April Come She Will

Brittany Stem



Vincent was walking back home from being with Catherine. He still felt her quiet and content, sleeping peacefully. He had stayed with her to help her sleep. The case she had been working on had giving her stress and sleepless nights, in turn giving him sleepless nights.  Tonight, he knew her case was coming to an end and he wanted to be with her, share in her triumph.  As he neared the magnolia trees, the scent brought him a memory of such vividness that it made him pause out by the flowering trees.

It had been September and Rebecca had picked the last of the magnolias for her soaps. She liked to give them as gifts. He had walked passed her in the tunnels and they had chatted for a few minutes. He couldn’t remember the conversation and he knew the memory wasn’t even about the flowers… It was about a concert and a connection.


He stood underneath a grating near the concert band shell; not directly underneath, for he feared that he would be seen. He sat and listened to the concert playing out in the park. He listened to Simon and Garfunkel sing their melodies and tunes but when they sang “Hello Darkness My Old Friend” Vincent was reflecting the words about himself when he felt a connection with someone…

He walked home and entered his chamber. Immediately opening a cabinet, he pulled out a journal marked “1981”.
Vincent removed his cloak and sat down on the edge of his bed. His hands were shaking slightly from excitement. He turned the pages to September 1981 and began to read.


Tonight, something exhilarating happened. There was a concert in the park-Simon and Garfunkel- and they sang a lovely melody and slightly haunting. But that is not what I write. A bond? I felt the heart of another and it echoed mine. Then as the songs changed, I expected this other emotion, the one I felt this bond, to change. But her emotions stayed the same with mine. …


April 12th

Vincent handed Catherine the journal and a small wrapped rectangular package.
Catherine smiled at him.
“Open the gift.” He opened himself fully to her emotions.
Catherine had un-wrapped the cassette and turned it over. “Vincent!” She stared, in surprise, at the Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel music tape in her hand.  Vincent felt her queer feelings then she rushed into her apartment, grabbed something from her table and rushed back out. She thrust her gift at him excitement. “Quick! Open it!” So he did. He read the words “Concert in the park- September 19, 1981 Simon and Garfunkel”.
“Catherine.” He spoke her name in a hushed tone. “Catherine, read the marked page in the journal.”


“Vincent… to think that you and I could have… that our souls met, what does this mean?” He could feel her bewilderment but her willingness to except what she already knew to be true.
“Do you remember that night well?” She questioned gently.

“When I felt you in the park, dying but holding on; I didn’t know then that I had ever met you. A few nights ago when I remembered the concert… I knew instantly that I had met you before I ever saw you.” Vincent’s face read of such awe, of such love that words were of no use to her.

Vincent leaned down and whispered, “Happy Anniversary, My Love.” He put his hand against her cheek and kissed her firmly, lovingly on her lips.



*A Simon and Garfunkel song title





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