Of Love and Beauty

A tribute to Vincent and Catherine's Anniversary

April 12th, 2015




Quotes from the B&B episodes - Third Season




“Though Lovers Be Lost”


JOE: I'm glad you told me this.

CATHERINE: Me too. You have a heart like his.



CATHERINE: Do you feel like a stranger with me?

VINCENT: No, not with you. You're the woman that I love.

CATHERINE: I'm glad.



CATHERINE: How do you feel?

VINCENT: There are no words.


VINCENT: Blessed.



CATHERINE: Vincent, your power was extraordinary. But it has nothing to do with what we are together, what we feel for each other. That is our connection. And if one gift is lost, there are other gifts waiting to be found. Believe me.



CATHERINE: It's a new journal.

VINCENT: It's very beautiful.

CATHERINE: It seemed appropriate.

VINCENT: Yes, it is.



GABRIEL: Do you believe in gifts? In things coming to you in their own time? I never did. I do now. I own seven Rembrandts. I have much to give. This is no ordinary child. The child is a gift... to me.




GABRIEL: Perfect.



CATHERINE: We loved. There's a child.

VINCENT: A child?

CATHERINE: He's beautiful.

VINCENT: Catherine. Catherine.

CATHERINE: “Though lovers be lost...”

VINCENT: “...love shall not.”

CATHERINE: [She dies in Vincent's arms.]

VINCENT: “And death shall have no dominion.”



“Walk Slowly”



FATHER: I know this grief. The one thing you must not do... is to turn away from it. To deny it. What you feel, the enormity of it all, is your love for Catherine. That is to be cherished forever, never to be forgotten. That is her gift to you.



VINCENT: Father... there's something... I couldn't tell you before.

FATHER: Tell me now.

VINCENT: Catherine left me a child.

FATHER: A... a child?

VINCENT: A son. She said he is beautiful.

FATHER: Vincent, dear God.

VINCENT: He was taken from her. I only know he is alive and I must find him, bring him home.



VINCENT: There was a moment when the way was still new, and I was afraid to hope. You put your hand on mine. Nothing had ever felt like that to me, like your touch. I wanted to weep. You turned and looked at me. Your eyes were filled with dancing light. And I was bathed in your warmth. And I believed in that moment that even for me, all things were possible. In that moment, in your light, I felt what it is to be beautiful. How many lives were touched by you? How many lives were transformed by your courage to give and to love? How many became beautiful in your light? How we promised, always, to share the truth, always. But, Catherine, there was a truth beyond anything, beyond everything I had ever known, ever dreamed. It was the truth of all you gave, of all you sacrificed, for me. The truth of your love humbled me, silenced me. And the truth I could never share with you was the truth of how deeply I loved you. I will remember. I will remember every moment, every word, every look, every touch. Our love lives. It will live forever. Nothing will destroy us. Love does not die. You're safe. You're safe now. Sleep, my love.






PASCAL: I didn't mean to awaken painful memories.

VINCENT: Some memories never sleep. Bitter and sweet, dark and bright. They stay with us. When I read the books I shared with Catherine, I can feel her presence in the room with me. Beyond the light of the candle, listening, smiling. But afterwards, when the story ends and I put the book down to look for her... All stories end, Pascal.

PASCAL: Yes. But we can always read them again.



SNOW: He's beautiful.

GABRIEL: Yes. Qin Dynasty grave figure. Two thousand years old.

SNOW: I'm not talking about the stupid statue. He's not human.

GABRIEL: So few of us are these days.

SNOW: What do you think he is?

GABRIEL: My enemy.

SNOW: You're frightened, Gabe. You're not sleeping nights, knowing that he's out there somewhere. But I'm gonna fix it for you. So you can sleep like a babe. Papa.

GABRIEL: Then do it. If you can.

SNOW: [He takes out a gun and blasts the ancient statue into rubble.]

GABRIEL: [He stares at Snow.]

SNOW: I can.



BROOKE: Oh, Stephen. I love your eyes. So silly; I love your eyes.

STEPHEN: You like my eyelashes.



FATHER: Don't you understand? Vincent saw his own death. He's gone out there to die. To buy our lives with his own. “Greater love hath no man than this: that a man lay down his life... for his friends.” Now, please, let us not throw away this gift.



SNOW: It's your child, isn't it? That's why he wants it.




