled in frustration and fear. "She is the woman that I love and I have to protect her no matter the risks." Father looked into the scared eyes of his son. He understood and sympathized with him. "Vincent, Peter and I will go and find out if Diana has her." Joe told him. Vincent knew that he could not in reality go so he silently nodded. "Please bring her back to Jacob and me." Vincent pleaded as he sunk into a chair in tears. "Vincent I will bring her back to you." Joe promised.


"Now Catherine we have to clear the air about Vincent." Diana told her. She was standing over Catherine with the gun pointed at Catherine's head. "Diana I sympathize with you but Vincent and I are meant to be together." Catherine told her. Diana shook her head angrily. "No he and Jacob are mine you left them." Catherine began to sob as she realized that she might die today. "Diana please let me go I want to go home to my child he needs me." Diana began to soften her face at the thought of Jacob in need. "Diana he is my little boy you know how much time I missed with him." Catherine continued. "I really do understand your feelings Catherine but if you are allowed to live I will never have the life that I was meant to have." Diana told her. "Diana you must understand that I came back to live with my family again." Catherine now began to cry. "Miss Chandler I really hope that where ever you go you can forgive me and know that Vincent and Jacob are with me and that they are being loved and cared for." Just as she finished saying this Diana cocked the gun and raised it again to Catherine's head. "Say goodnight Miss Chandler." Diana told her. Diana was about to fire when she heard the elevator coming to her loft.


Then the elevator door opened and Joe and Peter emerged. "Drop the gun Diana!" Joe ordered as he raised his own gun. Diana spun around and was about to say something when all of a sudden Catherine kicked her. Diana fell to the floor and dropped her gun. Peter lunged at the gun and grabbed it first. Then as Peter held her at gunpoint Joe got her up and tied her to a chair. Then he untied Catherine and she hugged him and Peter. "Peter I will take care of this why don't you get Catherine down to the tunnels." Joe told him as he raised the phone to call the cops. Peter nodded and put his arm around Catherine and took her from the apartment. As Peter and Catherine reached the parking lot outside they heard a gunshot inside the building. Catherine turned and saw Joe running from the building chasing Diana. She was shooting at Joe as they ran. Soon she escaped from sight as Joe and the police took chase. Peter turned to Catherine and placed an arm around her waist.


When they reached the tunnels Peter asked Catherine, "Honey are you sure you do not need me to come below with you?" Catherine turned and smiled at him, "No Peter I am going straight to Vincent." She told him as she kissed his cheek. When he had pulled away she began to run fast toward the tunnel. When she reached Father's chamber she found him there alone. "Where are my two men?" she asked as she ran into Father's arms. "Oh Catherine are you alright Vincent has been beside himself with worry." Father told her. She nodded and kissed his cheek. "I am fine Father I will see you after I see Vincent and Jacob." She bolted from the room toward their chamber.


"Vincent I know that this is useless to say but please sit down." Devin told his younger brother. Vincent turned and walked over to the bed. He drew his knees up to his chest and placed his head down on his knees. Suddenly Devin noticed that he was crying. Devin rose and walked over and sat down beside him. "Vincent I know that Catherine will be fine." Devin told him. "Devin she has to be alright I cannot lose her again." Vincent cried.


Just as Devin was about to speak they both heard a whimper from the entrance of the chamber. Vincent's head shot up and he saw the figure of the woman that he loved more than life. He was suddenly across the room gathering her into his arms. Devin felt that they needed privacy so he quietly left. "Oh Catherine my angel are you alright?" Vincent asked through his tears and in between kisses. "Yes darling I am fine now that I am here." Catherine cried. "What happened to you?" he asked. She looked into his eyes and began to tell him about what Diana did. "I am so sorry that you were placed in danger and I could not come to you." He cried. "Vincent I think that is the reason she did it in broad daylight she knew that you could not come for me." After she had told him what Diana wanted all Vincent could do was hold her and cry.


As time went on the memory of what happened faded. Vincent and Catherine were to busy being lovers and parents to let it interfere in their lives. Diana had been arrested later that same night. Then one day they heard that Diana had escaped from jail. Vincent was somewhat shaken by the news and went to the falls to be alone. Catherine found him there later that afternoon. "Vincent darling I have been looking for you all over." She told him as she took a seat beside him. He was staring out at the water not saying anything. "Vincent it is not your fault that Diana did the things that she did." Catherine told him. "Catherine maybe I led her on without knowing it." Vincent reasoned. "No Vincent I do not believe that you would not even do that unconsciously." She told him as she touched his shoulder. She felt him relax as he began to believe her. "I just do not understand what happened to her she was such a help when we found Jacob." Vincent told her. "Vincent listen to me when people fall in love they sometimes change drastically." Vincent looked up at her and nodded in agreement. "But darling I do not believe that she was truly in love with you." She continued. "Diana was more obsessed with you than in love with you she did not seem to know the difference." Vincent looked at her with a sudden look of fear. "Catherine if she is free she could try to come here." He told her. Catherine shook her head. "Vincent she would be very foolish to come here." Vincent took Catherine's hand and kissed it softly. Then rising to his feet he pulled her to her feet. "Well my love should we go see what our son is doing?" he asked as he embraced her.


