Of Love and Beauty

A tribute to Vincent and Catherine's Anniversary

April 12th, 2015


Love is the main inspiring value of Beauty and the Beast, but there are many others. In the series Vincent and Catherine show how these values are enhanced by love, and  we have been exploring them since 2007 in this annual tribute celebrating April 12th, the anniversary of the wondrous night they first met: Hope, Courage, Dreams, Compassion, Gratitude, Freedom, Possibilities... this year, Beauty.


"Of Love and Beauty" was the theme of a writing challenge launched to celebrate the Anniversary. Thank you to those who contributed their stories and their poems.


The theme is explored by some other offerings:

~ Beautiful images, an ongoing project for which we ask everyone's help

~ Quotes about Love and Beauty throughout the B&B episodes

~ A video celebrating the Anniversary (In English and also in the dubbed Italian version)

~ What's beauty? What's love? Scattered thoughts. {Coming soon. Maybe.}


And this year there's something new: a themed chat. Let's talk about Love and Beauty, on this special Anniversary day, April 12th. It's in a very simple, friendly, no-tech chat room, which will open at 12 Eastern = 17 Greenwich = 18 Rome. (closed now - the log is available on request)


But there's more. In fact, after we have celebrated April 12th and Vincent and Catherine, if we look at the calendar, we'll realize that also April 13th is an important date. A nice coincidence and the opportunity to join a fresh celebration, in another corner of our beautiful fandom tunnels.


Oh, and last but not least - There's a vintage challenge about a certain scene from The Watcher. It's from the 2009 celebration, but it's still open! "Change the ending" Writing Challenge.


Happy Anniversary, and thank you, thank you to all those who contributed and  helped out!



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