“Beggar's Comet”


ELLIOT: That's some beautiful music.

CLARENCE: Sweet music, Mr. Burch. Sweet and sad.

ELLIOT: You know me?

CLARENCE: Why, everyone knows Elliot Burch. But I'd be mighty proud to shake your hand.

ELLIOT: The honor's mine.

CLARENCE: The name's Clarence. You can hear me most Wednesdays down at the Mission on Delancy, if you like. Donations are gratefully accepted.

Pierson: What was that he was playing?

E: Saxophone.



MARK: Found your comet yet?

DIANA: It's too faint.

MARK: You're fighting New York City. All this light pollution.

DIANA: Guess we should be grateful we can still see the moon, huh?

MARK: Well, maybe it's just a beggar's comet.

DIANA: A what?

MARK: You know, Julius Caesar? Come on, I know you read Julius Caesar. Ninth grade. It's required.

DIANA: Oh, please.

MARK: I just taught it last month.

DIANA: Please, please. I had a training bra and braces. I'm still trying to forget.



ELLIOT: I built a sandcastle once. I couldn't have been more than eight years old. It was a wonderful sandcastle, walls and turrets, must have been six feet high. Then the tide came in. Gabriel is the tide, Vincent. He's washing away everything that I've built in my life. He's washing away my dreams.

VINCENT: Dreams can be dreamt again. Sandcastles can be rebuilt. Catherine said you were a fighter.

ELLIOT: Catherine was wrong about many things.

VINCENT: Sometimes in my sleep I see another world. A world where I died in Catherine's place. I see her walking in the sunshine, laughing. I watch her grow old, reading to her children, cradling her grandchildren in her arms. A happy life. The life that she was born to live. The life that she deserved. It seems so real, and if, somehow, I could make it so, then... “The grave is a fine and a private place.”



VINCENT: Listen, Father. What do you hear?

FATHER: Only the wind.

VINCENT: There's music in that sound, if you know how to listen. Catherine taught me that.

FATHER: And you can hear it still?

VINCENT: Only in my memories. “The rest is silence.”



FATHER: I tried to make a world free from fear and violence.

VINCENT: We cannot always choose the roads we walk.



POPE: He's a beautiful boy.

GABRIEL: He's strong.

POPE: When are you going to name him?

GABRIEL: He has a name.


GABRIEL: Snow always learned their names, and then he killed them. When you know a man's true name, you can own him.



DIANA: What kind of roses did she like?

JOE: What do I look like, her florist?

DIANA: The only way that you can get a red and a white rose to grow off the same bush is with a special graft. Did you know that?

JOE: Maybe she couldn't make up her mind.

DIANA: Joe, there's a language to flowers. The red rose means passion and love, and the white rose is eternity or death. Now, somehow, I don't know how, but somehow Vincent knew whenever she was in trouble, and he came to her. He was her protector.

JOE: You sound like you know this guy.

DIANA: Well, sometimes I feel like I do.



GABRIEL: Why do people put flowers on graves? Do they really think it makes death smell sweeter?



GABRIEL: I know you. I know where you came from. I watched you climb. I know the price you paid. Rung by rung. The world is run by mice. But you and I, we're different. We belong to an earlier time. Five hundred years ago, we would have been conquerers. Kings. Smaller men would have showered us with titles, triumphs. After we died? They would have built us pyramids. You've come so far. You've pulled yourself up out of the dirt, and halfway to the stars. Do you really want to throw it all away for the sake of a woman who never loved you?



ELLIOT: Don't you want the money?

CLARENCE: I'll see that he gets your note. No charge.

ELLIOT: Not for the note. For the music.



DIANA: “The paths of glory lead but to the grave.” Her grave.



VINCENT: What's wrong, Elliot?

ELLIOT: You're what's wrong. Look at you! I could have given Cathy the whole world. What'd you give her?

VINCENT: All I could. All I had. All I was.



BROOKE: Father, what's wrong?

FATHER: “When beggars die, there are no comets seen. The heavens themselves blaze forth the death of princes.”




“A Time to Heal”


DIANA: Look, I didn't mean to scare you, but I need your help.

WATCHMAN: At midnight? What kind of help do you need?

DIANA: It'll take an hour, tops. I promise. I'll pay you.

WATCHMAN: How much?

DIANA: I got sixty-two dollars.