A couple of days before the wedding Catherine went to Peter's. She had started feeling tired and irritable and wanted a check up. Vincent had become very worried about her. "Darling I am sure it is nothing but I am going to see Peter to make sure." She told Vincent as she left. Vincent could not help but worry. He loved her desperately and worried about losing her. When she arrived at Peter's house he greeted her. "Honey I did some tests on your blood sample that I took last night." Peter began. Catherine looked at him and could not understand what he was trying to tell her. "Peter is something wrong with me?" She asked. Peter saw the fear in her eyes and smiled. "No honey I should say not." He told her. "I would not call being pregnant something wrong." Catherine stood there stunned. Then she jumped up and down for joy. "Oh Peter I could not give Vincent a more precious wedding gift." She told him as she embraced him. "When are you telling him?" Peter asked. Catherine thought for a moment then smiled. "I believe that I will tell him on our wedding night." She said as she left. Peter smiled to himself he was truly happy for them.


When she returned to the tunnels she went to see Father first. "Oh Catherine you are back." Father said as he motioned for her to come in. She smiled and sat down. "Yes I just arrived from Peter's." she told him. "So are you alright?" Father asked somewhat concerned. Catherine smiled and nodded. "Yes Father I am fine and so is your second grandchild." Father dropped the ledger that he was holding and looked up at her. Catherine now saw tears coming from his eyes. "Oh Catherine I could not be happier about this." He told her as he approached and kissed her cheek. "Are you telling Vincent tonight?" Father asked. "No Father I was planning to tell him after our wedding day after tomorrow." Father looked concerned all of a sudden. "What are you going to tell him today?" Catherine smiled and replied.


"Father, Peter also found that I am slightly anemic also." Father smiled and nodded. Catherine rose and kissed his cheek. "I am going to our chamber now." She told him. When Catherine entered their chamber she found Mary there with Jacob. Mary handed him to Catherine and left. "Hello my darling." Catherine told her son as she hugged him.


As she was playing with him Vincent entered the chamber. "Hello to you my beloved." Catherine smiled as she and Jacob walked over to him. When they reached Vincent he enveloped them in his arms and hugged them tightly. "So what did Peter have to say?" he asked her. Catherine smiled to herself at the real news. But she knew that she wanted to wait until their wedding night. "He told me that I was slightly anemic." She told him. Vincent looked down at her for confirmation. He felt through the bond that she was telling the truth. "Catherine I was so scared that he would find something seriously wrong with you." Vincent told her. She was about to respond when their son's sudden gurgle brought their attention to him. "Well I guess our son wants his parent's attention now." Vincent told her as he took the baby into his arms. They spent the rest of the night playing with him and spending precious time together as a family.


The 12th of April arrived and the whole community was anticipating the wedding that would occur that night. Everyone had waited for this day for a long time. Catherine was whisked away by Jamie and Lena that morning. Father and Devin took Vincent to a secret location. Baby Jacob was left in the care of Mary. He seemed to understand what this day meant and was very happy. "Catherine do you and Vincent want more children?" Lena asked as they sat in a far off chamber preparing the surprise that Catherine had for Vincent. "Yes we have decided that it is time to give Jacob a brother or sister." She smiled. "In fact that is the wedding present that I have for him." Jamie and Lena squealed with delight and hugged Catherine. "Oh Cathy that will make Vincent so happy." Lena told her. As they talked the three women continued to work on the chamber. "Cathy this is truly beautiful." Jamie told her. "I thought that he would like to stay here for our wedding night." Catherine told them. "How did you ever find time to do it with Vincent staying so close to you all the time?" Lena asked.


