By Wendy Christina De-Veryard

It wasn't often that Vincent had a bout of the blues. But just lately seeing many of his friends, and members of the only family he had ever known leave the world Below, and go off into the big wide world to explore, he began to wish for things he knew could never be.

That he was forever forced to accept a poem for a sunset no longer gave him the satisfaction he once knew, and not only that but several of the boys he had grown up with had found wives for themselves, and out of everything, this depressed Vincent the most.

As children, these things never mattered. Vincent's world was full of friends who accepted him for what he was, a different child, but one to love nonetheless, one to play with, get into mischief with and life was never dull. Lately, these friends had one by one ventured Above. Some returning with a family of their own, and things could never be the same for him.

A yearning Vincent could not quell kept triggering his innermost thoughts, rising to the surface in a tidal wave of emotions, that he was too inexperienced to handle. Father had instilled within him a fear so strong, that these feelings had to be denied, yet nonetheless somewhere deep inside, Vincent longed for the things that could not be.

Lying upon his bed, he looked around the familiar chamber. All his most cherished personal belongings, and most of all the web of his dreams, the huge glass window, his rainbow to the world.

Father had chosen well, when he offered Vincent this chamber as his own. No other sported a window so grand. Father felt it would offer Vincent some peace and happiness as he gazed at the colours that caught and reflected the light, some days a crescendo of brilliant colours filtered through on the wings of an unknown light, and filled Vincent's heart with joy.

"You are lucky", Devin would tell him, flopping back upon the bed to gaze upon the beautiful window, "Your very own rainbow, right here in your room."

There had been the usual banter about finding a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, but to Vincent, there were no riches more treasured than that of his dear family, and he had no use for gold. Money could not buy happiness, and Vincent already had all of that he would ever need, in abundance.

Lying on his bed this day, he gazed with longing at the window, for once wishing he could step right through it into another dimension, another world. Above another world beckoned, and Vincent started to imagine what life would be like up there, far above his world, somewhere over the rainbow.

Night times afforded him a chance to sneak Above, and from his vantagepoint high above the city streets, he would watch the ever-trailing traffic, like florescent snakes that slid through the night, and wondered about the lives of the passengers. Who were they, where were they going, were they happy?

And the lights that shone like a million eyes from the towering buildings far out across the city, beckoned with a beat of their own, so that Vincent would sit for hours, wondering thereto, about the lives of the people within them.

Sighing, he could not shake off the sadness that his way of life these days brought him, and for the first time wondered about his future. Father would not always be with him; there would come a time when Father would finish his earthly course, and such ones of the same age group along with him. What would life be like with no Father, Mary, Narcissa, and Elizabeth? Vincent could not begin to contemplate. How many empty years would stretch ahead of him with people he would forever have to hide from until they came to know him better, here in the world Below?

Getting up from his bed, he trailed his fingers over the glass of the window, sometimes he loved it so much, other times he despised it, as it made him yearn for the things he could not have, and did not want to be reminded of. Today, his only thought being that somewhere had to lie an answer, and the only person he knew of to provide that answer was Narcissa.

Going deep into the bowels of the earth later that day, Vincent made his way towards the wise old woman's home. He knew she would be expecting him, she always did, and whenever his soul troubled him, her words of wisdom never failed to make him feel better, so that he left her in a positive frame of mind almost as if hed had his batteries re-charged.

As he approached, he was not surprised to hear the cackling voice welcome him, "Come in child, why did you take so long?"

Vincent smiled, and scooped to plant a kiss upon the greying head, "We can't all appear as an apparition Narcissa," he told her affectionately, for it was well known how Narcissa would suddenly appear, and no-one had heard her approach.

Her laughter, pleased with his answer echoed around the chamber, as she bade him to sit down beside her, "So you seek an answer today Vincent. I can tell your soul is troubled. There are many types of aloneness child, but you have no need of this grief".

"That I am different Narcissa, that I cannot ever leave this world beneath the city streets, that I am bound here to time indefinite, this is the aloneness I must carry with me always."

"Some people Vincent, can be in a crowded room and still be alone, while others can be alone and yet know they will never be lonely."

"Some people chose to be by themselves Narcissa, however for me I cannot make choices, my destiny was set before I was born, there is only one way open to me."

"Nonsense child. You have been reading too much of Shakespeare, and listening too often to Father, that your destiny was set before you were born is true, but that you don't have choices is not."

"How can this be Narcissa? If I could make choices, be it that I could walk the streets in the daytime, feel the sunshine upon my shoulders, yet for me, this will never be."

"And if it were, would you be any less alone than you are now? There are millions of people Vincent, but you can still be alone in a crowd."

Vincent nodded, "Then what would you have me believe?"

"You came here seeking an answer Vincent. Yet you cannot change what you are, neither can you be accepted in the world Above, but someone will come who will change your life, someone who is prepared to live Below with you."

Vincent looked hard at Narcissa, she had never been wrong in the past, but this!

Dare he believe?

"You doubt my words Vincent?"

"Yes, do my eyes conceal no secrets?"

"It is your soul that speaks to me Vincent. And it tells me of your doubts."

"To believe, Narcissa" he shook his great head, "All my dreams would come true."

"Your dreams will come true Vincent. When God created us, he made certain there would be someone for everyone, even you dear Vincent, there is even someone for you."

His words barely audible Vincent asked her, "Where? When?"

"Your heart searches Vincent, it reaches out to another. Can you not feel it? Listen it whispers."

"I wish I could believe Narcissa. I have never before doubted your words," he shook his head, "but this, for me? It seems to incredible to be true."

"Believe me Vincent. Someone will come."

"Do I know her now, is it someone who lives Below?"

"No, she lives somewhere over the rainbow, but soon Vincent you will meet, and your heart will know she is the one."

Vincent exhaled a deep sigh, and closed his eyes tightly, trying to visualise this meeting, wondering when, how, where it would take place.

"Go now child, for the hour is late, and your life is beginning over."

Frowning at her words, Vincent got up to leave, for the first time ever, after speaking with her he was perplexed. She had never been wrong before, but this? Dare he believe?

There was a lot to think about, and he needed to go somewhere to calm his racing heart. Narcissa had told him it whispers and he must listen, all he could hear right now was a deep thud as the blood pounded in his ears, and he so wanted to hear what his heart was telling him.

Lying on his bed back in his chamber some hours later, Vincent listened to his heart. His eyes rested upon the window of coloured glass, as he thought about the old womans words.

Suddenly he knew! He actually knew. His blue eyes shone with happiness. Directly above his chamber was the park, a place he frequented a lot at night.

Immensely happy, Vincent shook his head from side to side in wonder, Narcissa had never been wrong, and someone would come, he was certain of it.

His aloneness would be a thing of the past, even for him God had created someone to share his life with.

Donning his cloak, and pulling on his boots, Vincent wondered if this would be the night, and as he left his chamber his eyes caught and held the brilliant colours that shone through the stained glass window, and his heart leapt. But of Course!

His blue eyes were alive with joy as his soul sang the old familiar song, Somewhere Over The Rainbow.....