Total Tunnel Darkness, by Deb


A few of us brave (maybe foolish) souls ventured deep into Vincent's tunnel in Griffith park. After a little while in the tunnel it took a gentle right turn and the tunnel became totally dark. You couldn't even see your hand in front of your face. Someone far ahead of me had a tiny LED light (*Sobi, who got it from Suze), after a while I think that gave out b/c it again became totally dark (*no, the rest of the patrol remained just too behind for the tiny light, and could not see it any more). I thought I would try to get some light from the flash of my camera. To my surprise, I took a perfect picture. I couldn't see anything, but the pictures were great. It was amazing. You can see a couple of pics of the backs of people's heads b/c I didn't know where anyone was. Finally when I heard someone walking or talking I said, "Hey look this way, I want to take your picture." 

There was also a trail of suspicious water trickling along the bottom of the tunnel. You had to walk with one foot on either side of the water. In my excitement of making pictures in the dark I got too high on the side of the tunnel, and slipped. I believe Stace caught me before I went butt first into the nasty water. A good thing since we really had just started our day and it was hot out. They would have probably made me ride on top of the bus after that smelly water "cooked" on my clothes a little while in the heat. LOL

Anyway, it was fun and exciting and pulled more than a few heartstrings as I remembered that it was at this place that Linda and Ron tried to give us the kiss that we all wanted, but TPTB wouldn't have it. 

    Deb, July 2007


S, Cecilia and Stace  leading the patrol of brave foolish souls; 


 Suze following, taking pictures, and then getting back, as the darkness is total. 
Suze happened to have the only source of light (a tiiiiny keychain LED light) and gave it to the first in line. VERY generous.



Suze &  Stace getting back (how *gorgeous* is that close up, Stace? And taken into THE tunnel!)


S & Cecilia, who had the tiny LED light, getting back, as the rivulet of dirty water got too large to walk with legs on either side of it. 
The tunnel is LONG! NEXT time we need boots, and flashlights, and we WILL FIND the real entrance to the world Below!


Deb taking pictures in the dark. Now we see these beautiful photos, but image she and Suze taking pics at random in the pitch dark...

We cans see again the light of the day at the end of the tunnel, and what did we find, waiting for us?...


VINCENT! or the best next thing:
Chandler drawing him, almost life size, and now he will "forever" watch "our" tunnel.
Thank you, Chan!


(Photos by Deb and Suze Howe)