Since the incident with Diana Vincent had rarely been away from Catherine or Jacob. He had even told father that unless there was an emergency he would not go on many work details. At first this alarmed father. "Vincent you may end up crowding the poor girl." Father told him. "If I do she will tell me but until then I am not letting her or Jacob out of my sight." Father nodded and asked the important question. "What if she wants to go above during the day?" Vincent was about to answer the question when Catherine answered for him. "Father my last experience above was one that I am never going through again." She said as she entered father's chamber. "My dear I just meant what if one of your friends above wants you to visit them." "Father my friends above that I would see are Nancy, Joe, Jenny, and Peter and the all know about this world." "They have assured me that they can always visit me if they are able to." Joe and Jenny had gone down shortly after Vincent and Catherine had reunited. They had spent the evening with the happy family. And Nancy had been introduced to Vincent just days before. She was very happy to meet her friend's love and had been accepted as a friend. "Father I am not afraid to return above I assure you but I only want to spend my time here with my family." Father smiled and nodded his approval of her explanation.


"I will tell you that when Vincent had to go on that big work detail I had to force him to go." Catherine told Lena as they walked to Lena's chamber to prepare to dress. "I remember hearing you tell Vincent that he should go." Jamie told her. "Yes he was almost adamant about not going." Catherine laughed remembering the day well.


They had been playing with Jacob when father came in and asked to speak to Vincent. "There has been a pipe breakage below that needs work immediately." He told his son. "Father who are you sending?" Vincent asked. "I wanted you to go with Kanin and Mouse." Father responded. "But father I asked not to be sent on many work detail that were away from my family." Vincent reminded him. Catherine heard the tone in his voice that sounded desperate and frightened. "Darling I am not going above so you do not have to stay if you are needed." She told him gently. Vincent looked at her pleadingly. "Vincent we cannot change what happened but please I do not want you to change your life because of it." He dropped his face and slowly nodded. "Catherine do you want me to go?" he asked quietly. She pulled his face around and told him. "Vincent I am sure that if it were not urgent father would have sent someone else so I believe that you must go." He smiled at her wisdom and rose. "Alright my love I will go." He reached for his cloak and headed toward the chamber entrance with father. "Will you be close when I return?" he asked moving back to kiss her. She smiled and kissed him. "I need to go visit Lena for a while but I plan to be back by about three." He nodded and they left.


Father, Vincent and Devin sat in the library. "Are you nervous yet?" asked Devin. He knew that Vincent was excited about this day's events. "No Devin but I wish the time would pass faster." Vincent remarked as he sat collecting his thoughts. "You and Catherine both have been through so much this last six months." Father remarked. Vincent nodded in response. "Well I was just glad that Peter and I could reunite the two of you." Devin told his brother. Vincent looked up at his brother and smiled. "That day is one that I will treasure for the rest of my life I got my life given back to me that night." Devin looked at the happiness in Vincent's face and smiled again. "When I first saw her I wanted to run down here and drag you up there but she was still unconscious and Peter wanted to wait until she was awake." He told Vincent. "I tell you that night was the hardest of my life." He continued. "When you asked me if anything was new I wanted to scream that Catherine was alive and take you to her." Vincent placed his hand on Devin's shoulder. "Devin I am so thankful that you helped me get her back that no words can ever convey my true gratitude." Devin patted his hand and nodded.


About fifteen minutes before the ceremony Catherine stood in front of the mirror in Lena's chamber. She wore the same wedding dress that her mother had years ago. "Oh Cathy you look beautiful." Mary remarked as they finished putting the small flowers in her hair. "Thank you Mary." Catherine smiled. "I am so sorry your friends could not make it here today." Lena told her. Jenny had been called away for a family emergency and Nancy was having some personal problems. "They both sent me their wishes." Catherine told her. "I was just honored that the three of you were here." She told Lena, Jamie and Mary. "Cathy we have been hoping for this day for a long time." Jamie told her. Catherine smiled as a tear ran down her cheek. "Me too Jamie." She told her.


"Well I think we better start for the Great Hall." Lena told her. They all rose and walked toward the chamber entrance. As they neared the entrance Catherine took Jacob from Mary and kissed him. "Daddy and I will see you later honey we love you very much." She told the giggling child as she handed him to Mary. A while later everyone was gathered in the great hall awaiting the start of the wedding. Vincent and Devin stood with father at the front of the room. He looked very handsome in his turquoise pants and vest with his best shirt. His long black boots finished his wedding ensemble. As the music started everyone turned toward the entrance and were taken away by the sight of Catherine. She was dressed in the loveliest long flowing wedding dress that anyone had ever seen. The veil hung on her hair and covered her face in a cover of lace. She was just as beautiful in the dress as when her mother had worn it. She came to Peter's side and he gently took her arm under his and began to walk forward. Catherine smiled so lovingly at Vincent that he felt he would faint from the love that she was projecting through their bond.


