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Hi! I'm Laura Beth and I remember what it was like when I first got into fandom back in 1989. I would search for every little scrap that I could find regarding BATB. (Back then, information was very hard to come by... before the internet!)

I had pretty much been to every national convention from 1990 to 1997. For the past 15 years, I have only been on the periphery of fandom (attending the occasional WFOL) until recently when I was finally able to commit to attending the national con in Cleveland, July, 2013.

In preparation for attending the con, I have been going through all of my BATB memorabilia. The wonderful memories have all been coming back! That's when I thought how great it would be to share these things with the new fans. And with BatBland... that thought became a reality!

Laura Beth Cook, 1st July 2013




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Celebration Of Life cruise group photo - May 1991 Armin Shimerman’s  (and wife Kitty’s) table on Celebration of Life cruise - 1991.

Left to right: Laura Beth Cook, Judith Kuwatch and Cindy Riddles on the COL cruise, May 1991.    Autographed pic of Ritch Brinkley, Armin Shimerman and Laura Beth (in her Brigit O’Donnell costume) on the Celebration Of Life cruise - 1991.

 Scan of 1st place certificate in the costume contest for my Brigit O’Donnell costume - Tunnelcon II, 1992. Autographed photo of Armin Shimerman and Laura Beth at Tunnelcon II - 1992.

Autographed photo of Armin Shimerman as Pascal, from Sara Conklin's collection. Autographed pic of David Greenlee as Mouse.

Autographed pic of Jay Acovone as Joe. Autographed pic of Edward Albert as Elliot.

Autographed pic of screen capture of Armin Shimerman as Quark.



November 1990
Sacramento CA
BatB/Star Trek Creation con


January 1991
Michigan BatB community


May 1991
Celebration Of Life
BatB cruise-convention

Sara Conklin story
written for a contest on the
Celebration Of Life cruise.
   Armin did a theatre read of it and then autographed it for her


June 1991
South of Oz
Orlando FL - BatB convention


January 1992
North Jersey Tunnel community


Great Expectations con
"Unofficial Conzine"


August, 2015
Our Special Fan Story



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