WATCHMAN:  You still ain't tellin' me what for.

DIANA: A friend.

WATCHMAN: A friend? Lady, I'm the watchman. I got work to do.

DIANA: [She gazes at the watchman pleadingly.]

WATCHMAN: Okay. I guess for a beautiful lady, I can make an exception.

DIANA: Let's go.



FATHER: We've struggled so hard to maintain our isolation, our separateness. What kind of legacy is that to leave our people?

MARY: It's the legacy of love. The capacity to love ourselves and to love each other.

FATHER: I'm afraid love holds no sway where fate has taken Vincent.



DIANA: October tenth, 1989. Three-thirty a.m. Graveyard hunch paid off this morning, just after midnight. Hard to process the details. Hard enough trying to explain to myself what has happened, what I've found. I found Vincent. I found him at her grave, half dead. Don't know if he's going to make it. Can't call the doctor. I'm scared, disoriented. Even though he's in the next room, it's impossible to believe he's really there. The thought of him is too great to hold in my head.



VINCENT: These sonnets, she read them to me. I see the words, but I always hear her voice, always to remind me that she's gone.

DIANA: “Though lovers be lost love shall not; / And death shall have no dominion.”

VINCENT: [He bolts away from Diana and stands against her bedroom wall.]

DIANA: Look, I didn't mean to—

VINCENT: You'll never know how those words live in my heart. Burn in my heart.



DIANA: That wall is my work.

VINCENT: That wall is full of half truths and shadows.

DIANA: Maybe.

VINCENT: You'll discover nothing there. All you'll do is threaten the lives of those Catherine loved.

DIANA: How? How can I threaten them? This wall belongs to me. I don't show it to anybody. See, I try to live inside of other people. I surround myself with them. I penetrate their minds. And sometimes—most of the times—what I see, it frightens me.

VINCENT: You were trying to spare me from myself?

DIANA: All I have is a smattering of facts. A seed. Sometimes they take root in my imagination, if I'm lucky.

VINCENT: But there was no imagining me.




DIANA: Vincent, what you had with Catherine, I could only imagine what it would be like to love someone like that. Or to be loved like that.

VINCENT: And I can only remember.



VINCENT: Diana. I'll never forget your kindness.



FATHER: There's something about the water. The sound of the water. It drew me here, when you were gone.



FATHER: I never dreamed of you ever having a child. Now... so many things seem possible.

VINCENT: One day he'll be raised here, in the world you created.

FATHER: So let nothing stop you, Vincent. Nothing.



MARK: You gave me these glimpses. Wonderful little glimpses. But you never let me come in. It was like somehow the shade always got pulled.



DIANA: October eighteenth. A week has passed, and nothing. Still no sign. I dreamt of him again last night. Strange dream. I held his face close to mine, but he couldn't see me. I spoke to him, but he couldn't hear me. I was with him, but he was alone. Impressions. Am I finally losing my mind? Probably. But his sadness—it's carried over into me, in these last few days, especially.




“In the Forests of the Night”


YOUNG VINCENT: We want you to stay. The music that you bring to us is very beautiful, but you are the one that we love.



ALEX: [She hugs Diana and takes the music box her Aunt Diana has given her over to Diana's couch.]

DIANA: God, she's beautiful.

SUSAN: But very independent. Everyone says she reminds them of you.




SUSAN: Views like this are the one thing I really miss from the city.



DIANA: Did anything ever happen to you that was so... so different, so unusual that it just... it changed everything?

SUSAN: I don't know.

DIANA: I mean everything. The way the faces looked when you passed them by on the street. The way you felt when you woke up in the morning. The things you dreamt about at night.

SUSAN: This is about a man, isn't it?

DIANA: I don't know. Maybe someday I'll be able to talk about it.



FATHER: I remember a little boy whose life was so full of promise.

ROLLEY: That was a long time ago. He's dead.

FATHER: Oh, no. No! He's here. Do you remember what you used to dream?


FATHER: Well, you told me once. You said you wanted to be good.

ROLLEY: Good at playing.

FATHER: Mm-hm. Oh, you were better than that. You were wonderful at playing. You brought great joy to all of us. And you could again. All you need is the desire... and the courage to feel it.




“The Chimes at Midnight”


JEWELER: What is it you want to know about this ring?