When they reached Vincent Peter handed Catherine over to the man of her dreams and backed into the crowd. Peter smiled with pride at the couple that he loved more than anything. As father started the ceremony everyone listened happily.


"Today Catherine and Vincent are here to join their lives. They have asked you all here today to witness this and to bless this union. They have fought many things to come to this day and they wish to express their love for one another through their own vows."


Looking at Vincent father nodded. "Thank you Father, Catherine I never thought that this day would ever occur. When I thought that I had lost you I had given up on any type of happiness. I only wanted to live in your memory and make sure that Jacob knew that his mother was the one and only woman that I would ever love. I could not ever envision myself with anyone other than you. You are the light of my soul. You have accepted me and loved me from the moment we met. I never thought before finding you that I could love a woman or let a woman love me. Then you gave me the love that I had denied myself. You have given me so many gifts that I only hope I can repay. From today on I vow that I will love you and protect you and that I will never turn away from you or let my fears overshadow my deep never ending love for you."


Then turning to a very emotional Catherine father nodded. She turned toward Vincent and smiled and repeated the vows that she had prepared for him.


"Vincent you do not know how much I have dreamed of this day. I always knew that we were destined to follow this path. There were times in the past when you were unsure of my place here in your life but I was never unsure. I always knew that wherever you were I belonged also. Vincent I have been blessed to know you and to be loved by you. Even when the fates tried to separate us forever I knew that someway we would find our way back to one another. Then to find that you had our precious, beautiful son Jacob was one more blessing that I could only thank God for. You have given me so much in my life you taught me that I could be strong and that I could give to others. I could never have made it from that attack so many years ago. I would have just let myself die that night but you brought me here to get well and learn. I will always be indebted to you and I will always love and protect you until the end of time. This is my solemn vow and it is forever."


After Catherine had finished speaking they returned to face a rather emotional father. "With these vows Vincent and Catherine have promised each other a future." He looked toward Devin and nodded. "With this ring Vincent do you take Catherine as you wife?" Vincent took the ring and slid it on her finger. "I do!" he said matter-of-factly. And then he turned to Jamie and took the ring from her and handed it to Catherine. "Catherine do you take Vincent as your loving husband?" Taking the ring and placing it on Vincent's finger she looked into his deep blue eyes and exclaimed happily. "Oh yes I most certainly do!" Now her tears had started to fall unhaltingly down her face. She was so overcome that she cried a bit harder.


"Then my friends I wish to pronounce that Vincent and Catherine are now and forever joined as husband and wife." He looked at Vincent and smiling told his son "Vincent you can now kiss your wife." At hearing these words Vincent needed no further persuading. He lifted her into his strong arms and kissed her deeply and soundly as the crowd cheered. When they finally separated the couple smiled up at one another with all their love shining through their eyes.


After they separated everyone waited for their turn to congratulate this wonderful couple. "I could not be happier for the two of you." Peter told them as he embraced them. "Honey you looked just as beautiful in that dress as your mother did all those years ago. Vincent looked at Peter in stunned amazement. "You mean this dress is the same one that Catherine's mother wore on her wedding day?" he asked. Peter nodded as he moved away to let the couple have a moment alone. "Catherine you are the most beautiful bride that any man could ever ask for." Vincent told her as he bent to place a gentle kiss on her lips. She smiled up at her husband and laid her head on his arm. They sat taking in the happiness and emotions of the moment until William called everyone's attention by bringing in the wedding feast.


As everyone ate happily Catherine and Vincent were seated in a distant table that was designated especially for them. "I cannot believe that this has finally happened Vincent." Catherine told him as she smiled up at her dear husband. "Yes my beloved wife we are finally together and nothing will ever come between us again." She was not as hungry as she thought as she mainly picked at the food that was in front of her. "What are you thinking my beloved?" Vincent asked. "I was just remembering how I felt when I saw you standing in Peter's living room." She remembered fondly. "I was so in love with you that I just wanted to hold you and never let you go." She continued. "Catherine I will never forget that day either you were only a memory for me at that time." He suddenly looked somewhat sad. "I was resigned to the fact that I only had Jacob to love and that you were lost to me forever." She noticed the sadness in his eyes and stroked his face gently. "Vincent this is a day for us to celebrate what we have been given back." She told him. "We have been allowed the chance to make up for past mistakes and move on in the love that we have been given." With those words she gently kissed his lips and marveled in the fact that she was now Mrs. Vincent Wells.


