l, what can I say? I met J'écris at my first convention, and then, I was not the same, she was not the same, and we dare say that the fandom was not the same either <smile>.

Magic things happen at the convention. Me, I realized that I was not crazy in my love for B&B. As an Italian not familiar with the concept of fandom, I was wary and wondered if I had lost my mind. Crossing the ocean to meet a bunch of fans who probably were obsessed lunatics...

Ten years after, in hindsight, I can say that that was one of the best things of my life. They were not obsessed lunatics, they were decent people, like me, with a Dream. They were people struggling to become "something there has never been", drawing inspiration from a little TV show where the thirsty souls can recognize the Beauty and the Beast that represent the deeper, truer parts of our souls.

We need that this beautiful Dream is cultivated and protected, kept at disposal of all the thirsty souls to come. So, consider taking a leap of faith - and consider attending this unique convention. You'll not be disappointed. Especially a convention focused on "The Creature There Has Never Been". We all are that Creature, and you'll get back determined to fully explore, for you and for anyone you meet with an open heart, "The Possibility of Being".

Here's the link to the convention website:





art by Winterose

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