DIANA: Anything you could tell me.

JEWLER: This ring is very old.

DIANA: How old?

JEWELER: Five hundred, maybe six hundred years. The metal is 24 karat gold, the stone is a black opal, the craftsmanship is rare.


JEWELER: Why? Because it has lasted for five centuries. What have you made today that will last for five centuries?



FATHER: What do you mean, she found you?

VINCENT: Over the months, she gathered the threads of my life with Catherine, wove them together, understood. Truly, Father, she understands. She knew that I would return to Catherine's grave.

FATHER: So she waited.

VINCENT: She saved my life.

FATHER: Vincent, if she managed to find you, surely others—

VINCENT: No, this is different. The power of her mind is extraordinary, unique. Her imagination...

FATHER: Can she be trusted?

VINCENT: She would not betray me, or Catherine's memory.

FATHER: Are you certain?

VINCENT: Father, she's my last hope.



GABRIEL: This is my son, Miss Bennett. He's very beautiful. Don't you agree? Look at his hands, Miss Bennett, and his face. There's nothing unusual there. Do you find that strange?

DIANA: Why would I find it strange?

GABRIEL: I think the resemblance is in the eyes. What do you think?

DIANA: I don't think he looks anything like you.

GABRIEL: Precisely.



VINCENT: He is beautiful, Catherine.






GABRIEL: I have so much to offer you. Your life, your freedom?

VINCENT: Nothing you could give me can replace what you took.


VINCENT: You don't know the meaning of love.

GABRIEL: Julian needs both of us.

VINCENT: My son needs nothing from you. You have nothing to give.

GABRIEL: I can protect him. I can show him the way the world works. The real world. I can make him a king.

VINCENT: I've seen your kingdom. It's a kingdom of shadows. It's a kingdom of death.



GABRIEL: Do you feel sorry for him, doctor? Don't. The day will come when he'll watch himself with pleasure. He'll savor every murder, and polish the memories like precious gems. Life and death make a perfect circle. Like a ring that has no beginning and no end. The serpent eating its own tail forever. Violence feeds on violence. Murder on murder. Vengeance on vengeance. Century after century. Through all eternity.



GABRIEL: If you had not come to me, Julian might have died. I owe you a life. Look at him, Vincent. Isn't he beautiful? Catherine saw he was beautiful, too. I let her hold him. Just as long as I could. I'm sorry about Catherine. She must have been a very special person. Her death? Well. We all make mistakes. Of course, it was the doctor who killed her.

DOCTOR: [He drops the syringe he is using to extract Vincent's blood.]

GABRIEL: What was it you used? Morphine? Well, at least the end was painless.

DOCTOR: No. It wasn't me.

GABRIEL: That's not very convincing, doctor.

DOCTOR: Please! You told me to kill her! You told me! I didn't want to do it! It was him! I didn't want to do it. I swear to you!

GABRIEL: A life for a life. His life is yours.

DOCTOR: Please. Please have mercy.

GABRIEL: Catherine begged for mercy too.

VINCENT: [He growls.]

DOCTOR: Oh, no. [He sobs.]

GABRIEL: Go on. Do it. Do it for her. Go on. Do it. Do it! Kill him! Kill him!

VINCENT: [He growls, then looks at Gabriel in silence.]

GABRIEL: [He stares at Vincent.]




GABRIEL: Do you believe in destiny? I know the power of love. There was a girl, she was sixteen, two years older than I was. So beautiful. I loved her desperately. She was the first person I ever killed... I spent one perfect night in her arms. Perfection must be cherished. Protected. Such beauty. Passion. I had to keep it pure. Don't be afraid. No one will take you from me. I love you, Julian.

VINCENT: [He breaks through the nursery door and strikes Gabriel away from the baby's crib.]




“The Reckoning”


VINCENT: Diana, there is something that I've kept from you; a secret that I couldn't share with you before, about where I live, those I live among.

DIANA: I know about Jacob.

VINCENT: Yes, but there are many others. Good people whose lives depend upon the secret of how and where we live.

DIANA: I've... I've tried imagining, but...

VINCENT: It is a more wonderful place than you could imagine. Because it is real. Ours is a world woven of the most delicate threads. Our only protection against those who would threaten us is trust.

DIANA: Tell me more about this world.

VINCENT: No. Let me show you.



DIANA: Where are we?