A short time later father rose and called everyone to attention. "I just wanted to be the first to raise a glass in a toast to Vincent and Catherine." He lifted his glass and continued to speak. "I have seen the two of you grow in the love that you have for one another." "And I have seen that love result in the beautiful grandson that you have blessed me with." "I only pray that your life is one that is filled with love and family." With those he lifted his glass in the air and chimed "To Vincent and Catherine." Everyone chorused in after him with the same blessing.


The band started up and the couple took the dance floor for the traditional first dance. The dance floor finally filled with wedding guests. But Vincent and Catherine were lost in the feeling of being with one another and they were totally oblivious to anyone else around them. When the music finally stopped others wanted to dance with the bride and groom. Catherine was talking happily with father when she noticed that Vincent was staring at her. She smiled at him as he followed her with his eyes. She could feel through the bond that his desire to be alone with her was growing.


Later that evening as the reception was quieting down Vincent and Catherine took the opportunity to make a hasty and fast exit. As they ran from the room the crowd cheered and showered them with rice. The happy couple reached the outer tunnel where they fell back against the wall laughing and winded. "Oh Vincent I have never been so happy in my life." Catherine told her beloved husband. He looked down at her and smiled then kissed her soundly. He then took her hand to go toward their chamber. But she stopped him and smiling shook her head. "I have a special wedding present for you darling." She told him leading him toward the distant chamber.


A few feet from the lighted chamber Catherine told Vincent to close his eyes. He was smiling as she led him through the door. "Now honey open your eyes." She instructed. Slowly he opened his eyes and looked around the room. "Oh Catherine this is absolutely spectacular." He gasped. She walked to the other side of the room and lit the rest of the candles.


"Catherine I have never been this happy." He told her as he moved to her side. She looked up at her husband and smiled tenderly. "Darling our happiness is only beginning." She told him as she rose and embraced him. She was so excited about her other surprise that she could not wait to tell Vincent. "Vincent please sit down there is something wonderful that I must tell you." She told him. He sat down and looked into the deep green eyes of the woman he loved. "Darling you remember when I went to see Peter at his house a couple of days ago?" she asked. He suddenly began to get frightened. "Catherine what is it did you tell me everything or are you keeping something from me?" he asked. She smiled at him. "Vincent I found out that we are expecting our second child." Vincent sat there stunned for a moment. He could not move or speak. When he found his voice the tears began to flow. "Oh my love I could not be happier than I am at this moment." He encircled her in his arms and kissed her. Their brand new life had just begun.




Catherine sat in her and Vincent's chamber. She was smiling lovingly down into the face of her and Vincent's new daughter. The child had been born a few hours earlier and Catherine was happier than she thought possible. She was brought out of her thoughts by a sound in the entrance of the chamber. She looked up and smiled brightly. "Hello darling I missed you." She told Vincent as he stood there smiling at her. He quickly moved over and sat down next to her on the bed. "And I missed my girls." He commented. Catherine smiled and gently handed their child to her father. "Catherine she is absolutely beautiful." Vincent told her with great emotion in his voice. "Yes love she is." Catherine agreed. "Where were you?" Catherine asked as they both looked down at their daughter. "I went to tell our son about his new sister." Vincent commented. Catherine smiled brightly. "What was his reaction?" She asked. "He wanted to come see her but I told him that you needed your rest." He added. "Was he disappointed?" Catherine asked. "Yes but I promised him that he could see the two of you tomorrow." Catherine smiled. "I cannot wait until Jacob sees her." She commented. "Neither can I." Vincent told her.


He gently rose and laid the child in her cradle. Then he moved back over to the bed and rejoined Catherine. He lay down next to her and embraced her lovingly. "How can I ever express my love and gratitude to you?" he asked. Catherine looked up at him. "Why your gratitude?" She asked confused. Vincent smiled and gently kissed her. "Catherine you loved me even when I was not sure that I deserved that love." He began. "Then when I finally truly accepted that love I was almost forced to live my life without you." He commented. "I only had Jacob to remember you by and that was truly painful." He told her. "Then by a miracle you were given back to me and we now have the life together that we dreamed of and the children that I never let myself wish for." He concluded.


When he was done speaking he looked down and noticed that Catherine was softly crying. "Love did I say something wrong?" he asked concerned. Catherine smiled through her tears and shook her head. "Oh no Vincent what you said was the most beautiful thing that I could have ever heard." She told him. "I love you so much and the thought of having to live without you still hurt me so." She cried. "Catherine we no longer have to worry about that." He told her. "We are together now and we have the family that we always dreamed of." He commented. With those words Vincent leaned down and gently kissed her again. Then they lay there watching their daughter and dreaming of the future for them and their children.

The End