VINCENT: The Chamber of the Winds.

DIANA: It's amazing!



JESSICA: It was a beautiful ceremony, Jacob. But would you mind terribly if I called you “Grandpa”?




MARY: Vincent?

VINCENT: Come in, Mary.

MARY: How is he?

VINCENT: Fearless. Wonderful.

MARY: Such a miracle.



FATHER: You know, Jessica? Your photographs are absolutely marvelous.

JESSICA: Thank you. You know, you're so full of wonder, Jacob. Just like a child.

FATHER: Second childhood, I'm afraid.

JESSICA: Nonsense.



JESSICA: I brought you here to show you the pictures, not subject you to a bunch of art hogs.



VINCENT: How was your time with Jessica?

FATHER: I'm not sure. I think we fell in love. If such a thing is possible. I... I don't know. All I know is I want to be with her.

VINCENT: And she feels the same way?

FATHER: She's amazing, Vincent. So alive. So willing to share love with an old man like me.

VINCENT: There isn't a man who better deserves a woman's love.

FATHER: It's a very strange feeling for me, Vincent. It's actually physically painful, not being with her.

VINCENT: I understand.



VINCENT: I'm remembering how I once loved this city at night, and imagined myself a part of it. Saw stories behind each and every light.

DIANA: And now?

VINCENT: Now I am a stranger here.

DIANA: You found Catherine in one of those lights.

VINCENT: And I lost her in another.






MARY: Why are children always in such a rush to grow up, Vincent?

VINCENT: It's all right, though. Whatever I've lost along the way, I'll find again, with him. We think we've left the high and far-off times behind us, but they're never far. They're always just around the corner.



MARY: When I first came Below, I... I was so confused. Lost. Father helped me find myself, helped me make a new life. He was strong, wise. He was a very charming man.

VINCENT: And you fell in love with him.

MARY: Oh. Father belonged to all of us, and yet somehow it... well, it seemed selfish to want him for myself. Besides, there was a... a memory standing between us.

VINCENT: Margaret.

MARY: I didn't know her name. Not then. Father never spoke of his life Above. But I could see her in his eyes. She left him, but he never stopped loving her. So I... I just accepted the way things were. And I... I told myself that... that he would never be able to love anyone the way he loved Margaret.

VINCENT: And then Jessica came back into his life.

MARY: I made a terrible mistake, Vincent.



JESSICA: I had forgotten what a nurturing world you've built.

FATHER: Nurturing for some.

JESSICA: For you.


JESSICA: It is your world, Jacob. You belong there. And I don't think you'll ever leave it.

FATHER: I do love you, Jessica. You know that, don't you?

JESSICA: Oh, and I love you, Jacob. But when you love someone, you really want them to be happy. And your happiness is down there.

FATHER: And yours?

JESSICA: Up here. Somewhere. Oh, don't worry about it, Jacob. I'll find it.

FATHER: Where will you go?

JESSICA: The Sea of Cortes.


JESSICA: The gray whales are migrating.

FATHER: Oh, yes, of course. The gray whales.

JESSICA: Every winter, the gray whale leaves the arctic waters of Alaska and swims the length of this continent to procreate off the Mexican coast.

FATHER: Procreate? Of course, you'll be there to take photographs.

JESSICA: You bet.

FATHER: I thought so. He's a resilient animal, the old gray whale.

JESSICA: Not so old.

FATHER: Maybe not.

JESSICA: Goodbye, Jacob. [They embrace.]

FATHER: Goodbye, Jessica.



VINCENT: Every time I look at him, the miracle fills me anew.

DIANA: Well, he is beautiful.

VINCENT: I've looked in his eyes a thousand times. Why does his power never diminish?

DIANA: You can never run out of hope for a newborn child.



VINCENT: Diana, you've done so much for both of us. Why?

DIANA: It's funny, I... When it was happening, I never even questioned it. I don't know, Vincent. You make everything so possible, I... I couldn't help but want to help you.

VINCENT: Jacob is not my only blessing.

DIANA: You're thinking of Catherine.

VINCENT: Always. And I'm thinking of you.



VINCENT: Tomorrow will come, Diana. We can only live each day as it comes to us, with its pains, and joys, and all of its gifts.

DIANA: Could I hold him?

VINCENT: [He places baby Jacob in Diana's arms.]




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